My Invisalign Journey - it's ClinCheck time!

I'm doing pretty well this time around, I had my first ClinCheck on the 10th of December and my second on the 11th (you don't usually have two, only if you're unhappy with the first one). ClinChecks amaze me, actually if I'm being honest this whole process amazes me!

The ClinCheck is basically a 3D image/video on screen of your teeth, made up from the impressions that are sent away to Invisalign and a prescription provided by your dentist. Invisalign then create a 3D on screen plan to determine how your teeth will move. I'm not going to lie, I just thought your teeth would move to create straight teeth and that perfect smile. I was proven very wrong. All our smiles are different, so are the treatment plans available.

I was super excited to see my ClinCheck but unfortunately the first one left me a little deflated and gutted but have no fear, in came my wonderful dentist to the rescue! I seriously cannot fault the service they provide. Yes, you'd like to think all dentists would provide a good service but how many places do you know that are meant to provide a good service and don't. I can tell these people are genuinely nice and I look forward to sharing this journey with them.

The first ClinCheck my dentist showed me that Invisalign created was using only 14 trays, which would fall under Invisalign Lite. Invisalign Lite is the cheapest option available (it uses fewer trays) but looking at the movement my teeth would take and where they would end up, I wasn't happy. It left my front top teeth sticking out, that wasn't quite what I wanted out of this. But the joy with Invisalign that I didn't realize is you have total control over how your smile will look at the end (still amazed!).

Fast forward less than 24 hours, a new ClinCheck had been created. Only a couple of extra trays but I'm completely happy about this plan.

I'm so glad I got a choice of comparing them both and I'm so glad my dentist is absolutely fantastic. I seriously want to shout from the rooftops how amazing he is! I've had horrible dentists before, one who actually brought me to tears. Dentists aren't meant to speak to you the way he spoke to me, he spoke to me like something on the bottom of his shoe. Safe to say I never stepped foot in that dentists again.

After looking at both ClinChecks I didn't have to make a decision there and then, I could go home and think about it. Call them back whenever I wanted but I didn't need to think about it, I knew I wanted Invisalign Complete (the second option with 17 trays, even though I've got in my head I'm having 23? I'm not sure where that has come from).

What was left to do now? Once you've decided you want to go ahead with your treatment and the plan on screen, all that's left to do is click approve. I'm sure in most cases the dentist approves this for the patient but me being the dweeb I am, I asked my dentist if I could click approve myself, which of course he said yes so I clicked that button and felt soooo happy inside. So one click (ok, two have to press ok again to be sure you want to confirm) and the journey really begins...

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