sharing my love for 'THE DUFF'

THE DUFF, a film that has recently been released on DVD and is an absolute must see in my eyes. Admittedly I absolutely hate buying a film on DVD at about £11, ridiculous! Once you've bought the DVD within a few weeks it tends to drop by almost half the price or it'll just disappear completely off the shelves, anyone else get annoyed by this? Plus how often would you watch a film more than once? THE DUFF is one of the films I'll be watching more than once (already watched it twice) and I'd quite happily watch it again tonight to be honest.

I've found a new way to watch films too. Instead of paying the high prices of the DVD I decided to give Amazon Instant Video a go. Basically you just pay for movies online, you can either buy or rent. If you rent you get it for a month (I think, don't hold me to it), but once you start watching it you've got to watch it within 48 hours. So to buy in the shop this film would of been £11, to rent it cost £3.49. In my eyes it is a no brainer for new films. After watching this film though and realizing I need it in my life I ended up paying £7 for the DVD, believe me it's worth it...

I'm not going to explain to you what the film is about, I'll just throw in the trailer instead.

THE DUFF is one of those films that you can sit, watch and actually enjoy without feeling like you've wasted an hour and a half of your life...yeah, we've all felt like that at some point whilst watching a film.

THE DUFF isn't one of those films, trust me.

THE DUFF is an absolute easy going, entertaining, lighthearted, funny film that everyone can probably relate to. THE DUFF ends happily, the whole film has a positive spin. I ended up jotting down some of the positive, true, relatable quotes from the film to share...

'we all have insecurities', we sure as hell do! Each and every single one of us.

'how about tonight you just worry about what you think about you', easier said than done but we really shouldn't worry about what others think of us. In all honesty in their mind they are probably worrying about what others think of them.

'there's always going to be someone prettier, more talented or richer than you. It shouldn't affect how you see yourself', too, no it shouldn't.

'just don't tear me down for not giving a shit about your labels because in the end they're meaningless', absolutely! At the end of the day what do the labels actually mean? Nothing, we are all still pretty damn awesome!

The very last words spoken in the film are...
'in the end it's not about popularity or even getting the guy. It's about understanding that no matter what label is thrown your way, only you can define yourself. Take it from a duff'.

THE DUFF, a real break through film to make us all realize that no matter what labels are thrown at us, only we can define ourselves.

As if the film hadn't already won me over already it topped it off by playing The Vamps, somebody to you...I'm a sucker for them guys!

If you haven't watched it, watch it, watch it again, tell your friends, tell me what you think about it.

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