My Driving Journey - Lesson 9 & 10

It really doesn't feel that long ago that I actually had my first driving lesson & here I am now, up to lesson number 10..can I get a woop woop? WOOP WOOP!
I love it when posts include a photo so I decided I would add a photo into these posts, yes it will be the same photo each time almost but least it will look pretty. So lets go..
The photo isn't actually the learning car, just my mum's but hey..
all cars look alike so it will do.
Wednesday 24th July
I seriously can't believe I'm actually managing to drive to & around the town that gives me my highest anxiety. In today's lesson instead of driving through the town centre we took the bypass around the town. This route involved more bigger roundabouts & at some points it had a dual carriage way & split lanes at the junctions to deal with too. I got to practice going up into 4th/5th gear & then reducing my speed & changing down gear in plenty of time. Travelling at 50mph & then going down to 30mph, feels like crawling & walking speed. Pretty slowwwwwww.
Friday 26th July
During today's lesson we didn't go to the next town (the one with my highest anxiety levels), we stuck to the one nearest to me. We have now moved on to manoeuvres (thank you spell check because I struggle to spell it). Today we just focused on turning in the road by using a 3 point turn. Apparently this is the most difficult manoeuvre. I managed to practice it three times before we had to head back. I only hit the kerb once & that was whilst reversing. So I think that is a bonus!
Do you suffer with your mental health & have managed to learn to drive?
Or are you currently learning to drive?
Feel free to leave me a comment.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Mum really does know best..

After coming across Rachael's post over at Rachael Victoria
I decided to create my own post including things my mum was right about over the years & little stories to go along with a few of them too.

- Those shoes aren't suitable -
When your mum tells you some shoes aren't suitable for a certain occasion, listen to her. I used to be a brownie & one night when I was going to brownies I thought it would be a good idea to wear my new lovely pink wedges. Mum told me it wasn't a good idea because they weren't suitable but did I listen?
No, I was young..what did my mum know? I still remember the story now.
 I wore the wedges anyway, went running down the corridor to the supply cupboard, fell over & whacked my head on the corner of the wall. I just got up & carried on thinking nobody would have to know. Until one of the leaders noticed I had blood coming through my hat & the first words I said were "don't tell my mum, she told me not to wear these shoes."
- You need to wear a coat, it's cold outside -
I'm pretty sure everyone has been told this by their mum at some point or other. To be honest, my mum still says it to me now. But do I listen now? Yes I actually do. Why is that? Because I've learnt from experience, if you don't wear a coat chances are your going to get cold & possibly rained on. 
- There's plenty more fish in the sea -
I bet every mum has said this to their child at some point or other. Admit it, we have all been there. Young & "in love". We soon realise over time we weren't in love, it isn't the end of the world & there is plenty more fish in the sea.
- Don't run, you will fall & hurt yourself -
Don't run? Why not? I'm capable of running so why should this surface be any different? When I used to play football I was in the changing room, I think it was after a match. Our changing rooms were concrete floors, I had my football boots on. Studded shoes & a concrete floor don't go. I didn't run for very long, until whack! I was straight on the floor & fell right on my bum & whacked my back in the process. Ouch!
- Treat others as you want to be treated -
This one is something we all know about, I'm pretty sure all of our mums drilled this into our brains at a young age. If you want people to be nice to you, then treat them nice. If you want to be treated horribly then treat others the same way. Sometimes you do come along people in life who are just horrible & you just don't bother to react at all. Wise move.
Hope you enjoyed my post.
Have you done a post similar?
What did your mum teach you?
Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Hey, let's talk about....Mike Dignam

Last weekend I decided to do a blog entry called "Hey, let's talk about....mental health",
that can be found by clicking here.
So I have now decided to turn it into a weekly thing. Randomly introducing & speaking about anything & related, tv, film, music, fashion, nails..anything & everything.
I hope you'll enjoy it & learn about/discover something new.
A couple of weeks ago I watched one of Tanya Burr's youtube videos & absolutely loved the song she used for the background music. Tanya then tweeted about it being by Mike Dignam, so I decided to download the song on iTunes & give him a follow on Twitter. I admittedly haven't really been on YouTube an awful lot so I haven't checked out any of his other material. But he did tweet the other day saying he was going to do a cover of One Direction's new song, best song ever. I can honestly say I have fallen in love with his cover & his voice. I haven't even listened to One Directions audio of it fully yet because I'm too amazed by Mike's version.
Instead of rambling on about Mike on here, I'm going to just link his website in so you can just check him out there & find out all you want to know. So click here & enjoy. But I will just add his cover down below for you to check out & be amazed.
Hope you check him out & enjoy what you discover!
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

My Driving Journey - Lesson 7 & 8

WOWWWW! I can't believe I've had 8 driving lessons so far.
To be honest, I thought I'd never actually get the courage to learn to drive at all.
But here I am proving myself wrong & actually enjoying it!
A little image for you all here..
Image found on weheartit
I am going to use this quote & say that one of the best things in life is driving. The confidence you build from being able to drive, the freedom you get once you've passed, it just opens up the world to you. So I think I have waited long enough for the right time to learn, I'm fighting my way through the anxiety & the thoughts that come with it, believing in myself that I can do it & I'm not letting go of the fact of I can gain more freedom & a full pink licence.
Friday 19th & Saturday 20th July
During both of these lessons we did the exact same route both times, I have now started driving from home meaning that I drive all of the lesson. It's sooo exciting! So now we have moved into the next town. The town I have my highest anxiety levels in & the place I was dreading driving most. But unfortunately this place also happens to be where the test centre is. So I don't really have much say in the matter. Admittedly once we actually got driving there I was absolutely fine, a little rise in anxiety every now & then but I just went with it & stuck it out. Which is exactly what you have to do with anxiety, prove who is boss. We drove through the town too, experiencing traffic lights & introducing a few hill starts. I can honestly say I'm loving driving lessons. I'm not saying the build up to the lessons are easy because to be honest they sometimes aren't. On Thursday I also had my therapy session but my anxiety levels had been so high I was tempted to cancel that aswell as my driving lesson. I didn't cancel either, because that would be easy & can be easily done again. So I'm battling through & trying my very best not to cancel either.
Are you learning to drive too?
Do you have a blog?
Let me know in the comments below.
Or feel free to just leave a comment anyway,
I'd love to hear from you..
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

When the ordinary isn't so ordinary anymore..

So what happens when the ordinary isn't so ordinary anymore?
That is pretty much what happens when your mental health is affected.
Since I started experiencing anxiety every day it has become a struggle.
For some people experiencing mental health difficulties even simply getting out of bed can be an absolute struggle, leaving your bedroom can become a chore. Leaving the house, travelling on public transport, going to the shops..just going out in general. Everything can change..
Everything that used to seem the ordinary, the normal, the usual, the day to day life can just seem a distant memory. You can't actually pinpoint when everything changed but you just wish it would go back to the way it was. Make life a little more easier. Not having to worry about something happening to you if you leave the house, like fearing your going to have all eyes on you or going to loose control. I know full well that there is so many people out there who suffer from mental health difficulties. I really wish they could all receive the help & support they all deserve.
Now I look back, my anxiety started about the age of 17. Just when I had finished my apprenticeship. Before then I had attended school full time, achieved all my GCSEs so luckily for me that wasn't affected. Unfortunately some people are affected before hand & struggle with school & don't achieve the grades. So once I had completed my apprenticeship & gained my NVQ the job hunt began, but along with the job hunt came the rise of anxiety. I went so long without actually going to the doctors, just tried to get on with it & ignore it I guess. Eventually I went to the doctors & have since received medication & therapy. Last year in 2012 I received CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) but didn't feel any benefit from it. So last week I attended my first CBT appointment (with a different therapist) but this time I have been entered in at a different stage. I thought CBT was just one stage & one treatment, I was wrong. I often start to feel anxious before having to go to therapy but then I think to myself, if I could do this with ease then I wouldn't be needing the treatment as much.
I urge anyone out there who is suffering to get help honestly, you are not alone. Open up because you know what, it's okay to talk. The more we all speak openly about it, the more we bash that nasty stigma surrounding mental health right on the head.
I know the road to recovery might not be easy, but it will defiantly be worth it in the end. I'm told during recovery sometimes things may get worse before they get better, so I'm baring that in mind & I'm always going to remember....
Image found on weheartit
Are you experiencing mental difficulties?
Remember, there is always help available.
Admitting you need help isn't a sign of weakness either,
 it is a sign of bravery & strength.
It is also the first step on your road to recovery.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥ 

Cute Cards

Over the past couple of months my mum hasn't been very well, but now she is on the road to recovery. So the other day I was thinking to myself I'm going to thank her friends who have helped by going with her to hospital appointments, taking her out on little days out & picking bits & bobs up for us. Obviously I have said thank you to their faces, but I just thought this would be a lovely idea too. 
So my idea to create thank you cards was hatched. I love making & creating. 
I think it makes things so much more personal & mean a lot more.
It just proves you have spent time & effort on it.
You can create the card to the persons personality & what they like.
I'm also going to create a little gift for them all too. I'm still hunting for ideas. If any of you have any ideas, feel free to drop me a comment & throw them my way.
The idea of this post is just basically to spread a little bit of love
 & give you all an idea.
I mean who doesn't love receiving the occasional handmade card, it certainly puts a smile on my face. Whether it actually be for an occasion or just to let someone know how much you appreciate them.
Why not try your hand at card making & give it a go?
Cards are so simple to make, you don't have to follow any instructions.
Just use your imagination & create away as you wish..
Below is a photo of the cards I have made for my mum's friends.
Have you received a card from a friend or family member recently?
Have you sent any?
Why not change that & give it a go.
It's a much cheaper & enjoyable way of sending cards for various occasions.
You can almost guarantee nobody will have made the same card as you.
If you have any ideas for little gifts I could create to send with the cards, please let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

My Driving Journey - Lesson 5 & 6

Thursday 11th July
We went around the same area as the last two lessons to practice the junctions, side roads & changing up & down gear. But towards the end of the lesson we expanded the route & went onto one of the main roads into the town. We also introduced 3rd gear, oooohh high speeds are being reached. So far all is going really well & I'm absolutely loving lessons. Once I've finished a lesson no matter what time of day I'm always on a massive high. Confidence boosting? I think so.
Tuesday 16th July
Both today & yesterday I have felt really sick, more than likely with anxiety. So I could of quite easily just cancelled this lesson, but I thought no. If I cancel then that means the anxiety is winning..Admittedly I did text my instructor to let her know a little how I was, to put me at ease a little. She was very reassuring & I honestly couldn't get a better instructor. So I felt the fear & did it anyway! I didn't regret this decision at all. At the beginning of the lesson I had like a sudden urge of nausea thrown at me. It just all of a sudden came upon me. Usually when this happens I'm like "right, I need to go home now"..If I'm honest with you, it really was on the tip of my tongue. But I ignored that thought & carried on. I'm so glad I managed to carry on. Again we went around the same area but then we really expanded our route. We got to the point of travelling at 50mph..WOWWWW! 50 is very fast until you suddenly get used to it, I got used to it pretty easy & then when we was back down to 20/30mph it felt like we was at walking speed. We experienced the odd roundabout, which I had a little help on but we managed it. I actually drove home today too, for the first time. I am so glad I didn't listen to my thoughts & just kept at it. Times are going to get hard but I'm not giving up!
On my next lesson I will be driving from home so how exciting?!
Since I love a post with a lovely picture I thought I'd throw one in here..
Image from weheartit
During my driving journey & other parts in my life, I'm going to remember this simple but effective quote. You can either give up or try again & to me giving up isn't an option..So that is probably exactly why in the photo it's crossed out.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Hey, let's talk about....mental health

Let's be completely honest unless you yourself, a family member or friend has experienced or is experiencing trouble with mental health you might not even know there is even such a thing.I can honestly say hands up in the air that I had no clue,
until I began to be affected.
I think mental health is a subject that needs to be learnt about & covered more.
They should educate students in schools, colleges,
universities & even employees in the workplace.
The more people know & understand the situation,
the less scarier it makes it all seem.
There is such a stigma surrounding mental health & there doesn't need to be.
If we all just speak openly about our feelings & situation,
the stigma will finally be broken down..little by little.
Anyone at any age, any walk of life, anyone at all can be affected.
Nobody chooses to be affected by a mental illness.
Just like nobody chooses to suffer from a physical illness.
Do you want to educate yourself on the subject?
If so here are a couple of charities who offer information, support & help.
 More can be found online via the NHS website.
I feel just by speaking openly about the subject it is smashing away at the stigma!
Remember, just because someone is affected by an illness
it doesn't mean they aren't the same person you knew before.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Liebster Blog Award

I had seen the Liebster Blog Award floating around in the blogging world, but not once did I think anyone would actually nominate me. I was wrong..
A good couple of weeks ago now the lovely Sarah
over at Squares nominated me for this award.
I had noticed Sarah must have recently discovered my blog as she had been leaving comments on a few of my posts, which was lovely to see so thank you Sarah.
Also thank you for the nomination for the award too.
I'd recommend her blog to you all too! So go have a sneaky look.

The rules are as follows:
You must link the person who nominated you.
You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee.
You must pick 10 bloggers with under 200 followers to be nominated for the award. 
You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.
Let's get started, here are Sarah's questions & my answers..
1. What is your all time favourite book?
Ooh, that is a tough one. To be honest I don't actually have one.
2. What made you want to start blogging?
To give me something to focus on & a little space for me to have a voice.
3. What is your favourite type of blog post to read or write?
Lifestyle, I enjoy reading about peoples experiences & adventures.
 I also like reading crafty posts too.
4. Who is your blogging inspiration?
I would have to say Zoe aka Zoella. I'm sure you all already know who she is.
5. If you could only ever wear lip products or eye product for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
I'd have to say lip products, not a fan of eye products. I mean who doesn't love having super soft lips?
6. Which one person would you choose as your make up/style inspiration?
I don't have one, I just kind of go with the flow of things & just be me.
7. Stranded on a desert island, which make up product, man and other item would you choose to have with you?
Nail varnish, without a doubt! I'd have to say Alan Carr, we all need comedy in our life! Food? Surely that classes as an item.
8. Favourite food?
I actually don't have a favourite food.
9. Favourite thing to do on a sunny day?
Just lay out in it, shaded at the same time with music on or reading a book/magazine.
10. If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
To be able to speed up time. So when your going through a bad stage in your life you could just whizz straight through it.
So now it's time for my nominees. But we have a slight problem. I don't actually have 10 to nominate so I'm just going to nominate 4 bloggers who's blogs I really enjoy reading. To be honest they all deserve the award so I'm just going to spread the love & award their way.
Rachael over at Rachael-Victoria.
Michaela over at Michaela Maria.
Sinead over at Dreaming Again.
Natasha over at A design rookie.
My questions for you girls are..
1. What made you start blogging?
2. When did you start blogging?
3. Which style of posts do you enjoy most?
4.What is your guilty pleasure?
5. If you could go to the past or into the future which would it be & why?
6. What is your favourite song right now?
7. Who is your biggest inspiration?
8. If you could be anyone for the day who would you be?
9. Do you have any goals at the minute?
10. Do you watch any tv religiously?
Slightly random questions I know, but I'm not great at thinking of questions so they will do.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

My Driving Journey - Lesson 3 & 4

Saturday 6th July
Oh wasn't the weather nice & hot on Saturday!
I would like to massively thank whoever created air-conditioning.
Literally all of Saturday's lesson I was driving. Obviously I'm not driving from my house yet or back to it. It's only my third lesson, we can't run before we can walk. Always remember that guys, with whatever you are doing. Everything takes time to learn & master it. So my instructor drives me to our location for the lesson & then drives me back home once we have done. We went to the next village & I thought it would be fairly busy with it being a Saturday morning but it wasn't so all was good. We focused on turning left into side roads & at junctions. We also went on a few straight stretches of roads so I could practice going up into 2nd gear & then going back down into first ready to go round the corner. I was really pleased with how I got on. 
Tuesday 9th July
My lesson on Tuesday was an evening one, at half past seven. I'm trying to vary my lesson times so I can experience different traffic conditions. Luckily the temperature had dropped a bit by this point, but we still had the good old trusty air-con. We went back to the same village again, introducing & trying something new.. I was practising turning right into side roads & at junctions. Oooh it's getting exciting! I'm loving it!
For all of you out there who are considering learning to drive but are scared. Get the right instructor for you & give it a go. I'm seriously not looking back at all.
During the lesson we actually came across a few cars, cyclists & pedestrians to deal with by making judgement of whether we could make it across the road in time, if they were going to be coming onto the road. I feel I've made a little achievement too, up until this lesson I hadn't stalled the car. Which is typical because I was only saying to my mum in the morning that I hadn't stalled yet. I clearly spoke too soon. But like my instructor said at least I've experienced it & now know how to correct it. It wouldn't be great stalling on your test & then not knowing how to control & correct it. I felt my lesson went super duper & I'm always on a high once I've finished. It's scary to think I could be driving around in my own little car at some point but it's also extremely exciting!
Are you learning to drive?
If so let me know in the comments below I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

My Driving Journey - Lessons 1 & 2

So since last Saturday was my first ever official driving lesson & then I had another one on Tuesday. I decided it would be a good idea to share my journey/experience with you guys & to keep a diary for myself. After these lessons went well I decided I would create a post containing some tips & advice on how I started learning to drive whilst experiencing mental health difficulties. That post can be found here.
I have had very good feedback from that post,
so thank you for reading it, sending me comments & tweets.
Let's start with my first driving lesson. Firstly I shall tell you what made me get in touch with my driving instructor. My godmother's mum isn't very well at the minute & they were saying how she had never had a job that got her brain going or never learnt to drive. I thought "oh no, I really need to do something with my mind at the minute". So that is the honest reason as of why I have started taking driving lessons. I could of quite easily of exchanged emails with the lady who is now my instructor & said "oh I'll get back to you on it". But instead she told me a time slot she had available & I thought "let's go for it, what have I got to loose?"
A short story behind me also missing the Michael Buble concert that was included in my 30 day snap challenge. I decided with anxiety & all more than likely going to be absolutely up in the air the night of the concert & the following morning (when I had actually booked my driving lesson for). I didn't know about the concert before I had booked the lesson. So instead of getting myself stressed the night before & going to the concert I decided to give my ticket up to my mum's friend. Most people will read this & be like, why would you be stressed going to a concert? Because I'm slightly crackers that is why. I did get a little phone call from my mum when he was singing I Just Haven't Met You Yet & he was so true, he really hasn't met me yet. So instead on Friday night (Michael Buble concert night) I decided to just stay at home, have a shower, paint my nails & just chill.. Sorry about that Michael.
Saturday 29th June 2013
The morning of my first ever driving lesson had arrived. Surprisingly I wasn't panicked, I remained quite calm actually. This was the first time I had ever met this woman & I had no idea what she would be like. Basically your first lesson you are probably getting in the car with a total stranger, that should be quite a scary thought actually. Luckily for me I wasn't scared at all she is so lovely & very understanding with my current situation. I had no idea what so ever on what to actually do when she arrived. Since I have never experienced this situation. Should I stay inside & wait until she comes to knock on the door? Should I go outside when she pulls up? Should I go & wait outside for her? I genuinely didn't have a clue. Luckily my mum was at home & was outside watering her flowers so I stood & chatted to her until my instructor appeared, pulled up, stopped & started smiling & waving. Then I knew I should just go across & hop on in the passenger seat. Off we went then to our local old sports centre car park. It was a bit busier than we both had originally expected, must have been some event going on. Nevermind though, we continued with the lesson absolutely fine. Most of the lesson was just talking, she was questioning me on what I already knew & then she was filling in the blanks of stuff I had no idea about. The last 5/10 minutes of my driving lesson saw me doing a little bit of driving, just to get used to the cars movement,the steering & controls. So there we were driving round this car park at 5mph..
Tuesday 2nd July 2013
My second driving lesson had arrived, today it was at 2pm. I had a lot more time to think about it, which did get me in more of a state. Having a panic attack ten minutes before she arrived, oh the joys! I honestly did keep thinking almost from the moment I woke up, "I think I'll cancel my lesson today". All because I knew I would be thinking & worrying about it all day. Obviously I didn't cancel it & I don't plan on cancelling any, unless I absolutely have to. This lesson took us to the next village to practice junctions. During any lesson there is going to be the talking through bits & I actually love them, it feeds you with so much information. It is really exciting. So for the majority of the lesson I was driving, wooohoo! Not at high speed but it is a start..
My next lesson is tomorrow (Saturday 6th July 2013) so I will be sure to keep you all updated, maybe two lessons at a time.
Are you learning to drive
or just have any words of wisdom you would like to
share on driving & learning to drive?
Leave them in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Learning to drive..while experiencing mental health difficulties

Well it feels slightly weird actually having to type a post title that isn't 30 Day Snap Challenge - Day....
If you have checked out my 30 Day Snap Challenge posts, towards the end you will have seen that I have started driving lessons. Ooohh, how exciting!
I thought I would blog about this subject as obviously I'm currently experiencing it.
I have always thought "oh I'm not really that bothered about driving" but then other times I'm like "oh I really wish I could drive right now." Unfortunately the ability to drive with a full licence doesn't quite happen overnight, oh what a shame!
So after saving I have decided to take the chance & just give it a go.
As my good friend Ally once told me, "feel the fear & do it anyway"..
Ever since she told me that quote it has stuck in my head.
Since suffering with anxiety & panic attacks it makes the whole experience kind of even more scary. For those of you who haven't experienced anxiety, it can become a problem & effect your every day life. Things that used to be simple, such as catching the bus can be a big struggle..doing the weekly shop can trigger a panic attack & sometimes it can stop you from leaving the house (your comfort zone, where you feel safe).. Admittedly I am struggling abit to leave the house at the minute, even more so since my mum is off work after a couple of operations.
 So I thought what would be a good way to actually get out the house a little bit at a time & learn a new skill..the idea of driving lessons appeared.
So I thought I would share some of my tips on starting to learn to drive while at the same time struggling with your mental health. I'm also going to be blogging about my progress over time too.
Tips on starting/wanting/learning to drive
- Ask around for recommendations -
Sometimes getting peoples opinions on instructors is the best place to start. 
Obviously sometimes there might be a mix of opinions.
- Search online / do your research -
Once you have been given a handful of recommendations my next piece of advice is to do your research by searching online. Using simply a search engine such as Google or ask Jeeves. Most driving schools do have websites now & some also have a section with previous learner drivers feedback. You could also use an online directory such as Basically all you'd have to do is just search driving schools in your area. Simple as that.
- Pick a few & get in touch -
After you've researched your recommended instructors/driving schools you will have probably been able to narrow the selection down. So the next thing to do is get in touch with your possible future instructor. If you don't enjoy speaking on the phone or aren't comfortable with that, that's absolutely fine. Most people do have an email address that you can contact them on that. You could just basically start by asking a few basic questions. Such as making sure they do still cover your area, how much the lessons cost, whatever you fancy really. I felt the need to be honest with the instructors I was emailing & thought if I was honest it would just put me at ease. I basically just stated that I suffer with anxiety & panic attacks. I emailed a few instructors the same thing. I emailed two males & two females. The male instructors response was abit like "well I'd recommend you wait until you are fully better"..Let's be honest we could be waiting a while & why should we be sectioned out?
Luckily both the lady instructors were lovely & completely understood. I also asked if I felt at anytime during the lesson would I be able to stop & go home, still pay for the lesson of course. The chances of this happening are very slim but atleast I know if this situation occurs then I know I will be okay. That was absolutely fine.
Next thing is to make up your mind..
- Making your mind up & taking the first step -
So now you've had abit of communication with the instructors you will probably have an idea as of which instructor you are going to begin your driving lessons with. All that is left to do is book your first lesson & your one step closer to gaining that driving licence & the freedom that comes with it. You can just book one lesson & see how it goes. It might not be the right time for you. Remember to try & book a time when your most alert & still going to be calm about it.
- First lesson is booked, I'm a mix of emotions -
Now your very first driving lesson is booked & your a mix of emotions. This is completely normal, suffering with your mental health or will still feel nervous, anxious, excited, scared about your first lesson. The feelings & thoughts might get so bad that you just want to just cancel the lesson, trust me..don't cancel it, you might regret it. The build up to something is always so much worse than the actual situation. The first driving lesson is more talking through the car & it's controls. You do very little driving so don't worry about it. The first lesson is pretty chilled.
- Help, I enjoyed the lesson but just didn't get along with the instructor -
We aren't all going to get along with everyone, that is just part of life. Atleast with driving lessons if you don't like the instructor you do have the choice to change & get a new one. Luckily for me, I haven't had to change. I've got lucky first time, my instructor is so lovely, understanding & seriously can't praise her enough. If you feel you enjoyed the lesson but aren't too sure about the instructor you can either..not book anymore lessons with that instructor & find a new one or stick it out abit longer & see if the instructor grows on you. Whatever you feel is best for you.
Do you have any tips or advice to share?
Feel free to leave them in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥