Hey, let's talk about....holidays are coming

You've probably guessed already by the name of this post what the post is about.
It's all going to be about the build up to Christmas but with abit of a twist. One of the first things I think of has to be the Coca Cola advert. Surely I'm not the only one, am I? I'm actually not too sure what Coca Cola has to do with Christmas, if you do know please let me know. I've decided instead of adding a photo to my post today, I'd find a video instead. Watch the video & you tell me you don't feel in the Christmas mood..
Cos, holidays are coming. I thought I'd ask you what reminds you of the run up to Christmas? I did start to think of a few ideas but they just seemed really obvious, you know like Christmas songs playing in shops...well really, are we going to experience that in the middle of July?
One other thing I could think of was the sneaky huge amount of chocolate that creeps into our homes & into the shops too. 
So what reminds you of the run up to Christmas?
I'd love to hear from you to see what reminds you of the build up.
I hope you get involved & thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

My Driving Journey - Lesson 41 & 42

I feel like a broken record saying this repeatedly but I genuinely can't believe how far I have come. Yeah, I've had my doubts but who doesn't ay? I've started to just accept the doubts now a little instead of letting them control me. Just let them be there, not fighting them..that might only make them stronger.
I'll get cracking with the rundown of my lessons this week then. I hadn't had a lesson since obviously the one I blogged about before because my instructor was ill so it had been like over a week since my last one. I'd just like to put it out there that it was hard to get back in the car.
Thursday 21st November
This mornings lesson was really difficult to just get on with at the start. At the start when we was sat in the car before setting off Sharon was discussing with me about my mums car (I had mentioned we was considering insuring me on her car so I could practice more) & a sudden strong sick feeling came over me. Usually that would end with me saying I've got to get out & go back home but not today, I thought to myself 'no, I'm going to get on with this lesson' & I did..Anna 1 - 0 Anxiety! So I managed to get on with my lesson, we headed towards my local town. On our way there we took a detour & went on to an estate where I got to practice doing a 3 point turn. Basically I managed it in 5, cars were waiting each side so I felt all eyes were on me..in actual fact, they probably wasn't. After this one we headed to the other side of town & I got to practice another 3 point turn...I managed it in 3, high five anyone? I get excited when I do it correct & I actually go yayyy...Sharon must think I'm slightly crackers! Next thing I got to practice a couple of times was parallel park, I'm starting to debate if this is my least favourite manoeuvre. Finally we ended the lesson in the car park where I had my first ever lesson & got to practice parking. They both went fairly well to say I couldn't really see the markings very well because of wet leaves everywhere!
Friday 22nd November
There isn't actually an awful lot to say about todays lesson but knowing me I'm sure it'll turn into a longggg paragraph. So we headed over to the next town where the test centre is, sometimes the test route can be out of town so I got to drive to a village out of town. I literally only had time to drive, no time to stop for manoeuvres. I have now booked two ninety minute lessons for a couple of weeks so I can have lots of time to go over & practice out of town. Not too sure how I feel about ninety minute lessons yet, I'm sure they will fly just as fast. I learnt one fault I have been making today too, when I'm on a roundabout I check my mirrors, signal & then don't move straight away..I'm a little bit delayed. But atleast now I know that is what I'm doing wrong, I can only improve.
Righty oh, so that is my update for this week..well my update from last week, you know what I mean.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Sit Down Sunday - 24th November 2013

Good afternoon you lovely bunch!
It's that time of week again, Sunday is upon us.
The weekend is almost officially over but nevermind that, how about we focus on our week. How it has taken place & what have been the highlights..
Isn't Mr Pudding such a handsome dog
- dog walks in the woods
- being possibly given another chance
- a quality street tub appearing in our house
- receiving cards in the post
- doodling away
- Michael Buble Christmas
- having a much needed phone call with Ally
- chatting with some of the lovely bloggers
What have been the highlights of your week?
If your week hasn't been a very good one, I hope next week is better.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥
p.s. I couldn't decide between the two photos & just had to share this one too.
oh hey there little guy

different person,different journey....

 We are all guilty of comparing our own lives to others. I'd love to know if someone actually doesn't, well maybe they used to but have changed their way or realised it doesn't get you anywhere. I think we all forget though that nobody has a situation that is the same as someone elses. I hate when people make remarks about people when they don't actually know their situation at all.
Image found on weheartit

I do think a lot of people don't think before they make the remarks they make, maybe they do it out of anger. I'm not too sure but I thought I'd just list a few random remarks that I've heard that annoy me. They aren't actually direct word for word remarks but I'm sure you will get the idea.

'we can't all go to our parents for money'
...no we can't all go to our parents for money but really should those of us who have parents that do help out feel guilty about it? No, I don't think they should at all. Everybodys family situation is different.
'why don't you just get a job'
well 1) it isn't as easy as just getting a job, you don't pop to the shop to get a job like you would a pint of milk or a paper. 2) the employer might not want you as an employee, sometimes it happens & there is nothing you can do about it. 3) somebody might have more experience or qualifications than you, nothing can be done about that either. 4) the employer might not feel they connect to you as a person. 5) there might not be any jobs even available. 6) the person you're saying the remark to might not be able to currently handle it.
'just get on with it'
I know a lot of people who experience mental health difficulties will probably have heard this remark, is it really as simple as just getting on with it? I don't think so. But the person making the remark wont know that at all, unless they themselves experience it. Would you tell someone with a broken leg to just get on with it & go skiing? No, I highly doubt you would.  
Ok, so I'm just going to leave it at those 3 remarks. Those are the main ones that are currently winding me up really. The whole point of this post was to just let people know that whatever their situation, it is ok. If it isn't great then hopefully it will get easier & improve. You shouldn't be made to feel little at all by people making remarks about your situation when they have no clue what your situation is. So maybe before you make a remark to someone think before you speak. Take a second & just think how the remark will affect the person you are talking to.
Well that's a relief to get that all off my chest, exactly what my blog is all about. I shall waffle away as much as I want. Hopefully some of you will have enjoyed it & related to it too. Whatever your situation remember it is a journey that will make you stronger & be worth it.
How do you feel about these remarks?
Have you heard any remarks that drive you potty?
Please let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

a few little blog related updates..

I thought I would create a little post & let you know of the changes that have been happening around here....

Image found on weheartit.. I hate uploading posts without an image so this little one speaks for itself.
a name change
Firstly I have changed my name of my blog, well I changed it a few weeks ago actually from awaywiththefairies321.blogspot.co.uk (some of my pictures still have this URL on them, I don't know how to remove them now) to awholelotofchittychat.blogspot.co.uk, I do feel a lot better about this decision to switch names. I didn't feel the name suited really so there we have it....a name change & along with a new name change comes....
a new design
I've gone for a more simple design, quite literally because the design is actually called simple (I think).. I really did love the old design so much but I just felt like it was just soooo much colour going on so back to basics. Obviously a brand new header too, it had to match the new blog name.

a twitter account
I have now changed my twitter account to awholelotof_ (just click on the name & you will head straight there). So feel free to give me a follow & you'll keep up to date. Of course only if you want to, I won't be forcing nobody. I started blogging for myself so I will quite happily still blog away if nobody is reading.

bloglovin' & a google follower gadget
I've updated the little bloglovin' gadget so it is linked to this blog now, since I did a name change. I've also added a little gadget along the side where you can follow my blog via your google account too.

Thanks for reading & supporting me too.
- Anna ♥

Hey, let's talk about....Christmas Shopping

We've made it half way through the week so far, well the Monday to Friday week anyway. Which in my little a whole lot of chitty chat world means it's time for Hey, let's talk about.... So this week I've decided to stay along the lines of last week which was Christmas but this week I'm going to share with you my top 3 tips for....

Christmas Shopping

Image found on weheartit

 - Be Organised -

It's so easy to not be organised & end up mad rushing around for presents & ending up putting none or very little thought into it. I have a little notebook which I've started writing in every year, a list of presents that I have bought. Not only does it help me stay organised it also prevents the mistake of buying the same or a similar present as a previous year.

- Shop Around -

If you go along with the first tip of being organised then you probably will actually have a lot more time to prepare & get presents, also meaning you will have more time to shop around. Whether you actually shop around different stores on the highstreet or head online, chances are you will save a heck of a lot of money.

- Find Offers -

This one will also save you some money, look out for offers such as 3 for 2 or even free delivery. But also don't just go with an offer because you think you will be saving a lot if you don't actually need the amount of items in the offer. Some offers might be buy 2 for so much & so many of us will probably buy the 2nd because we are saving money but don't buy it if you don't need 2. Save the money & use it towards something else.

So there you have it, my top 3 tips for Christmas Shopping. It's all about being prepared, shopping around & saving money. I hope you enjoyed reading them & maybe you might even use some of the tips yourself.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

My Driving Journey - Lesson 40

Ooooh 40 lessons complete..WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
I am seriously in shock, I never thought I would be able to learn to drive at all. But look at me go, go, gooooooo!!!
''Don't stop me nowwww, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball....''
I love just bursting into song..I'm gonna get going now though with the run down of my lesson this week.

Tuesday 12th November
I thought today would be a manoeuvres kind of lesson, but no, no, no...it was a mock test kind of lesson. Maybe it was because I passed my theory test, who knows? But this mock test was my best mock test so far, yes I have only done three. But that is three more than some people have done & I literally got three minors too. 1) I hesitated a little at a junction. 2) I could of parked a little closer to the kerb on a parallel park. 3) At a set of traffic lights when it had a separate arrow for one lane, it wasn't lit but the main light was. I didn't go because I was unsure, now I look back I think,what? why did I not go? But now I know, that is exactly what mistakes are made for....to learn from them.

I seriously can't believe how close I am to being able to take my driving test!
Thanks for reading & coming along my journey with me.
- Anna ♥

Sit Down Sunday - 17th November 2013

can only mean one thing in my little blogging space...it's time for Sit Down Sunday.
Okay, I had planned to do these posts on a Sunday morning but sometimes things just don't work out as planned & actually it has worked out better doing it now. So these posts can appear anytime during Sunday, woohoo! Gotta love a little bit of variety right?
Image found on weheartit
I'll explain my picture choice first, 1) I don't like blogging without a picture being involved. 2) I think it's a pretty positive quote & one that I feel I have been following a lot recently. Especially on Monday when I had my driving theory test which was around a 30 minute journey to the location, I used to be like 'no, I can't go' but now I've changed my attitude to a more positive one. So when you feel you can't do something don't forget to....get up, dress up, show up & never give up!
Let's get down to business shall we? & list everything that has been good over the past week since last Sunday..
- passing my theory test first time
- primark
- little mix's new album, salute
- my best mock driving test so far
- helpful & supportive friends
- fresh air
- getting cosy super early
- wooly hats
- christmas songs
What has been good about your week?
I'd love to know.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

learning to drive....the theory side of it

Since passing my driving theory test on Monday I thought why not share my tips on revising & preparing for the theory test & the day of the test itself. Some of them are fairly obvious but sometimes the most obvious ones we ignore & don't actually do. Obviously they won't guarantee you will pass first time, nobody can guarantee that..sorry about that.
my revision materials
- Get your materials -
First things first, to actually revise you'll need something to revise. It could be books, CDs for using on the computer, DVDs, apps or you can even use various websites online. I used a mix between books, CDs & I bought an AA app for my ipad too, for the basic reason of I didn't want to get bored by just one thing.
- Block the outside world out -
Move away from your phone, put the ipad down (unless you are using it of course) , log off twitter & facebook.. You really need to have all your focus on your revision. How would you expect to learn when you have all the other distractions.
- Don't force yourself -
If you really aren't feeling in the right mind set to revise, simply don't. It isn't great missing out on revising opportunities but it isn't a good idea to just sit & revise when nothing isn't going to actually sink in. Just a waste of your time & effort.
- Don't brainwash yourself - 
This is one thing I knew I wouldn't do, I actually wanted to learn what I was studying. Not just learn to memorize the questions & answers. I practiced doing the mock tests maximum of twice a day & never did it straight after the other one either. I'd do one in the morning & then one later on in the afternoon or at night.
- Don't revise for too long -
I used to think oh the more I revise the more I'll learn, it turns out that's wrong apparently. After so long of revising your brain just looses interest.
My instructor told me that if you study for 1 hour, you will only actually remember around 20 minutes of it. So instead of doing it continuously just take a break & do it little by little. 
- Only book a date for when you know you will be ready -
Instead of thinking yeah, I'll book it next week & just cram in everything all day until then. Chances are it might not work like that.
Be realistic & book a month or so in advance & work towards that. You can change your date closer to the time, as long as it is 3 working days before your test. Otherwise you might loose your fee.
- Book a time when is best for you -
If you get really nervous & would rather get it out the way as soon as you can then get an early morning one, but I would also bare in mind if you get an early morning when your nerves might get the better of you. I decided to go for a middle of the afternoon one, yes I had nerves but luckily I managed to control them.
- Keep to your normal routine -
I'm not going to claim this is my tip because it isn't, my friend Adele actually told me this piece of advice but I thought I would share it with you. The worst thing you can do is just sit around all day thinking about it. The more you focus on your nerves the stronger they will become.
Well there is my longgggg list of tips & pieces of advice for you.
Maybe you would like to check out my post about learning to drive while experiencing mental health difficulties. You can find that by clicking here.
I really hope it can help someone, even just one person. So many people in this world feel alone & they don't need to.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Hey, let's talk about....CHRISTMASSSSSSS!

ok, maybe not just yet but I couldn't resist.
Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas?
 Let alone be writing a post about Christmas..
Everyone will have their own opinion on the subject. What is yours?
Christmas Day will be upon us in 42 days, well according to my Norton search anyway. All the shops are now filled with Christmas decorations, cards, wrapping paper, presents & food. I've even heard a few Christmas songs playing too.
I absolutely love Christmas, just the whole feel of it. Anybody else still wake up super early? I certainly do, 21 or not..I will be up early excited to open presents & spend the day with my family. I love when it snows, the snow just makes everything so much more beautiful. It's a really good time of year to spend with your family & friends playing board games. The cold weather & dark nights are great excuses to get straight in to your comfy jim jams or onesie, super early & get curled up & not move for the majority of the day. The Christmas songs being played, the movies all being played on tv too.
But one thing I have noticed recently in shops is, Christmas decorations are no longer traditional. Anybody else noticed this? Maybe you like it, I really don't. Christmas should be your greens, reds & golds.
Wilkinsons is the only store I have been in & seen Christmas decorations & actually taken any notice. They have got a woodland creatures section, I mean really...since when do you have an owl on top of the tree? In my opinion its either a fairy or a star. They also have like a glitzy section, I mean really...since when have black feathered wreathes been Christmassy?
What are your opinions on Christmas?
& the new updated decorations?
Let me know, I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

My Driving Journey - Lesson 38 & 39

Tuesday 5th November
Today I learnt that driving really does keep the mind busy. I had my second interview today straight after my driving lesson, I know full well if I didn't have my driving lesson I would be a real mess with nerves. Luckily the driving lesson completely distracted me. During my lesson I got to practice a parallel park, a reverse round a corner, a 3 point turn & finished off by bay parking.
Thursday 7th November
So today we ended up driving across to the next town & got to practice different types of junctions, traffic lights & roundabouts. Just really practicing different road situations too. I found out today that at the beginning of the week a lady who suffers with her nerves past her test first time, yayyy! I really love a happy story & it just proves that people suffering with various things can achieve things!
Oooohhh & I also have some exciting news too!
This is why I'm posting this late, today I had my theory test & ready for it....
first time, woo hoo!!!!
Genuinely can't believe it but I'm so proud of myself.
I really love being able to share my journey with you, my friends.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Sit Down Sunday - 10th November 2013

Hello there,
it's that time of week again. It's SUNDAYYYYY!
I hope you've all had a good week
& if not, I hope next week will be a better week for you..
If you are new here you might not know what Sit Down Sunday is but click here & you'll find out all about it. I've just realised this feature was introduced a month ago now. WOW, that month has flown by.

This photo pretty much speaks for itself, it really is the little things. When I received this text I couldn't help but smile, so thank you Joe you little sweetie.
Other things that have made my week are..
- being part of such a supportive community
- last nights x factor, brilliant!
- positive feedback
- Christmas shopping
- bubble baths
- cosy nights in
- hollyoaks
- chunky knit hats to hide bad hair days
- being surrounded by understanding people
- driving theory cds
What has made your week this week?
Let me know in the comments.
I love hearing from you.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


I keep thinking to myself how far I've come recently & it always manages to make me smile. When I'm having a really poopy day I remember it is just that & better days are coming. Some of the things I've achieved are so big to me but will be so little to others. That doesn't mean they aren't achievements or any less important. I'm sure we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others, what if we just stopped doing that & actually recognised our achievements & how far we have come over the past week, past month, past year. Will you join me?
Image found on weheartit
Since I now feel friendships building with some of you lovely people, I really would love you to get involved with me & recognise your achievements. I'd love for you to share them with me too. Maybe you'll leave a comment below, maybe you'll send me a tweet, maybe you'll send me an email or maybe you'll even create your own little blog post about it..whatever you do, please share them with me. Instead of comparing ourselves to others or each other we can all celebrate our own achievements together.
I'll get started with listing mine then..
- learning to drive -
I genuinely can't believe I'm actually managing to do this, at the start of the year if you had asked me if I was going to learn I'd be like no, not really bothered. I wasn't lying either but now I am so glad that I am learning, it really is such a great achievement & I really do enjoy it. Even when I have a bad lesson I just brush it off & do my best the next lesson.
- attending two interviews -
This achievement is really recent, as in the past two months. A job vacancy came up & it sounded like my ideal job so of course I had to apply for it. I managed to get an interview the very same day, how amazing is that? Then a few weeks later I got a second one, I'd been one of their top three. Both of them were pretty informal but still the word interview is enough to make some of us nervous.
- speaking openly to a stranger about my anxiety -
Relating back to the job interviews, I thought you know what, anxiety plays such a big part in my life right now so I'm just going to be honest with them. I was completely honest with them, they were absolutely lovely & understanding. It clearly didn't scare them since I got a second interview. Unfortunately I didn't get the job, I lost out to a lady with more experience. I'm not going to let it get me down though because the man who interviewed me called to let me know & said there is nothing negative to come out of this at all, other than I haven't got this job. He said they really liked me as a person, so anxiety in tow...I must be a nice person.
- managing to be out of the house -
Some will read this & be like, big wow..to me yes it is. Sometimes you can get so absorbed in your comfort zone that you don't want to leave it. That used to happen to me an awful lot, especially when I was looking after my mum after her operation. But now I push myself a lot more, like today I have managed to help my parents out at their shop all day. Usually my mind tells me, no you can't cope..you need to go home...now! That is usually within 10 minutes of being somewhere too. But for the past week now I have managed & questioned the thought in my head.
So they are my recentish achievements, now it's your turn.
Of course only if you want to share, I'm not going to gang up on you or anything.
If you do want to share them with me, please get in touch with me & tell me all about them.
Achievements are such a good thing to share around & knowing other people are also achieving things, big & small makes me all smiley.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Hey, let's talk about....manners

What are manners?
Do you know what manners are?
I'm certain a lot of people don't have a clue.
This post has come about when the other day I was in my local town doing a little bit of shopping. I went into a photo shop to get a photo printed off. When the lady served me she asked if I needed a frame to go with my photo & I responded with "no thank you, we already have one sorted".. I wasn't expecting what came next at all, the lady actually was shocked at my manners because she said not many people use them. Really when I think about it, she is right.
I've also seen a few tweets recently regarding manners too.
Image found on weheartit
It really irritates me when people don't use manners. It really isn't hard to use them.
You know when someone holds the door for you, just say thank you.
If you're grateful for something someone has done, just say thank you.
When you get off the bus, just thank the bus driver...yes it is their job but still it's nice to let people know we appreciate what they are doing. If it wasn't for that bus driver you might of had to walk your journey.
When you've been to the doctors, on your way out just thank them.
When you want somebody to help you, just say please.
If you want someone to pass you something, just say please.
If you want somebody to stop doing something that is irritating you, just say please.
Just use manners whenever & wherever you can.
Using manners is just a lovely way to be if you ask me. Manners cost absolutely nothing. We all know what they are, but I think a few of us don't know how to use them or just basically choose not to.
Image found on weheartit
What are your opinions on manners?
I'd love to hear what you've got to say.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

My Driving Journey - Lesson 36 & 37

Tuesday 29th November
My lesson today was an exciting one because I got to choose what we was going to do, oooh exciting! hehe.. So I chose to do manoeuvres, okay well Sharon suggested a few things & I picked manoeuvres. I got to practice a hill start on one estate & then headed across to an estate near by & got to practice a reverse around a bend. Well I'd like to say third time lucky for my attempt but it wasn't third, it was more like fourth....I got it a lot better the fourth time, practice really does help. After this I got to practice doing a parallel park & then headed back home.
Thursday 31st November
Anxiety was high this morning, don't know why but I suppose we just have to feel the fear & do it anyway.. Over to the next town we went, with a really strong nausea feeling in tow...what would we be doing today? Oh yeah, that's right..a mock test. To say how sick I felt I actually did pretty well, I only managed to get a few minors this time. They were really little things too, you really need to keep alert & make sure it is obvious that your aware of what is happening too. Nothing else to share about this lesson so I'll just leave it at that.

 Well it is safe to say that these lessons fly by now, it is crazy!
I sound like a broken record every time I say that I can't believe how far I have come. I genuinely never thought this would happen to me. Just think how close I am to getting a full licence. If you knew me before I started I now feel like I am a changed person.
Are you still yet to learn to drive & are considering it more now?
Please do let me know, I genuinely love hearing from you.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥ 

Sit Down Sunday - 3rd November 2013

Firstly I just want to actually give credit to Lisette Loves for the idea, I really like & enjoy reading her Thankful Thursday posts. So it is safe to say she inspired me to create this feature, thank you lovely! Go ahead & check out her blog too.
Secondly I'd like to recommend Rachael's new feature called Lots Of Lovely Little Things.. I absolutely love Rachael's blog over at A Mad Hatter's Tea Party, please do check out her blog.. I'm sure you wont be disappointed.

Image found on weheartit

Let's get started, shall we?

- going to a bonfire display & getting in as a child
- receiving a surprise card in the post
- my helpful friend Joe for getting Luke Britnell to follow me on twitter
- building friendships with a few of the blogging girls
- cosy tights

Well that's a pretty short & sweet list but it is all I can think of for this week.
Not every week will be a massive list.

What are you grateful for this week?
What have you enjoyed?

Be sure to leave me a comment & let me know.
I love hearing from you.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

Something to focus on, a purpose & a meaning....

That is exactly why I created a blog. It gives me something to focus on, a purpose & a meaning.I didn't start blogging to get readers at all, I just blogged for something to focus on....something that could be mine. When I felt very little purpose in my life, my little blog was born. Never did I think people would be interested in what I had to say / waffle on about.
I used to just blog randomly whenever I felt the need really. Now I have a little routine I like to stick to because then I have a little bit of organisation in my life. My routine is to blog on a Monday (my driving lesson journey), Wednesday (hey, let's talk about....), Friday (whatever I feel the need to talk about) & Sunday (sit down Sunday). So currently my blog is very close to my heart, it is my focus. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks like this & if you don't blog then you might not understand.
I know overtime I will probably have less time to blog but I shall deal with that when the time comes. Right now I just have to go with the flow of things, take every day as it comes. You know what, life is unexpected & it can quite easily change. Did I expect to spend more time at home at the age of 21, no. But what would life be like without a battle to fight? So every now & then I will obviously share whatever is going on in my life, in my mind because....

Image found on weheartit

Do you blog?
What made you start blogging?
Does you use your blog to tell your story?

I really love writing my blog & reading others too.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥