What I learnt from Frozen...

I'm starting to realise that there is going to be really busy times in life, times were I just don't physically have the energy to blogging. When I used to blog a lot was the time when I very rarely left the house, now I'm hardly at home. Life changes & that's ok, just got to go with the flow. Part of me wants to apologise about it, but then another part of me is making me question why I'm sorry.

Let's get back up to speed on all things life related, I left my job. I'm now back working with my parents, I'm so grateful that they are letting me work with them again. Some people will be thinking "oh back working with mummy & daddy"..."easy money". No, just no! Working with family is so hard, like you wouldn't believe. I live with my parents & I work with my parents, no escaping. I'm so grateful for my little car & being able to have my freedom again.

Ok, I'm on my third paragraph & I've actually not mentioned what this post is going to be about. Today my post is going to be about Frozen, you know the movie..."let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore...let it go, let it go, turn away & slam the door..."

I've only just recently watched Frozen, first time was on Saturday & then I watched it with my mum last night. I might of also bought the soundtrack that goes in the car with me & then comes inside with me cos you never know when you might want to play it & have a sing along.

After watching Frozen I was thinking to myself all about the little lessons that are in the film to be learnt, so me being me thought "ooh, that'll make a pretty cool blog post"...yes I do occasionally refer to my blog posts as pretty cool, safe to say I'm pretty lame.

On to the lessons I took away from Frozen, the creators might not of meant for these lessons to be learnt from the film but I'm just going to share what I learnt.

Don't trust someone you've just met
Princess Anna 'falls in love' (more on that in the next point) with Prince Hans who she just met, he proposed to her on the same day & she said yes. In reality does that kind of thing happen? I'd like to think not but you never know. Later on in the film though she discovers he isn't as loyal & kind as he made out to be. In my opinion you can never fully trust someone you've just met but sometimes people are genuine but obviously we've always got to have our wits about us.
Don't go looking for love
Poor Anna had been in the castle for so long that once the gates opened she was hoping to find 'the one'. I'm a believer of love will find you. Maybe there is such a thing as love at first sight. Everybodys story is different. Unfortunately for Anna, 'the one' (Prince Hans) wasn't at all what she thought he would be. I'm not going to reveal what happens in the post because if you haven't watched Frozen it might spoil it for you.
If something is too good to be true, chances are it is
Again, I'm referring to the story & connection between Princess Anna & Prince Hans. I'm not going to say anymore because I don't want to ruin the film.
Love will find you, when you least expect it
Princess Anna went looking for love, but found it in an unusual place & situation.
Sometimes the one you're meant to be with is right under your nose
 Again, I'm referring to Princess Anna's story. Can you tell she is one of the main characters? Once again, I'm not revealing.
If you haven't watched Frozen yet, seriously I highly recommend it!
There we have it, the lessons I learnt from watching the movie Frozen. I'm now wanting to watch old Disney movies I watched when I was little, when you're little you don't realise the meaning behind the story really. Do you agree? I'm going to see what lessons I learn from them.
Have you watched Frozen? What is your opinion? Did you spot & learn any lessons?

A little Sunday chat with no actual meaning, oh why not!

I've not blogged since Monday, this week has been so busy. I don't know how I would of actually managed it if I had still been working, I really wouldn't. I'd be at work now, not recharging my batteries. After the weekend I've had I feel like I need to recharge them.

Friday was crammed with party prepping, getting my hair done, getting ready to party. My mum threw herself a party for her 60th, a little early cos she couldn't get booked in nearer to her birthday. I mean who doesn't love early birthday celebrations?! So Friday was filled with ridiculously high anxiety, constantly feeling sick all day long (yayyyy, we love that feeling!). In all honesty if it wasn't my mums party chances are I would of probably given it a miss but I didn't & I did enjoy myself, minus the sick feeling & then stomach pain. It was so good to be able to spend some time with people I don't often get to. One thing I wish I could change was to get more photos but I didn't, I didn't feel up to wandering round everyone taking photos. I also didn't want to really be in photos because I was beetroot red (the room was roasting!), but in the same breathe I absolutely did want to. I did get a few good photos (minus the redness or my awkward smile!). Another thing I wish I'd done was dance (I didn't dance, at all) but I just felt with half the room in darkness & the other in light it was abit too much. I didn't get in to bed until 5 to 1, I wasn't overly impressed about that part...I like to be tucked up in bed at a reasonable time & it appears my body does too.

Saturday, well Saturday was an extremely short day. I didn't get up til around 12 & I just nipped to town to get some food, came home, had a nice bath & washed my hair, then cooked myself some tea, got comfy & watched Frozen. The first time I've managed to watch Frozen all the way through & what a beautiful film it is.

Now were on Sunday, I'm sat at my fold away table next to my bedroom window occasionally enjoying the view outside but mainly just enjoying the natural daylight coming in & the smell of my Christmas Cookie candle. I'm just about to start another blog post too, surrounding Taylor Swifts new album.

I'm pretty gutted at the minute too cos I can't do my nails. On Thursday I booked my mum in to have her nails done for her party & then ended up having mine done too, to save me painting them the next day & smudging them. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful but it has only been a few days & I'm wanting to pick them off already (totally can't, I've tried)! But I will share with you the beauty of them.

They are absolutely gorgeous but I'm just clearly not a gel polish kind of girl. I've also just attempted to do a diy to share on here...that is currently a no go, I'm going to try my best to create another one. Inbetween wrapping Christmas presents & writing cards (yes, I'm that organised) atleast December can be filled with Christmas fun...no Christmas stressful shopping.
How are you all doing? & how have you spent your Sunday?

ok, so I kind of left my job...

Remember when just over a month ago I got a new job? Can it be classed as my first ever official job? I'm not too sure it can, I didn't sign a contract. Anyway, today I handed in my notice & left. Why am I blogging about this you might be thinking, well I'm blogging about it because blogging out my feelings is one of my ways how. I was so used to blogging just for myself whenever something was bothering me when I had no readers, but now I receive supportive comments which is fantastic.

How many of you out there are always looking for somebodys approval? For somebody to justify your reasoning behind something. How many of you are scared about people judging you? People misjudging you? People being mean? I'm without a doubt one of them people, I care far too much about other peoples opinions of me & quite frankly I really shouldn't give any flying monkey poos...I'm getting better at not giving a toot, it's a working progress.

Out of the people I'd spoken to about this 90% were completely supportive, backing me completely, telling me to put myself first & just to leave. No job is worth it, they were right. Then 10% weren't as supportive, they were more like 'a job is a job', 'can't you have a word with them?', 'just think of the money'. One thing I've learnt in life is there will always be someone who disagrees with your actions, but you just have to do what's best for you.

So over the past week or so I had been thinking even more about leaving. I just felt like it was all a little too much for me, not really a suitable workplace for me, I didn't feel I was really connecting with the other people, too much pressure. I'm not one of those people who finds it easy no, I'm a people pleaser which unfortunately doesn't always help matters. You ask me to do you a favour chances are I'd say yes, even if I was well & truly pooped!

The point that made me really realise it wasn't worth it anymore was when I was awake til around 2am one morning, getting myself in a state, worrying about the whole thing. It really isn't worth the upset. I know that now. I'd end up making myself poorly over Christmas & it just isn't worth it. Health is one of the most important things in life.

Welllll, that was a) an update & b) a memory to add to the blog for whenever I feel like reading back over old posts. But Anna, don't worry...better things will come your way, have faith! (Yes, I have just pretty much wrote the end part as a note to my future self, as you do).

I want to add in a huageeeee thank you for those of you who have been so supportive & just listened, without judging. I'm so grateful! None of you have made me feel like a failure, hooorayyy!

Children In Need inspired nails

I'm sat here in my room on my laptop with my blogger account open actually writing another post, two posts in two days...that is extremely rare these days. But I'm here with another nail post, woo hoo! I loveeee a good nail varnish post.
Last night & today I've been really struggling, this afternoon I decided to create a Children In Need inspired nail look to take my mind of things a little & calm me down. What better day to create, post & share this post than on Children In Need Day.
Since painting my nails earlier a few have since smudged, I'm not very patient when it comes to letting my nails dry (or I tend to need a wee afterwards, wash my hands & then smudge them on the towel) unless I'm reading a magazine or watching a programme. Next time I'll be catching up on some of my programmes I watch.
On with the post then...
Children In Need wouldn't be the same without the lovely Pudsey (an older version), he helped me choose my nail polishes & here he is glamorously posing with them, thanks Pudsey! You were a great help! :)
To create my Children In Need inspired nails I used:
- Barry M's basecoat, topcoat & nail hardener all in one
- Rimmel London, sunshine
- Barry M, matt white
- Rimmel London, double decker red
- Barry M, spring green
- Barry M, malibu (matte collection)
- Barry M, matte top coat
- Dotting tool
- Tin foil
- Nail varnish remover & cotton wool buds.
Once you've prepped your nails, you'll need to add your base colours. I painted my thumb & ring finger in the white (matt white) & then the rest of my nails in the yellow (sunshine). I kind of forgot to take photos as I went along of my nails...ooopss!
I made sure each nail had two coats for better coverage & for a more intense bold colour.
What do you need now you ask? Well, you'll be needing the rest of the nail polishes, your dotting tool & the tin foil.
Of course it doesn't really matter which colour you do first but work your way through each colour to create your spots. You'll only be dotting on your thumb & ring finger (the nails painted white).
Make your blob, dip in your dotting tool, dab it on to your (hopefully) dried nail & ta dah! A spotty nail look in the making.
Once you've done your tin foil should look a little something like this (something about this pleases me a little, yes I'm weird...I thought we already knew that?)...
Your nails should look something like this...
Oh yeah, the classic 'claw' snap.
Next thing to do, is to apply your top coat & then remove the sneaky bits of nail polish that wiggled its way on to your skin, it happens to us all.
So once you've neatened up your nails & applied your top coat. I've gone for the matte one (you could use normal topcoat if you wanted) but I'm seriously in love with this at the minute, I can't get enough!

I received Pudsey's approval & he was there to make sure the whole process went smoothly...he wasn't there when I washed my hands though...that is when it went terribly wrong for me. So learn from my mistakes, make sure your nails are properly dry! Otherwise it'll just ruin the look & make you pretty gutted.
Any ideas how long it takes for nail polish to fully dry?
Plus, do you have any tips on how to make nail polish dry quicker?
Please, let me know...I'll be extremely grateful.

limited edition 'starlight' by Barry M, bought in Boots

I've not been able to blog for what feels like an awful long time recently, I just haven't had the energy to...that sucks! For just over a month now I've been in my new job, at first I was really excited but now it really feels like the excitement of it has worn off (really hope nobody from work reads this, I won't be sharing it with them so no worries plus I'm only being honest). I'm questioning if the job is for me, if the company is for me. I'm probably going to receive remarks like 'a job is a job', I'm well aware of that & I'm well aware I'm obviously earning money too but I want there to be more to it than that. How are we meant to know what job we want to do? Other than maybe try a few different kind of jobs, move around a little? I don't know, I'm open for suggestions. Or maybe this is just a doubt moment I'm having who knows? Should I be sharing it on here? Probably not but I'm afraid I am.

On Monday morning I thought I had a lot more time before work than I actually had, I'm sure that has happened to many of you before too. I'm trying my best to snap all my blog photos in natural lighting, that in my eyes is the way forward. Cut the story short? It was light on Monday morning, I painted my nails, snapped away, got some good (I'm hopeful) pictures & ta dah, we have the possibility of a new blog post. Let's get blogging, chitty chat style...

In Boots at the minute you can pick up two limited edition nail polishes by Barry M. Today I'm going to share just one with you, I introduce to you...

I've got a little bit of a soft spot for glittery, sparkly things...especially nail varnish! So when I spotted this in Boots I just had to add it to my collection (ok, ok...I didn't have to add it but I did, ok?...) I mean, come on...look at the glorious little creation.
I'm sure that I'll be using this polish on top of many others over these next couple of months & more than likely through in to next year too, but today I'm going to share with you how it looks on top of Barry M's raspberry classic paint.
I'm absolutely in love with using the matte top coat, best creation!!! Perfect for the autumn months in my opinion, turn that glossy red in to a dull matte colour & by dull I mean a beautiful dull too not a nasty boring dull.

please excuse the state of my painting, nails & skin...thanks! :)

After first using this polish once so far the only thing I hope for is that next time I get a lot more stars, fingers crossed!

Have you picked up any of Barry M's latest limited edition polishes? I have picked up the other one (moonlight) available in Boots, I'll be blogging about that one next.
Or have you picked up any of other limited edition polishes or just new polishes in general? Let me know, let's be friends & talk about nail polishes?!

the kindness of strangers

I'm currently sat in my kitchen feeling the need to blog & a thought that popped in my head was to share a few little stories recently where strangers have been kind. I mean this in a non creepy way, but I still feel every time I say strangers it sounds creepy. :/

Anyway, I'm going to share with you a few things (more than likely just end up being 2 things, better than none hey?!) that I've experienced recently that have changed my mood & made my day brighter. It also restored my faith in man kind too.

First friendly stranger story...
A few weeks ago I popped in to Asda to pick up a few bits, I don't tend to get a basket so I don't spend as much...a girl can only carry so much, that's my thinking anyway. But I was working my way to the self check out & a random man saw I was struggling a little/doing a balancing act & he actually offered me his shopping basket, it was empty of course. That man in my eyes earned good human points that day!

Second friendly stranger story...
Today I drove to a town I'd never been to, to find a theatre where my mum is going to tonight to see one of her favourite singers. Let's make the story shortish yeah? My mum turns 60 this year (ssshhh, don't tell anyone) ;) so we bought some flowers for her favourite singer to give to her during the show from us. I drove to the theatre, got lost, ended up down the wrong street...eventually spotted sign posts instead of listening to the sat nav, ended up outside the theatre & didn't have a clue where to park, sky getting darker then I spotted a traffic warden (you know the ones who give out parking tickets) & he came over & said "you look a little confused", "I am, I need to quickly nip in to that theatre to take some flowers that are going to be given to my mum tonight, where can I park?"..."park behind that ford & go straight in then straight back out". See, traffic wardens aren't all meanies! It really made my day, behind every profession there is a person, a human who can be understanding & helpful.


a post to my fellow anxiety fighters out there, november edition!

Something happened today, that made me stop think & actually get a little annoyed...obviously it is still on my mind now, hence why I'm blogging about it. This world we live in is filled with millions of people, success is completely different for each individual. You should never let anyone make you question your success. Success is completely different for everyone. Success for you reading this could be so simple on other peoples success scale, but such a massive deal for you. But that doesn't mean it isn't a success, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be proud of yourself, it doesn't mean your success is less successful than another persons. There is an awful lot of success being thrown around in this post.

I'm going to go back in the past a little now, two years...Two years ago success for me was leaving the house for an hour at a time, managing the journey to town (only sometimes, other times having to go straight back home). Is that the kind of success that most twenty year olds have? No, but does that make it any less important to me in my journey? No, no it bloody doesn't! Success is different for each individual.

Two years down the line, I've managed to pass my driving test & get a job. I'm managing life pretty well, getting a good balance of everything. I don't want to go back to where I was. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that things can go backwards sometimes & yes I do still have off days (who doesnt?!) but they also will get better again. If you are reading this & you're struggling, believe me when I say things will get easier.

My working day is either a 4 or 5 hour shift, by the sounds of it though that isn't 'a proper working day'...for someone who couldn't manage to stay in town/shops for having fear/actually having a panic attack I'd beg to differ! It is something I'm extremely proud of & I'm not going to let anyone make me question otherwise. I'm now working in a shop, where before had I used to get filled with fear of panic...if you ask me, that is success.

You reading this post, you should never let anyone make you feel your success isn't important or worth celebrating. Whatever you succeed in, always celebrate. Your success is shaping you into the person you are today, your success might gradually get bigger & bigger. Nobody has high success do they without going downwards first.

After over 4 year of not having a job with a contract I want to hopefully give you hope, hope that things will eventually fall in to place. I'm not going to lie & pretend it was easy, it wasn't. Some days I'd cry, some days I'd scream but you know what, that is ok. Cry if you want to cry, scream if you want to scream. Just make sure you keep on fighting, you & I can get through this.

My fellow anxiety fighters out there, remember...don't ever give up & don't let anyone ever question your success!

halloween nails, create your own spooky eyes

oooooohhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh, ooooohhhhh...
it's that time of year that feels a little more spooky! Halloween can sometimes give me the creeps. In my opinion it isn't like it used to be (well I sound really old!), trick or treaters don't always seem to be little kids...no they can just be teenagers after whatever they can, sometimes without even dressing up. Just putting on a mask, is that really classed as getting in the spirit & dressing up?
Anyway, now I've said my piece about Halloween let's get cracking...
I'm going to share with you, how I created these nails (what nail varnishes & tools I used too!)

Right, first things first...let me show you what nail varnishes I used... 



The glittery polish I used is Seventeen Lasting Fix Nail Colour, Silver Kisses.

I'm just going to throw in an apology now, some of my photos will vary in quality & lighting. I tried my best to photo them all in natural lighting but when natural lighting is limited around what's happening in your life you've kind of got to make the most of a bad situation. So sometimes you have to use your normal lighting from the light on the ceiling. I'm trying to be better organised & take them in natural lighting but these nails at first were going to be different Halloween related creatures but then I kind of couldn't do them so here we have it, a different tutorial...an easy peasy one, hopefully!

Before you do your nails you must always paint them with a clear base coat (admittedly I do sometimes forget) ,to help protect your nails from discolouring (going yellow).

Once your nails have dried it's time to start adding all the other colours.

To create this exact look, I painted my nails in this order...

(starting from my thumb)

barry m gelly hi-shine, satsuma 

barry m nail paint, nightshade
seventeen, silver kisses
barry m nail paint, nightshade (yes, again)
barry m nail paint, grey
Obviously you don't have to use these exact colours, I'm just sharing them with you incase you don't own a colour like them or maybe you've been eyeing up the colour & wonder what it looks like.
Ok, so once I'd painted my nails giving each nail two coats. I decided to go over with the clear top coat over silver kisses & the matt top coat over the grey, nightshade (the one next to my thumb) & satsuma.
I'm sure you all know the drill & how frustrating it is when you paint your nails & then they smudge, so try & leave as much time inbetween as you can.
Creating spooky eyes can look like it could be tricky, but don't worry. It really isn't you just need the right tools, patience & a steady(ish) hand.
Don't worry about the tools neither, they aren't expensive. I found this dotting tool set in poundland, any guesses how much it cost me? ;)
All you need to create the dots other than your dotting tool is tin foil, you know what you usually see wrapped around a jacket potato when it's in the oven...yes, that's it.
 can you spot the difference between the lighting? I much, much, much prefer natural lighting, I will learn from this.
So to create your dots like I briefly said is to use dotting tool (preferably different sizes, I used three different sizes for this) & tin foil. All you do is blob some of your nail polish on to your tin foil & then simply dip your dotting tool in & then just transfer the polish on to your nail. I tend to dab & then do two dots on my nail & then get some more polish on my dotting tool.
On my thumb I used nightshade for the biggest dot & the smallest dot. Then I used Barry M, matt white for the middle dot.
 excuse the piece of cotton wool hanging from my skin :) oh so professional!
 Then on my nightshade nail I decided to do it the other way around, to create a creepy effect. I used the matt white for the biggest dot & smallest, then the nightshade for the middle dot.

All that is left to do now is protect your newly painted nails, wait a little while first though so you don't smudge them & then remove any paint around your fingernails/on your skin. My spooky eyes currently have a smudged/running effect, not by choice but you can't really tell unless you look up close.

taaaa daaaaaa, nails are complete! Of course, my right hand isn't as good, not that far off actually. Still look like eyes, so that is a bonus!
Happy Halloween (a day late, opppss)! Did you get up to anything for Halloween?