Inspirational reads, Katie Piper's books!

I don't fully remember when I first discovered Katie, I don't remember where I first heard about her but I now follow her on Twitter & Instagram to see what she's up to day to day (ok, maybe not day to day..I'm not online that much)...but that's what social media is for right? Keeping in the loop, being able to interact with people.

Every now and then when I decide to approach people to share my blog, to raise more awareness for mental health. Katie has always been one who I approach and she always retweets, thanks Katie! (saying that like she'll be reading this, never know)!

I use my blog to help others, to share things I love and Katie's books fall under both them titles. They can help you and you will love them (I know I do)!

Katie is known to most people as the girl who cruelly got acid thrown in her face. But Katie has gone on to prove she is a whole lot more than that. Not only is Katie a fighter, she is a down to earth woman. The attack hasn't stopped Katie from going on to live a full life, I can't even begin to imagine how tough that must be but look at that lady go! She is now a mother, soon to be a wife, founder of her own charity. Katie inspires me. If the world was filled with more Katies the world would be a much better place.

I remember reading Katie's first book, 'Beautiful'. It actually took me a good few weeks to pick up the book and read it (past the first few pages). I couldn't actually bring myself to read her story, the horrific details, the terrifying events but I'm so glad I decided to eventually read Katie's first book, I'm also very glad she decided to share her story and write books to help others.

During Katie's books I feel you can connect with her, relate to her, understand her, sympathize with her. Her life, her attitude, her story is without a doubt inspiring. Throughout her books you can really begin to understand Katie, to see exactly what she has been through. You discover the behind the scenes almost of Katie's journey. You hear all about the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the victories and the setbacks. Katie's books are honest, heartbreaking and heartwarming. I seriously recommend them all.

I'll give you a tiny bit of info on each book...

'Beautiful' is Katie's first book, telling her story. In the book she shares tales and the odd photos thrown in too. Life before the attack and a little after if I remember rightly.

'Things Get Better' is more of a self help book, to make people feel less alone and make us know there is support out there for us all and it is possible for us all to recover from whatever life throws at us.

'Start Your Day With Katie', every day of the year you can open this book up to a new quote. I don't use this as often as I should but it is definitely a must if you're a lover of quotes and positive thinking.

'Beautiful Ever After' is Katie's most recent book that I finished a couple of weeks ago now. Beautiful Ever After shows Katie share her story of life after the attack. The story of rebuilding her life and everything happening up to recently.

If you can't tell already I highly recommend Katie' books and I think she is an ordinary lady doing extremely incredible things. Keep going Katie, you rock! 

p.s. have you read any of her books? which do you like best? if you haven't read any yet, you should totally should check out her books and send her some love! X

the big 'A' reveal...

Pretty Little Liars has just shared with us all this seasons summer finale, finally after 131 episodes (fyi, I checked on Netflix whilst I was writing this) we finally know who 'A' is...

Image taken from the official Pretty Little Liars Instagram page

I've left it a good couple of days for this episode and reveal to sink in before I sat down to write about my thoughts and feelings towards the whole reveal, the whole episode (it made me cry a little, not the story behind A but the girls all parting and saying goodbye).

I'd had my own thoughts and theories running up to the big reveal and there was plenty flying around the internet too, but none prepared me for this episode and discovery.

After not knowing the identity of A for so long, I really wasn't ready to find out who was behind the character. I wasn't ready to put a face to the disturbed creature. In all honesty I wasn't sure I even wanted to know who A was. I was quite happy living in the unknown, being completely unaware of the person behind it. I had built so much of an expectation in my head that I didn't feel anyone could fill it.

Unfortunately I'm sad and disappointed to discover the identity of A. It wasn't who I'd expected it to be. I expected it to be someone who had played a big part in the whole six series, not just someone who had appeared a handful of times. Even though I had guessed Sara was a part of 'the A team', I'm still left questioning why? Why is she both red coat and the black widow? It doesn't make sense, is it even meant to make sense? What reason does Sara have to be a part of it?

I'm still convinced that CeCe isn't really A, maybe they just want us to think she is A...yeah, her story checks out but I'm still left questioning it. Surely there is more than just CeCe & Sara behind all this, I'm convinced there is!

Plus five years down the line who is 'he'? Who has come back for Ali? I'm not even going to try to guess, how about you?

Pretty Little Liars, my thoughts and theories...

I remember when Pretty Little Liars was first aired here in the UK, about 4 years ago on VIVA. It then got moved over onto MTV but soon it just disappeared. I was gutted, I love the excitement and edge that Pretty Little Liars has. The next few months/year was spent searching for episodes online.

Fast forward to my discovery of it now being on Netflix, YEESSSSSSSSSS!!!! I wasn't subscribed to Netflix before but once I knew about Pretty Little Liars being on there I just had to subscribe, no doubt about it.

MTV stopped showing Pretty Little Liars at the end of series 2 if I remember rightly so I had a lot of catching up to do. Luckily I've been caught up for a while now, after many marathons (I even created a post about watching it too much) and just have the weekly one to watch.

If you don't actually watch Pretty Little Liars maybe I should fill you in a little bit. Ally, I'm looking at you for not knowing about Pretty Little Liars...girl you are missing out! Pretty Little Liars is an American tv programme. Five high school friends, one goes missing, then found dead. But is she really dead? Is she really missing? The girls start to receive messages from an anonymous character A. I don't really know what else to say about it, that is pretty much it. More things happen over time but that is the basics of it and how the story started.

Everyone seems hooked on it, addicted. It is worth the hype surrounding it.

The summer finale is just around the corner, just over a week away! Finally after six whole series we are finally going to come fAcetoface with A! (click the link, I've linked the promo video). I mean, I'm not holding my breath on this one. Will we find out who A is? Will we not? Who knows.

In the meantime I've created a list...

The question on every viewers lips, Who is A? Does A stand for anonymous? Is it the first letter of the characters name? Or just the first letter of the alphabet?

Who is red coat? Up until red coat appearing on the scene, a red coat was just an outdoor item of it has a whole new creepy, spooky meaning.

Who is / who are the black hooded figure(s)?! There has got to be more than one person in this team. Oh my gosh, brain wave...what if it's all the parents?! Now, that would well and truly turn it around.

Who is Reece Matthews? Who is Clark? These two characters seem to have recently appeared but still seem to have a big part in 'A's game. They are certainly involved in some way, or so it seems.

Who is Sara? Was she actually in 'that place' for all them years? Is she part of the A team? I've got a funny feeling she hasn't been locked away in 'that place' for all them years, I've got a feeling she has some involvement with A. It's all a big game to A so I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case.

Is Maya (Emily's ex girlfriend) really dead? They think they found a body. They also thought they found Alison's body, look how that turned out.

Who on earth is Freddie in the home movie? He was in one of the recent home movies shown, the clip was meant to show us a look into 'Charle's' childhood years but instead I think it might have opened up more clues. Charles is Freddie? Freddie is Charles? Who knows?!

A is for Aria? I've seen this theory floating around the internet a little while, the only reason I can think people are even suggesting this is because her name begins with A? I don't know...what do you think?

Is Mrs DiLaurentis really dead? I'm not overly convinced on this one neither, especially since we thought Ali was dead for a few series too.

Where has Jenna, Paige, Melissa, Wren, Lucas, Noel, Ian...everyone who has ever appeared actually disappeared to? Even when characters get 'killed' off I'm not convinced, this is Pretty Little Liars...anything can happen!

What's happened to every single character ever? I'm convinced every character that was once part of the show is now in the A team...that way I must get it right? I mean it's got to be one of them, surely!

Maybe, the 'A team' is made up of all the girls ex boyfriends, ex flames, ex friends, their enemies...

Pretty Little Liars gets my head in a spin but I absolutely love it! 

What are your thoughts and theories? Share them with me please, I wanna know what you think! There is only one way for me to sign this post off...

- A

p.s. note to self, this is only a programme...don't get yourself too attached or involved...a little too late? ;)