monthly movie - a new edition to the blog?

Ooooh hey there! :)
I have just decided to create a new little edition/series, whatever it may be called on my here blog. I've wanted to start going to the cinema more often & now we have one about 15 minute drive its perfect! Admittedly the cinema has been open for about 2 years, maybe more...maybe less infact. But the first time I went was my birthday this year & I enjoyed the whole experience. Of course, minus the anxious feeling throughout the film...well up until I'd say the last 20 minutes. I'd thought about going again & bit the bullet today.
I decided I wanted to go to the cinema, but I went on my own. I had a little me time, a little date for one. I'm not one of those people who can't stand their own company, I bloomin' love it! Is that sad? I don't think so, I think it's a good thing to be able to enjoy your own company. So off I went today to the cinema, I was slightly anxious about it all but spontaneous trips are always the best without a doubt! I wasn't bothered in the slightest about being on my own, people thinking I was weird being on my own. The only thing that I was bothered about during the whole experience was that I'd managed to spill my drink down me a little, was I wearing white...oooh of course! But there is no point in crying over spilled milk is there? or spilled tango ice blast ay :) Tango ice blast is my little cinema treat to me now.
I really did enjoy myself actually & thought you know what, I'm now going to make this into a monthly thing. Every month I'm going to go & watch atleast 1 film. Then the little clogs in my brain started ticking & I thought, ooh why don't I turn it in to a little blog feature too...the feature is now born & I shall name it...
Oohhh yeah! I'm excited about this new idea! I'm not much of a reviewer to be fair but I'll give it a go. I'll hopefully be able to share with you the good & bad of the whole cinema experience.
My film of choice this month is...
the ticket still has the side part cos there was nobody to rip it off :)
Right, I'm going to get straight to this part & say that I don't feel like this film or the book to be fair lives up to the hype that has been surrounding it...hope I haven't offended anyone but I just don't quite get the hype surrounding it, so certainly an unpopular opinion there I'm guessing or do any of you feel the same?
Now that part is out the way though I do want to add that it was a good film, I don't regret going to watch it at all. The story itself was beautifully created. It was a very touching story & by the sounds of snuffles in the cinema room I'm guessing it touched a lot of people. I admittedly didn't cry but I could feel my eyes filling up every now & then though, I'm not completely made of steel you know. :)
On my next trip I'm going to make sure I go during the day when there isn't young kids about (totally don't want to make myself sound old at all) but I'm pretty sure we are all in the same room for a reason. Not to be shouting our mates, using our phones, recording parts of the film, acting immature when a 'loving' scene comes on. I had planned & gone during school times today but it appears some schools decided it was an inset day.....ooh, thanks schools. But anyway, enough of the miserable waffle.
Next time I go I'm going to be going on a Tuesday because the cinema does an offer on a Tuesday which lets you watch any film in 2D for £5, bargain! I'm in!
The film I'm going to be watching next is hopefully going to be walking on sunshine, it has been released today. I'll add the trailer in for you to check it out for yourself too.
Well now I've introduced the new little edition over here I'm going to head off but first, a few questions...
Have you read the book or seen the fault in our stars? What did you think to it? Please let me know, I'd love to know what you thought of it. Plus, are you planning on going to watch walking on sunshine?
As always thank you very much for reading my waffle,
Anna ♥

oh no, the meet up was a no go...

If you read my last post or follow me on twitter you will know I was supposed to be attending a meet first ever meet up & it was safe to say I was a mixture of emotions about it all. I had opted out at one point, but then changed my mind again. I'll share the little story with you shall I?
I learnt about the meet up from the lovely Jojo, a few months ahead of the event itself so I signed up & didn't really think much of it...up until the week or so before, that was when I started doubting if I could manage it. Cut a story short, I didn't make it. The meet up was today, I managed to drive all the way to the city...admittedly I didn't make it right into the centre. I did however end up, pulled up in a side street & burst into tears...oooh yesss, it really did get that bad. Most of the way there & back infact I felt like I was going to throw up (delightful & too much info? sorry). I just knew I couldn't cope & be able to attend the meet up, which absolutely sucked but there will be other meet ups & I did manage to drive to the city & back...40 minutes in the car each way, on my own. So I guess I lost some but I won some too?
The whole point of this post was to just prove that life isn't always easy, I do like to focus on the positives but admittedly sometimes the negatives do sneak in so why not blog about them a little too hey? Nobody is perfect, am I right?
So if you have had a tough day, a tough week, a tough month even a tough year always remember that there will be something to be proud of... Be proud to be you, the person you have become or the person you are proud of yourself & be proud to be in your skin. Hold your head up high & smile!
Image found on weheartit
Well there we have it, I've shared my first experience of a meet up journey to a meet up...not the greatest but I'm hoping to travel to the city again & hopefully meet the lovely Jojo, that is if she'll still meet me of course (I promise not to cry on you Jojo!) :D I just want to add in here a little but big thank you to all the lovely supportive girlies on twitter...I love all of you! *massive hugs* :)
Any hoo, that is all for this post...I feel like I've been slightly vacant but I do have a fair few blog posts lined up, it is just a case of getting round to writing them up inbetween everything else but they will be appearing soon so watch this space? :)
Have you ever had a rubbish experience when it comes to a planned day out? Let me know in the comments maybe? It's always good to reassure each other that we aren't alone in this & we will get through...we will get through it, one step at a time!

 As always thanks for reading,
Anna ♥

a mixture of emotions?

Since my blog started off as my space to speak openly, here I am...sat in my pjs (yes, before seven thirty pm...rock & roll), drinking water (for healthier teeth), planning my night ahead (blog reading, post writing & emails), in my slightly messy room but I just really felt like I wanted/needed to blog...I got the urge! :D

I used to blog a heck of a lot more when I first started, that would mainly be because I didn't leave the house very often & when I did it would usually end up with me returning home very soon (within the hour usually). But now life is feeling very much the opposite, I'm hardly ever in the house. Since passing my driving test & having a car (two of the best things to ever happen to me) I've been out & about exploring, going on little adventures to places I wouldn't usually go. I have well & truly gained my freedom plus what feels like another chance to start living again.
The reason behind this post is to explain what is coming up soon that I'm feeling a mixture of emotions about...*drum roll please*...

I'm going to my first ever blogger meet up!

I'm seriously so excited but I can also start to feel myself getting anxious about it too. I have never been to a bloggers meet up, so I'm unsure what to expect. I'm still finding it slightly difficult to call myself a blogger but I guess I am...
I'm anxious about everyone who I'll meet, I'm anxious about how busy the locations will be, I'm anxious about the driving & parking, I'm anxious about the amount of traffic, I'm anxious about what people will think of me, I'm anxious about what the day will hold, I'm anxious incase I don't manage to click with anyone, I'm anxious about how I'll feel on the day, I'm anxious about if I'll have a panic attack....jeeezzz, I'm anxious about quite a lot!
I suppose I have every right to be anxious though because I'm going to be meeting people I've never met before & spending pretty much the day with them, eating lunch with them & just generally socialising with them...gosh, I sound like such a freak. If any of you are checking me out ahead of the meet up, I'm not that crazy....I promise! :)
Right, now that's out of my head...on to my night full of checking out blogs (of people who will be at the event, gotta do my research ay? :) ) , reading my favourite blogs, catching up on emails (I sound so much more professional & organised than I actually am, don't be fooled folks!) & writing blog posts...WOOHOO!!! sounds like a great night ahead if you ask me & I'm honestly not even being sarcastic there either.
My question for you fellow bloggers, have you attended a meet up? Let me know a little how it went & how you felt about it? If any of you bloggers are checking this out & are going to the meet up on Saturday, please leave me a comment & let me know how you're feeling too.
Even though I do feel pretty anxious about it all, I'm going to try my very best to attend on Saturday. I feel better just for getting it all out of my head & on to screen. As always, I'd like to thank you very much for reading.
A random little extra photo, that has very little...infact, it has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But I went to my friends parents house the other day, their chicken had given birth & here is one of the cute little chicks.
That is your lot folks, from a mixture of emotions to chickens...don't get much more randomer do you? :)
- Anna ♥ 

Anna 1 - 0 anxiety...

*flexes muscle* HHUURRRRRGGHHH!!! totally the noise you make when flexing a muscle right? If it isn't just humour me & go along with it, ok? Thank you!
Right, my post today is a triumphant celebrate me kicking anxietys big fat bottom! You did hear right, I kicked some bootayyy! While shaking my bootayyyy at the same time! I'll tell you the story, shall I? Ohh, I hope you said yes...if not, this is awkward. :/
On Thursday, I was reading a local paper & saw that there was still tickets available to see the lovely Boyzone boys (probably should be classed as men now, but doesn't quite sound the same really) & also coming along with them to be their support act was Kian Egan...(yes, king of the jungle & from Westlife). Since the advert was advertising for the concert that was being played that same night I thought, you know what...let's do this! I prefer doing things spontaneously than planning sometimes, spontaneous acts don't give me much time to be nervous or get anxious (the primark trip is a pretty good example of that). So you've got it, that very night I went to the concert. Just me & my mum, a bit of mother daughter time. I blooming had a really great time! Admittedly at times I kept getting mini panic attacks & feeling very shaky but I made it through to the end of the concert & I'm soooo glad I did! It was incredible!
You know what happens next don't you? I'm going to whack some photos in to show you...they might not be of overly great quality but I did my best. I actually enjoyed myself & didn't experience the concert through a camera lens but I did still manage to get around 350 photos/videos....OOOPPPSSSIEE!
Anyway, less of the chitty chat...more of the photo sharing?! Let's do this...
Ok, I'm gonna add in a little bit of chatter before every photo...
Here is the view we had of the stage (no zoom on this photo, WOOHOO!) A beautiful night & atmosphere, never been to the forest it was at but will be going again!
Now, this is pretty much typical is my matching picnic blanket & picnic bag, I've been waiting ageeesss to use this & finally the time came! There isn't even a full on picnic in there, just a few nibbles & drinks but I couldn't miss the opportunity (yes I am that sad!)
The last concert I went to was Westlife & here I am, watching Kian rocking the stage...SOLO! He did an incredible job & is a fantastic don't really get to hear what a singer is like in a band usually, do you?
The great thing about a standing concert is you can move about & change your view from time to time...
A little up closer view of the lovely Kian?
While I was waiting, very patiently (ok, patiently to a certain extent) I tried my best to take a photo of the whole crowd...pretty much did it!
Do you know what you do when the going gets tough? Well I'm told when the going gets tough, the tough get going... *flexes muscles* HUURRGGGHHH!
I love when they stop & just sit & have a little chat to the audience & have a giggle too.
I decided to have a little play with my camera, the exposure of light & what not & this happened...
Check out that full moon too, it really did top off the night! Perfect atmosphere! I mean what more could you ask for? Being sung to by Boyzone under a full moon :P
When the stage lights stay on & the band are still there, that must mean there is more to come right?...
Oooh, yes it did! Even though some people still left, well they missed out on a little more Boyzone...their lose, our gain :)

Two things that happened during the show that made it extra special has to be the two videos recorded from the stage. One from Kian, which I can't find on Youtube. But I did find this one & I'm going to share it with you, thanks to Baggsy (not 100% sure who Baggsy is, sorry about that but I know that's his nickname...his real name is Steve?) :) thanks again for uploading the video Baggsy! :) The video was to Merlin, a friend of the Boyzone boys in Ireland...that's all I'm saying, if you want to check it out for yourself. It really was something magical to be part of & a memory I won't be forgetting anytime soon...go on press that play button, what are you waiting for? :P  

It feels pretty weird to think only two nights ago I was at Boyzone's concert & now I'm sat at home in my dining room listening to their album...take me back?! PLEASEEEEE! They are INCREDIBLE live!
I hope you enjoyed this post, I thought I'd share it with you since it was another triumph against anxiety. I'm going to try & record all my triumphs against anxiety on here & any defeats too probably, but try & be positive about it too cos getting down about it for too long wont get me anywhere.
What is the best concert you would say you've been to? Spill the beans, who is good live & who is shocking? Feel free to let me know in the comments. Oooh & do you ever find that when you're at a concert there is usually like two people together who actually don't even seem like they want to be there? We was behind two of them.
I hope you're having a lovely weekend & enjoyed this post! As always, thanks for reading! :)
- Anna ♥


Hello there, so I've been thinking recently about creating a new little series...don't know how often I'll be posting in the series, just whenever something relatable appears in my life I guess. But let's begin shall we? If you haven't guessed by the title already (which you hopefully have if you read the title) but the series is called 'life behind the wheel...'.
 Any guesses what it's going to be about?...
You've got it, it's going to be all about my experience behind the wheel/in the drivers seat now I drive on my own (not under instructors instructions).
The first post in this series is...
what I hate about driving
I'm not even too sure what order to list these in, I can't say I have one that annoys me most. So I'm just going to list them as I did in my notebook.
People who don't indicate...
Are the rest of the road users meant to know which way you plan on turning at the end of the road? or are we meant to know you are turning down that side road? No, we aren't meant to know because we aren't physic. So if you are one of them people who don't indicate, please start to maybe?
People who don't acknowledge you after you have waited to let them through...
Yes, admittedly we are usually waiting because it is your right of way but sometimes, people are kind & actually allow you to come through when it isn't your right of way. So simply raising your hand to thank the driver who has let you through, is very polite & will make others smile...I certainly smile when people acknowledge that I've let them through. When people don't, it leaves me cursing & usually calling them an ignorant so & so.
People who overtake, dangerously...
I'm sure all you drivers have been out there & experienced some idiot overtaking you dangerously? I hate it & it can cause an accident. Think about your actions & drive safely.
People who don't stick to the speed limit...
The speed limits are there for a reason, to make the roads safe. They aren't there to be challenged or broken. I've often been driving along a road with a 50mph speed limit & get someone appear behind, then they overtake & are completely out of site...they must easily be going over 60/70pmh.
People who park, terribly...
Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I'm the worlds greatest parker but atleast I manage to park in the parking spot. In between the two white lines, that mark the parking know what I'm talking about, right?
People who are impatient...
I hate the people who are waiting behind me at the traffic lights & if I don't move off quick enough they start beeping. Beeping will not make me go any faster, if anything it will make me want to go even slower!
Righty oh, now that my little funny (did I just class myself as funny? I'm not too sure it is funny) rant is over. I'm not saying in any way shape or form that I'm a great driver but I thought it would make a good post to share my dislikes. I'd love to hear from you, what do you hate about driving? Be sure to let me know, I'd be really interested to see what they are & if I can relate too.
As always, thank you for reading & communicating with me.
- Anna ♥

i'm still around...

Ok, so now I've actually sat down I feel slightly silly writing this post, but I'm gonna do it anyway...It feels like it has been soooo long since I last blogged, turns out it was just under a week ago. In my eyes that very much seems too long. So I just thought I'd do a quick blog post to say I'm still around & of course I'm going to have to add a little bit of chitty chat blog posts are never quick, I don't know who I'm trying to kid.
Firstly, I wanna share with you all this video....
Maybe some of you had seen it working its way around twitter or maybe facebook. But if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. Such a true & in a way hard hitting video. Do as the video says, look up! I'm certainly doing this a lot more actually, hence why I've been a little absent on here. :)
Next thing, who spent last week watching Britains Got Talent? I did, but luckily we have sky+ & we always started it a lot later on so we could fast forward all the breaks. I think I'd probably refuse to watch it live, the breaks drive me potty & it is so dragged out. But putting that aside who in your eyes is the possible winner? I'm really impressed & amazed by Darcy Oake, if you haven't already you seriously need to check him out.
If you do watch Britains Got Talent, who has caught your eye this series? In the final without a doubt Darcy has my vote but I really liked the Irish dancers that unfortunately didn't make it to the final. Of course I'm going to share with you their semi final performance...
There is still the chance of them being the wild card act so fingers crossed!
Anyway, this was meant to be a short post & I have tea to cook but I actually have a feeling that tonight is going to be a blogging kind of night. That could all change though within the next couple of hours though. I've done what I wanted to do with this post though, just made you all aware I'm still about & I have a few blog posts in the making now too...super excited about them! :D
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥