Attending a concert? anxiety + concerts, my top tips!

This week I went to a concert...Olly Murs's, Never Been Better Tour. I had a mixture of emotions on the day, I was super excited but super nervous too. Anxiety levels were pretty high but I think that was also a mix of mother nature on her way, too much info? Nooo, it's a natural thing.

I used to shy away from events but I didn't really feel any better for it, I was just feeding anxiety. Feeding it only made it grow bigger and stronger. But over the past years now I've managed to get a better understanding of anxiety as a whole, get it under control and I'm able to get an even balance, a healthy balance of anxiety. I prefer concerts outdoors more than I do indoor concerts but in this weather I'm all up for an indoor concert. So this time round it was time for me to try and attend a indoor concert. Last time I went to this arena was in 2010 (I think) so 5 years ago now, anxiety was at its early unknown stage then. In all honesty the build up, concert and way home was an absolute blur. A few days before and the day of the concert I had been making a list in my head of what I'd do to manage this concert and I'm now going to share them with you, hopefully it will help atleast one person...if it does, then well that's a job well done!

Relax, take it easy and prepare...
I know for one if I'm running late and start rushing around I get in a flap and panic, that is not cool and that isn't what you want on the night of a concert. So I'd definitely recommend taking it easy and prepare yourself, maybe the night before or even the morning of. When I say prepare I mean like pick out your outfit ready (I admittedly sometimes do this and still change my mind but atleast it gives you a rough idea), get your bag ready that you're taking with you, make sure your camera is fully charged and has a SD card in it (nothing more gutting than going to take a photo then realizing you have no memory), make sure your phone is fully charged too and make sure you know what is happening on the night. Structure and planning is key to little stress and anxiety. I did also take a few of my little bits and bobs that I have in my handbag every day but I'm considering doing a different post on that so I'll not explain that now.

Sounds obvious? We are always breathing, that's how we are still alive but I mean focus on your breathing. If you feel yourself starting to panic just breathe, focus on your breathing. Ok, that was pretty simple...just breathe. Inhale and exhale, really focus on correcting your breathing.

Stay in the moment...
When panic kicks in what is your automatic response? run? run for the nearest exit? yes, I've been there. Luckily now I've managed to train my brain to not run for the nearest exit, I managed to train myself before that every time I felt a slight hint of panic or anxiety that I had to go home but now I've managed to alter that and I stay in the moment. I know it is easier said than done but honestly stay in the moment, look around you, focus on the little things.

Accept the feelings, don't run from them...
Tell yourself it is ok to feel anxious, you might even mix the feeling of anxiety with the feeling of excitement but whatever you feel know that it is ok to feel that way. Allowing the feelings to be there gives it less power and it will gradually ease off and you'll forget about them.

If you can feel your mind running away with itself then try to focus on something else. Pay attention to how many screens there is, try to guess where the act will appear from, make small talk with whoever you're sat with and focus on that conversation. Have a little drink, focus on that drink. Have something to eat, focus on the taste, the texture, the smell.


  1. Good tips for anyone who has trouble in crowds! (: I try to ground myself as much as possible, through touching things and thinking about facts--I'm breathing in air, my hair is brown, my eyes are brown, my skin is olive, etc. Facts really help! Thanks for sharing!

    1. yes, they are very good tips too :) xxx

  2. I did also take a few of my little bits and bobs that I have in my handbag every day but I'm considering doing a different post on that so I'll not explain that now. herbal

  3. Hi Anna!
    I'm a student at Emerson College and I'm working on a project about anxiety in concerts. I was wondering if you'd talk a bit about your experience and answer a few questions.

    Thank you!