out of the blue trip to primark...

On Sunday I was sat browsing through Primarks website, in my pjs (it was totally around dinner time, that's what Sundays are for? chilling!). Just casually admiring the new stock, checking out the outfit uploads people had added & found myself thinking 'why am I just looking at these...why am I not just going? I have a car, nothing is holding me back now'. Ok, one tiny thing was holding me back...those lovely little 'what ifs' in my head & also the physical feelings I was experiencing. I had two options though, I could let anxiety control me or I could show anxiety who is in control & take anxiety along for the journey.
So I decided I was going to be the boss & got myself ready, fairly quick & tootled off to my nearest Primark...about 40 minutes drive away. I'd never ever drove to the town where Primark is & my mum doesn't like to drive into the centre because it is fairly busy. But I decided I didn't want to be like mum & be scared of driving into the town centre so I just went for it...on my own, am I crackers or just suddenly really fearless & brave?!
Admittedly when I got there I just wanted to turn straight back around & go home. I went on my own, I'm getting slightly good at this driving on my own business. I ended up driving around the centre because the first car park closest to Primark was absolutely full. At one point I was driving down a road that was only for buses, taxis & something else...it's kind of too late when you're already driving down the road. I eventually pulled up in another car park & ended up going to the paying machine for a man to tell me that parking was free on a Sunday, of course it was...I was just in such a tiss that I completely forgot.
I had arrived, after a few phone calls to let people know that I'd arrived/what I'd done...everyone was very proud, woohoo! So was I! Who'd of thought something that seems so simple, normal & everyday to some, would be such an achievement to others?
Next stop...PRIMARK!
I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes a little wild in Primark...I mean come on, it's just so cheap & admittedly yes that does sometimes mean nasty but not all the time.
I love seeing what others have bought in Primark so I thought I'd do a blog post sharing a few of my recent purchases...minus underwear cos somethings just don't need to be shared & sale items cos you might not be able to buy them in the Primark you visit.
Let's begin shall we?
'oh, I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair...'

I absolutely love this cute little hair top knot headband, is that what they are called? I have no idea, but well go with that.. I can tell this is going to be a definite go to accessory for summer. I love me a top knot & this just makes it even more fuller & just adds a little something. I wish I'd looked to see if they had other colours. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for other colours when I next head to Primark. I was so excited to wear this that I didn't manage to write down the price in my book ready for this post (yes, I was that organised) but I think I've worked it out & will add all the prices in at the end.
I've wanted to try one of these hair accessories for a little while but didn't really like the materials or patterns of the ones I'd seen. I've decided to just focus on the pattern in the photo but it is one of those that has a wire inside & can be used to put around a top knot or actually as a headband I assume too.
Don't worry, this post isn't going to be crammed with all things floral...actually that would make a pretty good post though. But unfortunately this is the last flowered item I have to share. I love daisies, they are just so simple but yet so beautiful. I got this because I thought it was a hair bobble, but it isn't just a bobble....oh no, it's a brooch too. I thought that was an added bonus cos you never know when you might want to add a little bit of something to an outfit. Admittedly I'll probably completely forget it is a brooch too until I go to put it in my hair then I'll remember, then forget again & then remember again...it'll just become a cycle. Floral is the way forward, yes? no?
While I'm on the accessory side of my purchases I thought I'd share with you the two belts I bought. The blush one with flowers all around caught my eye straight away, so pretty & such lovely detailing. The dark brown one is just a simple woven effect & I'm hoping to pair with a few of my lighter coloured tops. Both of them can be worn around the waist or around the hips. You can take your pick. :)
'just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...'
Who doesn't love Disney? I mean come on... I couldn't get over how much Disney, cartoon & band related stuff there was instore. I had to resist the urge to buy a top with Niall's face on (One Direction Niall) & also One Direction pjs. So I just opted for this super cute Finding Nemo vest. It's oversized so I've decided I'll more than likely wear it for bed or one day when I'm feeling super brave I'll wear it in public & try my best not to give a hoot what people think (easier said than done).
one last upclose & personal photo? 'just keep swimming..'
Along the lines of the character, band, branded section I also spotted this tshirt...
I'm not a fan of Marvel, but I knew my friend Nicola was & I thought it was just too cool not to pick up & treat her. I decided to include this in here cos some of you might be Marvel fans, I just don't know! :)
Still on the lines of branded items, I really needed some new summer pjs & these were the chosen ones...
Who remembers slush puppies? yummy! I just thought it was a super cute design on the front & the polka dot shorts go nicely too. I've actually been wearing these & they are easily my comfiest pjs without a doubt. The fabric is just so soft & loose fitting. Comfy is definitely the way forward. I suppose really you could wear the top as a normal vest too, if you really felt the need.
Slightly feel like I'm presenting a catwalk, up next...we have two lovely pair of sandals. I had planned to take lovely photos, you know..in the sunshine, painted toes, in the garden...but thanks to the lovely British weather giving us rain I couldn't do that. I might do a separate post on them, what I pair them up with to complete an outfit.
Let's have a look at the jelly like sandals first, is that what you'd call them? They certainly aren't jelly shoes, I had hoped they might have instore. So we'll go with jelly sandals, they are made from the exact material at a guess. I really like the colour, I'm a sucker for coral & the little heart detailing is pretty cute but I still think they'd look nice without it. The bow really finishes them off & they are a proper bow bow. I'm not a big fan of naff looking bows.
How lovely is this next pair? I think they look a lot more expensive than they are. The detailing & colour match perfectly. Not an awful lot to say about them really, other than I needed some new flip flop like sandals & I really liked the look of these...before I knew it, they were in my basket & then on their way home with me. 
Fairy lights, who doesn't love fairy lights?! Can totally transfer your room (am I right Jamie?)...crazy! So I thought I'd just share these with you incase you are looking for some basic lights. They do other lights too, I saw heart ones, balls, stars...a nice variety of choice. These have managed to go around all 3 sides of my day bed frame...admittedly it did take me about 7 attempts to get it to go around them but I've done it...HOORAYYY!!!
A super cute pinafore dress anyone? Admittedly yes, this was in the sale but it wasn't in the clearance section so maybe it is only recently reduced. But it is soooo cute. It looks lovely on. I've got a thing for denim dresses, not sure where this feeling came from but it could be a worse feeling...right?

The denim is a fairly reasonably thick material too, so I have a feeling it will keep its shape well (what very little shape it has). It doesn't look much hung up on the hanger but once it's on, it really does look a little different. Maybe I'll do a separate post on it, who knows. I really like the button effects on the dress...

If you are a reader of Jojo's blog aka Miss Jojangles you might agree that this would be a kind of dress she would totally rock. Jojo, get yourself down to Primark & get hunting...I don't think you'd regret it. :)
Almost at the end, I promise. My last item to share with you is this...
GLOW IN THE DARK NAIL VARNISH?!?!?! Yes, I really was that excited about it! I'd wanted to try glow in the dark nail varnish for agesss but everywhere I'd seen it, it had been ridiculously priced. But once I spotted it, I just had to give it a go. I'm only slightly disappointed in it, it could possibly glow up a little bit more...other than that though, it is great! Easy to apply but has a funny smell & a strange texture once it is dry.
In order from the top to the bottom, I'll give you the prices just incase you are curious.
Floral top knot headband - £2
Bendy daisy headband - £1.50
Daisy flower bobble/brooch - £1.50
Dark brown woven belt - £1
Blush floral studded belt - £2
Finding Nemo vest - £6
Marvel tshirt - £5
Slush puppie pjs - £8
Coral jelly bowed sandals - £4
Gemmed sandals - £8
LED lights - £2.50
Denim dress - £5
Glow in the dark nail varnish - £1.50 
WOWWWW, if you got all the way down to here (without cheating & skipping the words)...a massive well done & round of applause to you. It did feel like a really waffle post, it took me a few sittings to actually complete it (totally didn't get tired the first time around). But I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I really enjoy watching youtube videos of Primark hauls so this is my equivalent.
As always, thank you veryyyy much for popping by & assumingly reading this post.
- Anna ♥

you don't have to get caught out in the rain again, ever

You read that right, you don't have to get caught out in the rain again, ever...or have to battle with an umbrella, since Matalan have created a super cute & stylish pac a parka! What a wonderful creation.
a selection of photos of me goofing around anyone?
I've decided to spread my blogging wings & not only blog about mental health but blog about other topics I enjoy too. Such as fashion (I'm a sucker for shopping), nail varnish, music, on screen going ons & creating my own little projects. Handmade/homemade is the best! :) I'm by no means saying I'm any good at the whole fashiony styled blog posts but I'm giving it a whirl, again...yes, for your eyes again.
So I'm going to share with you one of my newest purchases...
Matalan Printed Pac a Parka...super cute, super fashionable, super light weight & super handy...what more could you ask for? You can just pop it in your handbag because it comes in a nice little bag... 
Admittedly yesterday I didn't put it in my bag & I got drenched cos it chucked it down, I will clearly learn from my mistakes now & leave it inside my handbag. A friend helped me again take some photos so here goes, again...
It seems I don't really like looking at the camera...

goofy smile but I'm looking so chuffed with my pac a parka

ducky face anyone?

slightly big hood...

it was a little bit laughable
The parka has a few toggles (are they called toggles?) around the waist & on the hood so you can adjust the parka to suit you. I like to pull the waist in abit to make sure it gives me abit of a shape & looks nice on. Instead of looking straight up & down, pretty basic & shapeless.
The pac a parka can be found here & can also be found in four different designs too. I also discovered this morning that they also have created this item in their new petite section...hats off to Matalan & a big round of applause? Matalan has to be without a doubt one of my favourite shops. Admittedly like most shops you do have to look at the quality sometimes but that's the same everywhere. But overall their quality is incredible & the prices are just fab! Matalan is certainly a weakness of mine, damn you Matalan!
Ooookkkk, there we have it again. Another post of me sharing with you a recent find that I'm loving! Especially since in the UK the weather can sometimes be hot but then decides to rain, a pac a parka is certainly a must in my eyes.
I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe I'll be bringing more of these posts in the future. As always, thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥
p.s. I wasn't approached by Matalan to create this post...no sirey! I bought the pac a parka myself & just decided to share my love for it with you.

my life in letters

I don't like leaving my blog for too long without posting something, so here I am with 'my life in letters'...

I completely stole this whole blog post idea from Sinead, thanks Sinead! If you don't read Sineads blog what are you playing at? I'm sure you'd love her & her blog! Check her out over at Dreaming Again. Be kind, be nice & send happy vibes?! :)

A...well it's got to be Anna!
B...bananna, Anna Bananna was my nickname in high school.
C...chatty? I can be fairlyyyyy chatty.
D...diet coke, slightly addicted to the stuff at the minute.
E...English, the only language I can speak.
F...freedom, since passing my test I've gained a huge amount of that.
G...glamour, LOVE the magazine...buy it every month, still have three months to read.
H...it has to be my favourite soap, HOLLYOAKS! DO THE H!
J...job? don't know what I want to do as a job...can't seem to get my head around my parents business.
K...kid, I'm a complete kid at heart.
L...laughter, has to be the best medicine.
M...manners, I'd class myself as well mannered.
N...nail varnish, without a doubt! Only make up I wear & own far too much!
O...open & honest?
P...people pleaser, does get me walked over abit but I'm learning more.
Q...quite shy, I can be quite shy sometimes.
R...rude people, can't stand them.
S...shopping, absolutely love it!
T...tilly (my car), yes I've named my car.
U...unique, I'd like to think I'm pretty unique.
V...(the) vamps, their album has been on repeat in my car since it was released apart from one day. great job!
W...writing, love it...writing letters, writing blog posts, writing lists...
X...x-ray, I've never had an x-ray.
Y...yes, trying to say yes to a few more things.
Z...zzzz, I like to sleep.

I'd loveeeee to see you take part & do a 'my life in letters' post too, or maybe you've already done one. Let me know :) I think it's a great way to get to know someone better.

As always, thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

you don't have to face it alone...

Hello all, Sunday has arrived...these weeks go so flippin fast! Now we've come to an end of mental health awareness week. I did try to blog every day about the topic but I managed every day but one & that is pretty good going if you ask me. But I thought I'd just end the week with this post.
Unfortunately there is so many people out there in this world who feel alone, who shouldn't have to & don't have to face a mental illness alone. If you don't feel like you can talk to a family member or a friend, please approach a professional. Or if you don't feel like you can't talk to a professional then please talk to a family member or a friend. Don't ever feel you should suffer in silence.
There are incredible charities out their who can support you, if you need help please check them out. Don't ever be ashamed or afraid to ask for help.
I really hope this post has helped you!
I always like to add a photo or quote of some kind into my posts & todays is this quote...
Image found on weheartit

As always, thanks for reading.

- Anna  ♥

never feel ashamed...

This is something I have learnt to do, never feel ashamed for having anxiety. I am very open about my situation to literally everyone I meet. I don't want it to be the elephant in the room.

Anxiety is a part of me & I know that if I don't speak about it, it will become worse & rear its ugly little mug (I think it is slightly stubborn & doesn't like being ignored). So I've learnt to just speak about it, because then I'm in control & in my eyes people are then aware if I start to feel funny. Admittedly not everyone is going to be understanding & accepting but you know what, that is okay & that doesn't matter. If they don't understand you, you don't need them in your life. My ex boyfriend actually tried to tell me there was nothing wrong with me, basically it was all in my mind...That would be why it is called mental health. He is now no longer part of my life,  I don't need people who don't understand or who don't even try to understand. I've found that aswell you can tell a lot about someone by how they react to someones situation.

I've actually added about my anxiety onto my CV, some of you will think I'm crackers but I think honesty is the best policy. Anxiety is just as real for me as having two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs...you get the picture right? So it certainly isn't something I'm going to hide away & be ashamed of.

Neither should you, learn to be happy in your own skin. Accept your conditions, your situation & your illness.

Image found on weheartit
I know people do still feel ashamed of what they are going through but please, try your hardest not to be ashamed. I know it's easier said than done...*hugs*
As always, thanks for reading & feel free to leave a comment too.
 - Anna ♥

you can still have an illness & achieve something...

First off, this was meant to be yesterdays post but yesterday was busy busy so I didn't get round to typing it up so instead I'm going to blog twice today, is that okay? I hope all is forgiven... :)
Hands up, how many of you have ever felt you weren't good enough to do something? *raises hand*... Hands up if you have ever doubted yourself because you feel something is holding you back? *raises hand*...The one thing that has ever made me really doubt myself is my lovely buddy anxiety, cos I mean 'what if I can't cope', 'what if I can't manage'...
Believe you me, I've been there too. But since I like to look on the bright side of life. I thought I'd create a list of my achievements that I'm so proud of since anxiety became a part of my life & when I actually knew that anxiety was what was the matter. I feel like this is going to be like a trip down memory lane, hope you enjoy! :)
I started my own blog...
oh hello, new & updated blog header! :)
If you are new around here you won't know the story behind my blog. I started blogging to give myself focus & a place to just get my thoughts out really when my anxiety was possibly at its highest. I haven't looked back since, we live in a world now where technology is such a massive part of our lives & it isn't always a bad thing. Through technology I've found myself a place to call my own plus some pretty amazing & supportive people. Thankfully I haven't personally come across any nasties yet & I hope I never do!
I learnt to drive...
Never did I ever think I'd be able to learn to drive at all. Just the thought of the whole process completely filled me with dread. But, not only did I learn to drive & pass my test but I managed to blog all about it too. Even sharing some of my top tips with you aswell. I seriously can't get over the fact of I managed to complete it all. When I eventually started I was thinking lessons would be harder than going & sitting the theory test, turned out the other way round. Lessons become a breeze (not all lessons though) & the theory test day wasn't overly easy, even though I did cope with it a lot better than I thought I would & managed to pass first time...how relieved I was cos I knew I didn't have to sit it again, unless I didn't pass my test within two years then I would.
I managed to work & not for my parents...
a sign from where I worked..LOVE it!
To most people who haven't or don't experience anxiety they will be like, 'big wow, you worked' but to me it was a huge achievement. Since 2010 I have been working for my parents which wasn't always easy but it gave me exposure. But November/December just gone I applied for a sales/admin assistant which to me was the perfect job but unfortunately somethings aren't meant to be. I did end up helping them at Christmas events & occasional Saturdays up until recent when shop work & foot fall has just gone quiet so I'm no longer working there but I managed it everytime I was asked to work & to me it was a massive achievement & the proof I needed to give myself that I can do it.
I really hope this post has helped some of you realise that you can achieve & you will eventually achieve! I was once in your shoes of completely self doubting my own ability but not so much anymore! :)
I hope you are all well & having a lovely day, hopefully soaking up some rays...the sun has got its hat on, hip hip hip hooray! :P haha...yes, you have come across a 22 year olds blog!
As always, thank you for reading & if you want to leave a comment please do...I loveeee me a comment or two! :)
- Anna  ♥

anxiety is only part of me, not all of me...

Image found on weheartit
Yes, I suffer with anxiety. Yes, it is part of me but that is all. I never ever want an illness or condition of any kind to define who I am as a person. I absolutely hate when my parents will be talking about somebody & refer to them as having cancer or have had cancer (amazing the amount of people who are actually affected!). Just because that person had an illness or has an illness it doesn't define them as a person & I'm pretty sure they don't want it to define them as a person neither. So always try not to look at someone & remember them for their illness but for something about them, maybe about their personality.
I believe that anxiety is only part of me, admittedly when I started blogging it played a huge part in my life. But now I'm improving day by day & managing to live a 'normal' life (what is classed as normal ay? :P normal is pretty boring! we don't want normal... ) Obviously I've decided to carry on with blogging because it is something I enjoy so maybe we could class me as a blogger & not an illness. Hmm, what else am I?
pretty good at diy?
Yes, I have just admitted that I think I'm fairly good at DIY...I did put together all my bedroom furniture, all by myself...aren't I a clever little bee ;) & I will quite often revamp & create little projects...watch this space, you never know something my appear on the blog (I totally have something planned, don't hold me to it though!)
upbeat, bubbly, polite & friendly?
Ok, ok...anyone else not great at complimenting themselves? I just kind of feel that those are some of my qualities as a human being...remember, not a human being known by an illness. I don't wanna come across as being big headed either or tooting my own trumpet...do you toot a trumpet? I don't know!
helpful & always happy to help?
I will quite happily help anyone, within reason of course. Helping people isn't only good for others, but it will make you feel better as a person too. Admittedly being so eager & happy to help others does sometimes lead me to being used. But I'm getting used to finding a balance inbetween what is right & what isn't.
awareness raiser & charity supporter?
They could totally be titles to add to my CV surely, or even in the qualities & skills section? :) If I can raise awareness & support a charity I am more than game, lets do this... I've blogged about a few charities mainly Mind & Coppafeel ...check em out!
Right, I think I'm just gonna leave it at those four...don't wanna come across big headed at all but you've got to compliment yourself haven't you? :)
I hope that this has got across the point of I'm more than just an illness & so are you. Any of you suffering with an illness are better than your illness, believe me. List a few of your qualities & you'll soon realise too. :)
Tomorrows post is going to be...'you can still have an illness & achieve something'.
Thank you for popping by & having a read of this post, however you got here! Feel free to leave me a comment, I looovveeeee me some comments! :)
- Anna ♥ 

what anxiety is like for me...

If you read my post yesterday or if you happen to follow any mental health related twitter then you'll know that this week is mental health awareness week & the main focus is anxiety.
Anxiety is the mental illness I struggle with, I started suffering around the age of 16/17 so basically school leaving age. I had absolutely no idea what was happening to me at all. I mean why would I? I'd never heard of mental health before, never mind mental illness. It turns out I was suffering with anxiety & panic attacks. I remember being so unaware of what was happening & actually going to the doctors so often that it was beginning to feel like a second home to me. I can still remember the first place I had my first ever panic attack, completely unaware & quiet frightened because I had no idea what was happening to me. The symptoms felt so physical so how could it not be a physical illness?  
I'm now 22 & I'm still learning to manage my condition. I've received therapy twice, with two different councillors & the second one was absolutely fantastic! I can't praise her enough. I'm on a small dosage of anti depressants. But I can honestly say if I didn't ask for help I honestly dread to think how my life would be now.
No two peoples conditions are the same. No two peoples anxieties are the same. We all have anxiety to a healthy extent but when the anxiety creeps into your every day life that is when it becomes part of you & part of an illness. I've learnt to accept that anxiety is just going to be part of me now. I still have my anxiety provoking situations, negative thoughts & the physical symptoms that can come along with it. But I've learnt how to balance my anxiety, making life more manageable.
Image found on weheartit
what anxiety is like for me...
a lot of 'what ifs' going through my mind, 'what if' I get there & I can't cope, 'what if' I go & I become sick, 'what if' the car breaks down...what feels like a simple 'what if' can seriously affect my day to day life. I haven't been on holiday for over 7 years, because 'what if' I can't cope...'what if' I ruin it for everyone...'what if' I don't enjoy it...
nausea is my main physical symptom, not there as often but my automatic reaction to feeling sick is 'oh, I must be coming down with a bug'...I don't actually remember the last time I had a bug, so I've been worrying about that for a while, unnecessarily.
occasional panic attacks, thanks to the medication have calmed down but I can still feel them building up but they don't reach their peak like they used to. I can usually calm them down by correcting my breathing. A panic attack for me is often racing heartbeat, being unable to stay still (a fair bit of pacing back & forth), shortness of breath, shaking, feeling of emptiness in my stomach & the delightful nauseous feeling.  
That is pretty much what anxiety is like for me.
What is anxiety like for you?
Tomorrows post is going to be...'Anxiety is only part of me, not all of me...'
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


As you can tell from the title I'm pretty excited, especially since I thought it was last week. Do America do things different to us? Is that a really dumb question? I'm not sure but I do know one thing! It is mental health awareness week this week & the main focus is anxiety...well I just had to join in & raise as much awareness as I possibly could!
Anxiety is the reason I started this little blog of mine. It was a place to escape my mind, put pen to paper, put hands to keys & type away. Feel free to browse through my old posts if you like, I don't mind :)
I've decided I'm going to give it my best shot to post one post per day for this entire week regarding anxiety, I'm thinking tomorrow will be...what anxiety is like for me.
Are you taking part in helping raise awareness? Please do, you can raise awareness in any way. Start off a conversation with a loved one, send a text, send an email, meet up with a friend, send a tweet, retweet a tweet, share your story...absolutely whatever you like! I could go on forever & list ideas but I wont cos I'm sure you lovely bunch will find a way.
I'd like to thank Amy for creating this post which then lead me to this post. < click this one to find out more about the week.
One thing we can do to help raise awareness & break the stigma is definitely speaking more about mental health. So if you are affected by anything mental health related, I'd love it if you left me a comment below so we can all become friends & be supportive?! Oooh & if you blog too, be sure to leave your link...thank you!
Thanks for reading & I hope you pop by again over the week to see what else I have in store, other than tomorrow I've got no idea what I'm gonna blog about. Ooh, so it'll be a surprise for us all! :)
- Anna ♥

life is never fully figured out & life is forever changing...

Anyone else agree that you never fully have your life figured out & life is forever changing? I'm starting to realise this more often to be fair & I just had to agree when my friend made the remark to me. How true is the life is forever changing part? I mean come on, relationships change, situations change, circumstances change...a fair few things change to be honest.

My what I thought was Saturday work has come to an end (did I just sound very Miranda Harts mum?), it appears I didn't fully understand it was just casual, as & when. Not every Saturday, oooppsss! & now business is quiet I'm no longer needed. I was pretty upset about this but life isn't always hunky dory & we've just got to keep on going. So now I'm on the hunt for a new adventure, I'm considering going to college. Another part of me wants to send out my CV to organisations I'm interested in & see what comes of that.

Well I think it is safe to say this is probably one of my shortest posts EVER!

Image found on weheartit

Any of you lovely bunch in a similar situation? Surely one of you are...
let me know, let's discuss & let's be friends! :)

As always, thanks for reading...
- Anna ♥

Very Inspiring Blogger Award...nominated by Nichole (upbeat uplifts)

Hello there you, beautiful youuu...is that a song?! *searches mind* hmmm, I don't know...

The last time I uploaded was Monday, which was my first ever 'fashion' post...which I did get pretty great feedback from so thank you very much. I really actually quite enjoyed putting it all together. But since Monday I've posted nothing so I do feel like such a terrible blogger, especially to say last week I created a list of future posts. The list contained FOURTEEN post ideas, yes you read that right! I'm amazed at myself & the list is still on going! But I'm not going to beat myself up about not blogging since Monday, I've already threw the regular 'blogging routine' out the window. Blogging certainly has become a hobby of mine, I love nothing more actually than sitting down infront of my laptop & waffling on & on & on & on....
So I just felt the need right now to sit down & blog. I've checked in with my list & have chosen to take part in an award post...drum roll please?! the very inspiring blogger award , the really super sweet Nichole over at upbeat uplifts has ever so kindly nominated me so a massive thank you to you Nichole!
The rules are as followed...
1. link the person who nominated you, check!
2. list rules & display the award, check!
3. share 7 things/facts about you, almost!
4. nominate 7 3 bloggers who inspire you..
5. let them know you have nominated them..
Ok here goes then,
7 things/facts about me
1. I have never been on a plane.
2. I kind of weirdly actually want braces.
3. Since blogging I feel like I've grown as a person.
4. I will always try to look on the positive side of things.
5. Passing my driving test was one of the best things I've ever done.
6. I'm not a big fan of McDonalds.
7. I'm a sucker for nail polish.
7 3 bloggers who inspire me
(there wasn't anywhere in the rules that stated I couldn't reaward it :) ) without a doubt, I absolutely love Nichole's positive vibe & her personality really shines through on her blog. Nichole recently graduated too so pop on over & send her congratulations wishes...is that a real kind of wish? I don't know, but go on over there & be nice...nobody likes a meany! :)
I'm sure Michelle is some kind of super human...or so she very much comes across! She has a family home to run, including herself, her husband (C), her two step daughters (K & R) then her two little pups (Pete & Betty) surely you know Pete & Betty...if you don't, I suggest you get a wiggle on over to Michelle's blog & check out the cuteness! you won't regret it! so not only does she have the family home but she also works (currently done a whole new career change too!) & still manages to find loads of time to blog, Michelle...one question, what is your secret?! & admittedly Michelle is also hilarious in pretty much every flippin post she writes!
Amy's identity is still completely unknown to me & her other readers, which slightly scares me but doesn't mean I can't relate to her. Amy blogs mainly about her struggles with anxiety. I know for a fact that blogging & being so open about my struggles has without a doubt helped me to accept who I am today & still live my life. I really hope Amy receives the same response from blogging & grows as a person. If you struggle with anxiety or maybe a loved one does & you want to educate yourself head on over to Amy's blog. She isn't a professional but I think sometimes the best kind of blogs/posts are from ordinary people like you & me, who happen to be dealing with a situation.
Okay, so is life about breaking the rules...sometimes it's okay surely? I don't have 7 bloggers who I can honestly say inspire me so I'm just keeping it as these 3. Breaking the rules must be better than being fake surely?
I'd really love to see your responses even though I know that obviously Nichole has already taken part & so has Michelle...actually come to think of it, I'm pretty sure Amy has too & rightly so too! :) Girls, if you don't want to respond please don't, that is completely fine...cos it would more than likely be a waste of your precious time but I just want you all to know, you inspire me! So please keep doing what you do & being you! :) 
As always, thanks for reading & I really hope I haven't upset anyone :/ I hope we are all well & enjoy your Saturday night whatever you may be doing! :) I'm going to go cook us (my family, not me & you...sorry about that :) ) a scrummy chicken delight meal, if it turns out good I will be sharing the link with you!
- Anna ♥

my first attempt at a 'fashion' post...how I 'style' my dungarees - chilly edition

For starters could the title be any longer? I'm not exactly used to this & I would no way, not a chance call myself a fashion blogger...no sirey! But I thought sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone & try new things. So here I am, giving a fashion related post a go.
Our garden isn't exactly the best places to take some snaps so I decided to ask my godmum if I could use her garden to take my photos. I took a few on self timer sat on the table & then my mum popped by to help. It didn't feel right, the photos were too moody/too posed & I just didn't really like em...I'd like to add aswell I felt a nelly. Here is one from then...

the only photo I kind of 'liked'

The parka I have on there isn't actually for this post, that's for another one I have planned...oh deary me!

 So after that wasn't a success, my friend Tori (hey Tori, if you're reading this :) ) ever so kindly offered for me to use her garden & for her to take the photos too. It was ever so much like a glamorous photo shoot I imagine...I'm kidding! Tori was in her work gear & slippers on her feet haha! Rock n roll lifestyle we lead! :) The whole point of this post was to share how I 'style' my dungarees, basically what I wear them with. So without further ado.. here are my random photos & exactly how I 'style' my dungarees - chilly edition....

I don't do looking at the camera, oppsss!

jumping for joy & for the giggles!

moon walking or avoiding hot lava

'Anna, be cute'

'oh, this is getting far too much'

snap of the giggles

say hello to my little friend

'hello there little dude'

Starting from the top, items available & found are linked....
Outfit 1
Dungarees - New Look
Grey Top (under the dungarees) - Asos Petite (can't find)
Hoodie - Matalan
Khaki Jacket - Asda (a few years old)
Tights - Matalan (maybe, 200 denier option in store)
Chelsea Boots - Tesco (two years ago)
Outfit 2
Dungarees - New Look
Grey Top (under the dungarees) - Asos Petite
Hoodie - Matalan
Khaki Jacket - Asda
Scarf - Independent Store (no brand)
Tights - Matalan
Nike Blazers - JD Sports (not available now)
Outfit 3
Dungarees - New Look
White Knitted Jumper - Matalan (recent, can't find online)
Scarf - New Look (a few years old)
Tights - Matalan
Nike Blazers - JD Sports
Right, try not to laugh but I've searched on New Look for the dungarees & I'm pretty sure these are my exact ones. The colouring looks completely different, unless you click on the photo up close to the pocket. We've all been there when something online looks completely different to real life, am I right? :)
So there you have it, my very sorry attempt at a 'fashion' post...hope you enjoyed it & maybe got some inspiration? Or even had a giggle at the photos. Hope you don't think this post is too much of a shambles...I just didn't want to do your typical posed outfit post. Tori just snapped away...we had around 200 photos all together I think, some of them got deleted cos my eyes were shut or I was pulling the most attractive of faces & others I just kept for myself, not to be shared with the internet.
If you have read through this all, thank you very much!
- Anna ♥

National Depression & Anxiety Awareness Week?

Right, okay...I was planning on joining in with the whole 'official national depression & anxiety awareness week' but I'm not 100% sure if it actually is this coming week or whenever...does that make sense? I thought about blogging for the entire week to raise more awareness but, 'hello, have you seen the majority of my blog?'. Anxiety certainly isn't something that I shy away from talking about at all. But I changed my mind & decided to create this little post to share two of my favourite places in the cyber world, who also do a fantastic job at raising awareness.

'Relief From Anxiety'

the beautiful blog header over on Amy's blog

The ever so kind & in my eyes the ever so relatable Amy, blogs over at Relief From Anxiety. Amy's blog is based only on anxiety, the title might of already made you gather that. Amy did a guest post for me, which can be found here. I highly recommend you head on over there & check her out!

Anxiety Support Instagram 

Baylee's Instagram account

The Instagram account 'anxiety support' is run by a girl named Baylee, who lives in Chicago, Illinois (thats what her Instagram told me)! Baylee shares her own little updates with her followers & posts positive & upbeat quotes. As you can tell, she has a large following on Instagram...so what are you waiting for? Go give her a follow & see what you're missing out on...I don't think you'll regret it.

Do you have any similar mental health awareness places you like to go to in the cyber world? Let me know in the comments below, I love discovering new places on the wonderful internet & speaking to new people. :)

As always, thank you very much for reading.
- Anna ♥

learning to not take life too serious, cos nobody gets out alive..

Kind of an obvious quote really 'don't take life too serious, nobody gets out alive' don't cha think? But it really is true. Life really is too short to be filled with worry, what ifs & all that seriousness...of course I'm well aware that seriousness is also part of life too but the fun should still play a part in life. Is seriousness even a real word? :/

I've started to realise that life is too short to worry about what other people think of me. I mean what people think of me as a whole, you know my looks, my fashion sense, my hobbies, my interests, my personality, my actions...I really have got to the point of not giving two hoots, so here...have a little collage of me rocking my rabbit onesie from Matalan, I absolutely LOVE it...soooo fluffy & cosy! Shame it isn't an owl onesie, that would be quite fitting with the whole hoot remark...
I've also realised that life is too short to be surrounded by negativity & bitter people...don't do it, run for the hills! Ok, maybe not run to the hills (you might get abit hot & bothered) but get away from negativity & bitter people as fast as you can...run, rabbit, run! (Sorry I just couldn't resist that) :P

I believe that when you start taking life really serious that is when the fun gets sucked right out of it! Laughter is the best medicine apparently, do you agree with this? I know I do...I absolutely love giggling, giggling at the tiniest of things most of the time to be honest & sometimes at myself. So laugh, laugh away at yourself, next time you make a mistake (were all human, we all do it) just let out a little giggle, don't stress about it too much (easier said than done)...just let the stress & anger fly away & get on with your day.

Along the subject of not taking life too serious, I was just catching up on blogs on bloglovin' & the lovely Nichole...the girl behind upbeat uplifts (heyyy girl! I know you'll be reading this :) ) has recently done a post called Just Laugh? . I highly recommend checking out this post & just her blog in general. If she didn't live so far away...millions of miles, I'm sure we would actually be real life friends.

 What is your opinion on being positive, not taking life too serious? Let me know in the comments & be sure to send Nichole some love & kindness...we all deserve that! :)

As always, thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

let's get physical...

Has the song physical popped into anyones head? No, just mine? Swiftly moving on then...
I feel so old saying this but this year I will have been left high school for six years...SIX YEARS?! Quite frankily I'm struggling to believe & accept it really. But since leaving school I have done a huge amount very little physical exercise...absolutely nothing, zero, zilch...unless you class chasing a dog maybe or the occasional bike ride or the odd kick about of a football...maybe I should rephrase that...I've done zero planned exercise. But now I have a feeling that is all going to change...
I'm getting slightly fed up of feeling slightly pants & sluggish & just so meeeehhh! Meh is totally a word yes? I thought so too...is it in the dictionary yet? Let me know & get back to me? :) cheers!
So instead of sitting around & moaning about it, doing nothing to change it. I decided to take it upon myself to go for a new challenge. I'm going to take up....*drum roll*.....running! Wish me luck? I really did used to enjoy PE in school & that was part of my routine but now I have very little I've decided to bring running into it.
I've bought myself some new my first ever running shoes, who thought there was so much to research for running shoes...I mean I just thought yeah, I'll find a nice looking pair & let's go! Of course, looks have had to come into the purchasing part...I'm not going to wear really weird ones am I, wanna look cool whilst I'm out running, gracefully panting for breath like a dog!...but I have gone for looks first & then made sure they were comfortable & fit nicely, they do the job all round.

So far I have been on ONE...ONE!!!! twenty five minute run/walk..gotta ease yourself into these things. But I mean look above at the photo, I'm ever so glad I choose to get pretty trainers but atleast it shows I've worked hard right? I got down & dirty...no, I really didn't. I went running around country lanes.
I started running on my own on Tuesday, I might be being joined by a friend of mine but if not I shall be going it alone. So I downloaded an app on my ipod so I could keep track of it all & actually have a clue what to do. The app was called couch to 5k, there are a few different versions out there but I'm assuming they are all similar (if not the same).

screenshot of the app on my ipod
The app basically keeps track of what you have done & guides you on the right track. It guides you all the way through the whole work out & by guide, I do mean it speaks to you too. An electronic voice saying 'okay, speed it up a little into a run'...'okay, slow it down a little into a walk'. Ok, admittedly that might not be a word for word quotation of what it exactly says because another great thing is you can listen to music on your ipod or phone whilst you're working out...winner?! So I don't fully listen to what it is saying if I'm completely honest.
I'm gonna be honest the first time was pretty hard since I hadn't been running for a while & I didn't just run around a flat field...oooh no of course not, I decided to do the route I usually dog walk. Which includes two hills, so that was a great start. I did it though, that is the main thing & I'm going at it again. Luckily I didn't bump into anyone on Tuesday so fingers crossed that continues, atleast until I feel more comfortable about it, less red faced & out of breath.
I really hope that running will pick me up, give me focus & make me feel all around better in myself...here is hoping my friends.
Do you run? Or do you do any other form of physical exercise, let me know! Share your advice with me & whoever else happens to be reading or in the comments, we are all friends around here! :)
As always, thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥