Sunday sharing...Barry M, gelly hi-shine nail paint

I really wanted to give this blog post a funky kind of name & throughout the day today the idea of creating a Sunday sharing kind of post kept coming into my here we are! Creating what could be the first of many Sunday sharing posts, or maybe just a one off (I highly doubt it)!
I was originally planning on creating a post for each nail paint in Barry M's summer collection but I've decided against that, I'm just going to throw them all in one post...with a little bit of a twist on my usual nail posts too. I'm just going to be sharing little samples of each colour, on an individual false nail. My hands at the minute are terrible & are looking all shredded so I'm taking better care of them, so they will be back soon I'm sure.

Let's get started with sharing the summer gelly hi-shine nail paints then. I'm still in shock that I won a competition with Barry M, let alone winning all the products I won too!

left to right, in a-z order...almond, coconut, damson, elderberry, kiwi, olive, passion fruit, pink punch.
I wouldn't usually own the full collection, unless of course I won them (did I tell you I won a competition?!) or I was bought them as a gift. But I think if I was to buy three of these nail paints, then I would buy...
coconut, elderberry & pink punch.

Until I was introduced to matt top coat I was a normal, basic, however the nail polish dried kind of girl. But now I own a few matt top coats I'm an absolute sucker for matt effect. If I have the choice between a glossy finish or a matt finish, matt will win every time.
I think all of these colours will look amazing transformed into matt. I'm thinking about ordering a nail art wheel or two...or ten? Thanks for the heads up Jamie! So I'm sure I'll share them on here too, so you can see the finished look.
I've had to make do with false nails for this post, of different sizes but does that matter? Of course not :) It is just to show you the collection. How true the colours are to the bottle, without a doubt...they are as true as always. Barry M are still to let me down on this one.
I've taken a few photos that I've narrowed down for this post, so I'll get cracking & add them photos!

I just want to add in that my photo quality doesn't seem very good on my laptop as much as on my ipad when I'm rereading but I find if you click the image it looks better when it's opened larger...well I think so anyway. :) :P
I hope this post has helped give you a better understanding & look at the summer gelly hi-shine collection brought to you by Barry M. Keep your eyes pealed for the gelly turn matt version on here.
Have you picked up any of Barry M's latest nail paints?
Let me know please :)
I've recently picked up a few of the limited edition paints & some of the aquarium ones too...maybe I'll do a post to share them too.
As always, thanks for reading.
Anna ♥

...did someone say good news?!

good news?! good news?!

where?! where?!



ok, so when I last blogged (Wednesday) I was just waffling away about an interview I had that day. It turns out the interview wasn't really an interview interview, which still feels kind of weird in a way...a good weird of course! There wasn't really many questions asked for me to answer, the lady just spoke to me about the job itself, the contract, the benefits, the shifts, the roles, a little bit of everything really. Then at the end of it she was like "so do you want the job?"...
I didn't even have to think about it, of course I wanted the job!

a photo of me being me & jumping for joy cos....I GOT A JOB!!!
I'm still in shock over that I actually have a job now, a job with a rota, a job where I'll know what is going off, a job I'll know my hours in advance, a job I can call my own & hopefully get myself back into some kind of routine. This is such a big deal for me, having your own job at the age of 22 is normal for most 20 something year olds but for me, not so much.
I'm so glad someone has finally decided to take me on, by the sounds of it they had clearly wanted me to work with them since they'd already put me on the rota before I'd even gone for the interview/chat. I'm still in shock at the fact of I wasn't rejected again. After over four years of rejection after rejection or no response, you kind of get used to just that...either nothing or a no sorry, we wish you all the luck in the future.

I had been applying for jobs but of course my health had to come first too. There wasn't as much pressure on me to get a job since I still live with my parents but I'm now in a much better mind set. Since learning to drive, passing my test & having my own car I'm a much stronger person. I feel so much better in myself, up until recently when I keep feeling extremely anxious but instead of running from it, I'm sticking put with my feelings...I'm not running away anymore. After all, as annoying as my little friends (anxiety & panic attacks) are, they have made me into the person I am for that I thank them!

Here is to the frickin' weekend guys! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Tell me, what has been good about your week?

MASSIVE thank you to all of you for your kind messages!

day of an interview & a right old waffle!...

It's currently just before 7am, I've been awake for what feels like four hours...more than likely just a little more than two (I remember looking at the clock & it being 4 something)...
Blogging is going back old school, no planning to this post...what so ever! I'm just sat in my pjs, at the dining room table drinking a mug of lemon & ginger tea. Today at 11 I have a job interview. I'm kind of nervous but in the same breathe I'm kind of not. The interview is at the retail store Dorothy Perkins, I'm super excited about it. Since it is a local store for me & my mum we know a few of the people who work there. I actually did my work experience there, when I was in year 10 at school...8 years ago?! Gosh, that makes me feel kind of old right now! So since I already know a good few of them I'm not so scared...but I still kind of am.
Applying for jobs is a completely different thing from getting an interview. You are extremely lucky to get an interview & to be honest in some cases you're lucky to even get a reply from the company. You can apply for as many jobs as you like, you aren't forced to get an interview & then if you get an interview you aren't forced to perform great & then it could all go to pot. I'm not a big fan of interviews at all. So much pressure seems to be on, I feel some people loose out on jobs cos they aren't great at interviews. But you can be great at interviews & shocking at the job itself...what's the saying? you can walk the walk but can you talk the walk? something like that? I have a feeling, that is completely wrong...
I had an interview a few weeks ago, wasn't successful for a second interview. I'm kind of glad about it, I'm not being picky or ungrateful. The job was part time but still involved shifts of 9 hours in length & also required going on training sessions...didn't sound like something that would sit well or suit me. But Dorothy Perkins on the other hand, well that is right up my street...something I do have a passion for.
Don't have a clue where this post is going all! Or what else I even want to write, maybe I'll just hit publish & then look back over this post later & think..."really Anna? did you actually hit publish on that?". I'm going to head off & start getting ready for the day ahead, 11 o'clock will soon be here.
Oh, what the goes! Let's hit that publish button.

p.s. mother nature if you wish to make an appearance hurry the flip up! you are getting on my nerves making me feel all mehhhhh!!! thanks! :) & yes I did really just write that too! Someone hit that publish & sign out button for me...& FAST!!!

recent purchases... Matalan

I'm certain that Matalan will be the reason behind me having zero money left. But let's be honest, on the other hand Matalan doesn't cost the earth but still manages to produce some pretty good quality products too...HOOORAYYY FOR MATALAN!
Firstly, this isn't a bragging kind of post. I often fear people will think that's what it is, but it really isn't. This is just my way of sharing my latest finds/loves with you. It's always good to see what stores have in & I can say without a doubt that Matalans Autumn stock is on point! Plus, I'm an absolute sucker for shopping.
As soon as my 25% off voucher came through the letterbox I knew a trip was in order. That morning when getting ready I'd actually discovered all my plain long sleeve tops were that tight stretchy material, I'm not a huge fan anymore. But Matalans long sleeve tops are another matter. I've got a few long sleeve stripy tops of theirs & I bloomin' love them! Super comfy, nicely fitting & an absolute bargain too.
Yes, I did buy two of them...a white one & a grey one but I haven't photographed them cos I mean really, are plain long sleeved tops really that exciting & warrant a photo? I didn't really think so.
When I visited Matalan the time before this trip I picked up one of their new cable knit jumpers, I played it safe & went for a cream one. I'm quite giddy that the Autumn months are coming around. I love nothing more than wearing cosy knit jumpers, knitted hats, scarves, leggings...everything Autumn!
oooh, who recognises these nails too?!
(rocking my new jumper & the dark circle look...not giving a s**t about the dark circles, nobody is perfect!)
I absolutely LOVE the fit of this jumper. The sizing is small, medium, large & extra large. I'm wearing a small & loving it so much I wish it was acceptable to wear it all the time. Unfortunately it would eventually get smelly & be pretty gross. This jumper in cream was my guinea pig item so to speak, I really loved a few of the other colours too but I thought I'd just get one first.
You know how this story goes though right? 25% off comes through the door, trip to store...another jumper purchased. This time in yellow, yellow is one of my favourite colours but I don't tend to wear much yellow. Admittedly aswell I was in two minds about it but within a few days it had grown on me & now I've taken a real shining to it.
got to have a little bit of cuteness on the blog too! 
I didn't realise my little friend was in this photo too but I just had to include it!

Autumn months are coming around fast & it wouldn't be right without a lovely big scarf!

Admittedly I don't own a scarf quite like this but once I spotted it I kinda fell in love with it, just a teeny bit! It gives off such a warm autumny kind of vibe. I'm not the biggest of people & the scarf does make me look even smaller. The scarf is pretty know cos whenever you're out and about & in need of something to protect your bum getting dirty, look no further...

It's so bloomin' big, but obviously so bloomin' cosy at the same time too. I really love the colours, they really do bring a feel of autumn into my wardrobe life.

One more thing, I picked up some leggings. I absolutely love their leggings, mainly the patterned ones to be honest. They are seriously cosy, soft, fit like a glove & completely reasonably priced.

Here are the links to the items I purchased...

long sleeved tshirts

cable knit jumpers

Should I pretend I didn't go to Matalan again last night? No, let's not pretend...we're all friends around here. I have a job interview this week so I picked up a new bag (none of mine are smart) & another lovely scarf incase it's cool. I'm thinking of sharing that in a separate post, what I wore for my interview.

What do you think?

Have you been shopping recently? What are your latest finds?

As always, thanks for reading.

Anna ♥

p.s. *whispers* Matalan still have 20% off online & instore if you have a voucher (I can totally share it with you, or you could head on over to their twitter page? Your choice) :)

♥ to my girls online...

In a way I'm feeling my blog at the minute is very much nails, nails, nails, some more nails with the occasional post added in the middle. Nail posts will soon narrow down once I've gone through the competition wins. But then I'm considering sharing the lip balms too. Hmmmm, who knows!
So I decided I wanted to do something a little different today. I want to dedicate a post to my girls online (girls you know who you are!). Some people don't live a very online social media based kind of life, I'm not one of those people. When I had very little close by friends, does that make sense? As in not many in real life infront of me kind of friends, infact around my age I'd go as far to say I had none. But then I started creating friendships online. It wasn't planned, I didn't come along to create friendships, it just happened & I'm so pleased it did.
Creating friendships online can be very dangerous & you have to be very careful. I've actually experienced once talking to someone who I thought was a friend at the time. It didn't end badly at all, somebody just found out they wasn't who they said they were. They were using someone elses image, but the conversations we had were real...about real life things. I can't get my head around it. I don't think the person behind the account meant any bad by doing what they was doing. They wasn't luring me in at all, no mention of wanting to meet up, we just chatted about every day stuff. So I do still occasionally think back to that part in my life & think, I wonder who was behind that account...I wonder what their intentions were, if any...I wonder what made them create a false online image. I know the image wasn't them but I believe the person behind it was a real person, meaning no harm to anyone.
But it is safe to say I now have my wits about me. I might look clueless but I'm not. People have often made the remark to me that I'm wise before my age, we'll go along with sounds pretty cool! Skype is without a doubt a fantastic thing, I'm always wanting to Skype so I know that it is a real person behind an account. Even though admittedly you can usually tell.
Right back to the point of this post, I know the internet can be an unsafe, scary, evil, mean, cruel, negative place sometimes. But it can also be a wonderful, safe, supportive, incredible, inspiring, a community. I'm not completely oblivious to the bad side of the world, I just choose not to focus on it. I've experienced the bad side of the internet, who hasn't but in most cases the positive things about online outweigh the negatives without a doubt! In my case the positives certainly do out do the negatives.
I want to dedicate this post to my girls all know who you are (well I hope you do!)
I just want to say a massive thank you to you all, over the past year or so I'm sure you have all listened to me waffle away about something or other. You've all been a lovely listening ear, a helping hand, a supportive voice, a friend. Each & every single one of you has such a big heart & are inspiring in your own way! I'm honestly so lucky to be able to interact with you all via this marvellous creation known as the internet...*salutes the internet*! I just hope one day to be able to meet each & every single one of you, now that would be wonderful!

lots of love for my online girls!


Barry M, MATTE NAIL PAINT...what do I think about them?

WOWZASSSS! Where on earth has the past six/seven weeks gone?! They have certainly flown with me having a nail paint to use each week, I'll tell you that much. It only seemed right now that I give you a little (more than likely a lengthy chatty) post on what I thought about them.
left to right : cancun, copa cabana, malibu, miami, rhossili, waikiki. 
On Saturday I headed to my friends new house, she enjoys helping me take my outfit photos (very rare that I share outfit posts on here actually! Only done two so far?) so whilst I was there it was only right that I got some blogging shizz done! Ooooh, could you call me prepared? It is a close call right now! Some things & some days are organised, others not so much...that's life though.
Enough of my waffle, let's get down to business!
What I'm impressed by with the matte nail paints...
100% true to their colour, when you buy any of Barry M's nail paints they are always on point with this. I hate when I buy a nail varnish, put it on my nails & it's nothing like the liquid sat in the bottle. If you hate this happening too, go for Barry M instead...I'm yet for this to happen yet with Barry M. You can honestly take my word for it, I must own around 50 of their nail paints.
♥ They aren't wishy washy, pretty much links in with the top one I guess. The paint for this range was such a bold solid colour, every single one. In the beginning I started getting away with just one coat, but then I decided to go for two towards the end. But one coat would certainly work.
 ♥ Beautiful colours! Just check out the pictures or them in real life in stores & you'll completely agree I'm sure.
Reasonable price, Barry M pricing is never high in my opinion. Always affordable. Certainly great value for their money too.
A variety of colours, none of the colours in this range are similar. They are all individual & equally beautiful. I've adored every single one (even the green one now, it grew on me).
No staining, none of these colours stained my nails at all. Highly impressed.
Peals off, don't quite think this can really class as a reason for you to maybe want to buy these but it does go with the one above. I'm a sucker for pealing off my nail varnish (yes, I probably shouldn't do it but I do) & these peal off like a dream.
Right, now it's time for the things I wasn't impressed by...
Chipping after a few days, I suppose really this isn't such a bad thing is it? But I thought I'd state it anyway. Even though it does chip I still think it still looks a ok a little chipped anyway. One of my favourite sayings is nothing in life is perfect.
Sometimes it comes out too thick, really this could happen with any nail polish really but I thought I'd just state it. It's pretty much a case of trying a few times not to get too much on the brush.
But I mean come on, I've only managed to find two reasons I wasn't impressed & seven reasons I was.
Ok, I'm going to bring this 'little' post to an end...told you, it wouldn't be little! After reading the two things I wasn't impressed by why not have a little giggle at my photo I took with me rocking each nail paint in this collection.
I'm completely normal you know ;)
 Finger nails on the left of the photo are rocking waikiki, rhossili & miami.
Finger nails on the right of the photo are rocking cancun, copa cabana & malibu.
Wanna check out each of the nail paints own blog post? Click on their name & you'll be sent straight to their post! Enjooooyyyyy! :)
Have you made it to the end of this post?! If you're reading this you must of & I'd like to send each & every single one of you a medal...*sends medal*
WOWZAS, I never thought this post would be so long...sorrrryyy!
Do you now own any of the beautiful Barry M matte summer collection paints? I've spoke to a few of the girls who have bought them. Be sure to get in touch & let me know what you think. Or are you lusting over any of them? Let me know that too, I just bloomin' love hearing what you have to say.
I'm starting to bore myself a little now, so as always thanks for reading!
Anna ♥
p.s. as a little heads up Boots had an offer on last time I checked, buy 1 Barry M get the 2nd half're welcome :P

life behind the wheel...'what i love about driving'

It is no lie when I say I absolutely love driving, I actually really do enjoy it. Sometimes  it can be stressful but all you can do then is stay calm & learn from the stressful times. Since I've already covered what I hate about driving, it's only right that I now cover what I love about driving, am I right?

*beep beep*... reasons coming through, make way...slightly cheesy? I just couldn't resist!
Let's get this show on the road! (driving reference....opppss! it's turning into a slight cheese fest!)
What I love about driving
Without a doubt, freedom has to be the thing I love the most about driving. No more relying on somebody to give you a lift, no more waiting around for buses. You are now able to go wherever you want, whenever you want (unless you car share, but car sharing has its perks too!).
I've gained so much independence since I've been driving. I've grown so much as a person. If anything sometimes I feel better going out & doing things on my own. Even if that's going to a big town, I know I can now get home safely, at my own pace.
Grown up points?...
Come on, who else feels they get taken more serious now as a person now they can drive? Ok, this isn't really a genuine all to be fair!
Polite people...
I really love when you let a driver through & they put their hand up to say thanks. If they don't it really pees me off & sometimes makes me talk to myself..."you're welcome". Also polite people who let you out when it isn't your right of way but they are just being polite & helpful.
**A little story for you, this week I came across a really polite driver. I'll set the scene a little, I was waiting to pull onto a main road, I needed to cut across one side to go the way home I was going. The road was packed,  the cars were going filtering past but the cars were still appearing like out of nowhere. Next thing a big van is at the side of me, half across the road with his indicator on turning the way I was going. I'm just sat there thinking "what the hell is this driver doing?!". Until I looked at the driver & he was telling me to come out. He'd really kindly blocked the road & was letting me out, how kind is it! I'm assuming that was what he was doing?. I've never come across anything like that. So I got out ok, after lots of apologising & he was behind me, up until the traffic lights when he was in the next lane to me. He looked out of his window again to say it was ok & I apologised again cos I felt such a dofus! He said it was ok again so that was all good, until the lights changed...I was too busy apologising & forgot to get into the right gear, what happened next? You've got it...I stalled... 'little' story is over now!** ...note to you in the future, I'm not a short story teller!
The distraction...
I love just driving along, because for that short or long space of time I don't really have time to think of anything other than driving. I go to places I'd usually say no to cos my mind would be on overdrive all the way there, but now I can drive myself I manage it ok. I have little time to think because driving is a full on distraction. No time for slacking or loosing concentration, that is when accidents can happen.
I'm just going to leave it at five reasons for this time round, I'll without a doubt be doing a part two of this. I'm certain that I'm doing a part two of what I hate about driving...this list is growing in my head daily!
Do you love driving or do you hate driving? Maybe you even have a love hate kind of relationship with driving. Let me know? I'd love to know what you think about it all!
As always, thanks for reading.
Anna ♥
 p.s. I've got a few posts up my sleeve at the minute...*ssssshhhhh*...they might be a nail varnish review, a book review, latest purchases post & a new little tag/series...ok, ok...they totally are all of those things! Keep your little eyes pealed! :) 

Barry M - matte/matt nail paint, waikiki

It's the last nail paint in the matt summer collection & it has also taken me up until this point to realise it isn't spelt matt (the bottle is sat next to my laptop staring up at me!) is spelt matte, nice one Anna! You clearly know your stuff! Feeling like an absolute nelly since the whole collection I've named matt! Anyway, let's get on with it!
The last nail paint in the matte or matt (call it whichever you like, I clearly have been) summer collection is...
I've quite enjoyed snapping these nail paints in different locations & as soon as Waikiki week came around I knew full well where I was going to head. This green is such a full on nature green, does that even make sense? A start of autumn kind of green? I'm not too sure if I'm making any sense what so ever but just go with it people...pleaseeeee? :)
I mean come on, you tell me you don't think it's the kind of colour you'd find in the woods. You'll start to agree with me when you see a few more pictures, I'm sure.
Two photos in & I've not even shown the colour on my nails...
At first when I painted my nails I wasn't 100% sure about the colour...I mean green isn't really something that I usually go for to be honest, but when it's part of a packet you just go with it. So I went for it & I felt on it's own it was a little bit too much for me. What do you do if a nail colour is too much? You add a little bit of nail art on, who's with me? :)
We all know our left hand turns out a lot better than our right hand when it comes to doing any form of nail art. So... on my left hand (on the right of the photo) I've decided to create some lovely little daisies & then on my right hand (on the left of the photo) I've decided to create some lovely scrambled eggs.
 Waikiki is without a doubt a colour you'll be able to rock through the months of autumn.
Well, I didn't do too bad to narrow the photos down. Anyone else find they take a massive amount of photos for a blog post? I took 62 for this one, yes you read that right...sixty two photos! I'm quite impressed with myself that I managed to narrow it down.
Ok, so there we have the last colour in the matte/matt collection. I'm going to 'review' the collection as a whole soon. Then we'll be over on to the gelly summer collection (well aware the summer month is slowly going but they'll still be available to buy).
Do you have a favourite in the collection or maybe you have an all time favourite Barry M? Let me know, I loovvveee hearing from you!
As always, thanks for reading.
Anna ♥

a back to basics kind of post...possibly new & exciting changes?

Sat in my room on my own.
I don't want to watch a film.
I don't really feel like reading a book.
I want to do something productive.
Something to show for my time.
I really feel like blogging!
I don't feel like blogging a post I've kind of planned. I just really want to blog about how I'm feeling, what's going off in my little bubble...blah, blah, blah! You can guarantee they'll be a lot of chatter, as always.

Possible new & exciting changes might be hopefully happening. But (there is always a but, well so it seems anyway) changes might not be happening too. For the past four years I've never had a job of my own. I'm not ungrateful for my parents, not one bit! I'm so grateful & thankful that they let me work for them. But it doesn't really fully feel like I'm my own person anymore. I work with them, I live with them. Thankfully now I have my own car, I have my own little bit of freedom. Don't get me wrong either, I absolutely love spending time with my family but everyone needs a break.

Since I completed my NVQ I've been applying for jobs, when anxiety was at an all time high I wasn't even thinking about work to be honest with you. Anxiety was just so overwhelming in itself, without adding on the extra pressure & stress of a job too. So I started working for/with my parents & occasionally I would clean for my neighbour. I didn't feel like I needed to be earning lots of money, working a high paced job, living life in the fast life. I just wanted to be able to be steady.

Since anxiety seems to be behaving itself now (until recently that is, it's slightly creeping its way back in...the little sneaky thing!) I've decided to start applying for a lot more jobs. But obviously after a while, being turned down again & again gets a little bit boring & very predictable. Atleast that is better than being ignored, when someone applies for a vacancy at your business the least you could do is take the time to give them a response, they've taken their time to the same respect back maybe? Ooohhh, that really is one thing I hate!

Inbetween the mass of rejections, I have managed to receive one good thing & gained myself a little Saturday as & when Saturday job. Not exactly what I was looking or hoping for to be fair. But it allowed me to prove to myself that I can work for someone other than my parents, it gave me the courage I needed to believe in myself & know I'm capable of applying for other jobs too.

The latest on the job front is I have been invited to a group assessment...

I'm not a big fan of creating a post without a picture of some sort to break it I'll add this screen shot in :) It isn't overly clear, I'm aware of that :/ but can we all pretend its ok? :)

How am I feeling about this? Kind of unsure, excited, a little anxious, slightly scared & not sure what to expect. This is a pretty big step for me, this isn't something that happens often. I'm reminding myself though that the feelings are completely normal. The position is only part time but that is absolutely fine by me, something that will ease me in to things easily. If more hours come from it, that will be an added bonus. I'm not saying that I'm even going to get the job but it never hurts to go in to something prepared. I think if anything I'm more prepared for the rejection.

Anyway, that's kind of all I wanted to share really...I'll more than likely share more on this when I know more myself.

Anyone ever been to a group assessment evening? I've never been & would love to know if you have, what it was like.


distance really does mean nothing, when someone means so much...this must be proof surely?!

Good evening guys, I did try to think of a shorter title but this one just fitted & works so it's staying. This morning I came across a video & it has genuinely been stuck in my head all day, I've been thinking about it. How true it is, how real it is. I'll stop waffling & just add the video in. I hope you enjoy it & it makes you stop, think & smile! :)
How bloomin' adorable is that?! I mean seriously?! My heart melts a little more everytime I watch it...yes, I've watched it multiple times! :)
Surely though, this must be proof that distance really does mean nothing when someone means so you agree?
Anyways, I'm gonna leave it as that. I just wanted to share the video with you cos I can't get over how cute it is!
Goodnight guys!

Barry M - matt nail paint, rhossili

Another week, another nail paint to try & share with you. I'm really loving this whole competition winning business, it's pretty darn great! I mean free stuff, who doesn't love free stuff?! & nail varnish....ooooh, I'm an absolute sucker for the stuff!
Currently sat on my bedroom floor surrounded by a lot tiny amount of stuff that needs putting away but hey, cleaning is pretty boring plus I've just started running my bath & it's getting late...ok, ok, I just don't really wanna do it now & I really want to blog so here I am...
blogging, blogging about matt nail paint. jeeeeezzz, are you still here? I feel like I'm slightly rambling now but hey, that is just the way I roll.
This weeks nail paint is called Rhossili. I painted my nails last night & quickly shimmied along on my bike to take photos outside whilst there was still some natural light. Natural light with sunshine was very limited but hey, I tried my best. I was thinking of going back out again tonight but I've managed to chip a few of my nails already, not dramatically but noticeably. Proves I've been working, this chick ain't scared to chip or break a nail or two! :)
I'd already planned in my head that I was going to head to this bridge to take my photos for this week. I did take some of last weeks on this bridge & they turned out pretty cool (in my eyes they did anyway) so I thought why not head to that same bridge & take some more photos.
Let's be hugging the bottle, spreading the love & showing you just how much of a match it is, as always!
Like most colour it looks a little different in different lights. It is more of a deep pinky purple (a very autumn kind of colour) as I'm looking down at my hands but these photos disagree with that. See for yourself, I've just taken that photo now. (publishing in this after 8pm now, so lighting isn't currently like that now!)
Honestly, if you see Rhossili in the shop & you love the colour (I know I do) then just buy it! I really don't think you'll be disappointed in the slightest. It's the same with all the Barry M colours infact, always true to the bottle.
Got to throw in another photo of my hand right? No, ok...I promise it's the last one. Excuse the state of my uneven painting, I'm not a nail professional of any sort & I'm sure they might make mistakes too. :) Luckily, I don't think you can see the state of my hands...hopefully you can't, cos they are bloomin horrific! Rough skin, peeling skin, bleeding hands...YUCK, YUCK, YUCK! I'm a girl honest! :)
Okay, that's all I have for today. Which colour has been your favourite in the Barry M matt summer collection for 2014? Let me know, I'd love to know. There is only one more matt nail paint to share with you & that is Waikiki, totally loving the name & the colour too!
After I've shared the final matt nail paint I'm going to 'review' the matt nail collection as a whole. Still struggling to actually say that I'm reviewing a product, but I mean what else is it called?! So yeah, watch this space for that. Then after that I'm going to be sharing the summer gelly collection. I have checked with Barry M & the colours will still be available to buy for the foreseeable future (Barry Ms posh words not mine ;) ) they aren't limited edition so all is good.
As always, thanks for reading.
Anna ♥