my twenty third birthday in photos.

Oh, just saying that I'm twenty three makes me cringe & sad both at the same time. I don't like this getting old business, not that anyone is actually getting younger.

Birthdays admittedly aren't as exciting anymore & when people ask me what I'm doing for my birthday I'm usually a little bit like 'hmmm, I don't know'. Are we meant to do something on our birthday every year? Other than repeatedly use the excuse 'but it's my birthday', which I can say I used....alot!

This year I seemed to be running about alot, not much time was spent chilling until atleast five. I would say that is pretty good going, even though admittedly I've been chilling since before five tonight. What can I say, once it starts getting darker my body slows down & goes into relax mode...I just can't seem to stop it.

I did get to have a really good long Skype with one of my best friends Ally, I really wish I could see her more. Both on Skype & in person (never met her yet)! Along Skyping, cards & presents my birthday was made complete with some fantastic, incredibly made cupcakes. I mean come on...

I'd like to warn you,this post is crammed with cupcake goodness!

I didn't manage to take photos of them all since four of them got eaten on my birthday & I took these photos the next day. Should now be the time when I admit that I had a little photo shoot/session for my cupcakes? Don't judge me. I just had to capture the beauty of them.

My mum ordered me the cakes (sometimes, there are no surprises when you get older you know) & she said she'd told Becky (the creator & baker of such beautiful creations) to do whatever she'd like, she'd leave it to her. I mean imagine how hard that must be, try to create something when you're a little unsure. So me being me, decided I'd create a list to help her along her way. After noseying on her Facebook page where she posts pictures regularly of cakes she's created, I saw she had made cupcakes for a lady with a few of her favorite things on top. It was only right that I gave her a list to help her, surely?

Here are the finished cakes...

Honestly, if  I could capture the smell & create a candle I would because these smell sooooo delicious! I'm afraid you'll have to take my word for it, I can't share them with you. I wish I could.

A cupcake with your blog name on?! Now that is pretty amazing...

So much love for the cupcakes...smooches for them all around, showing the love!

Finally, after over three years of hinting nagging around Birthday & Christmas my mum finally listened &...

I finally received a One Direction card, oh yeahhhhh!!! Smooches & love for the 1D boys!

If you'd like to see more of Becky's (the cake lady) creations, you can check out my twenty second birthday post or my delayed birthday treat post.

I hope you enjoyed checking out the beautiful cupcakes, if you had to choose one of them to eat which would you choose?


  1. Belated happy birthday lovely! Those cakes do look yummy, I particularly like the Twitter bird one (and having one with your blog name is very cool) :-) xx

    1. thank you Louisa :)

      they tasted just as yummy :) & I know, extremely cool :) xxx

  2. love you! love the cupcakes! xxx Ally

  3. Just got round to reading this girly, I didn't know it was your birthday. I haven't been on twitter as much as I usually am, sorry. Happy belated birthday! Super cute cupcakes <3 x x x

    1. aww, thank you Melissa! :) don't apologise <3

      thank you! :) aren't they just...well they were ;) xxx

  4. I'm very late to this party so belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
    Those cupcakes look divine and right up your street! What a treat.
    M x

    1. oh don't worry, rock up whenever you like! :) you're more than welcome around this neck of the woods anytime, day or night :)

      oooh they really were divine! (totally typed diving before hand...they really weren't diving!) infact...they were diving straight into my stomach :) xxx