monthly movie - a new edition to the blog?

Ooooh hey there! :)
I have just decided to create a new little edition/series, whatever it may be called on my here blog. I've wanted to start going to the cinema more often & now we have one about 15 minute drive its perfect! Admittedly the cinema has been open for about 2 years, maybe more...maybe less infact. But the first time I went was my birthday this year & I enjoyed the whole experience. Of course, minus the anxious feeling throughout the film...well up until I'd say the last 20 minutes. I'd thought about going again & bit the bullet today.
I decided I wanted to go to the cinema, but I went on my own. I had a little me time, a little date for one. I'm not one of those people who can't stand their own company, I bloomin' love it! Is that sad? I don't think so, I think it's a good thing to be able to enjoy your own company. So off I went today to the cinema, I was slightly anxious about it all but spontaneous trips are always the best without a doubt! I wasn't bothered in the slightest about being on my own, people thinking I was weird being on my own. The only thing that I was bothered about during the whole experience was that I'd managed to spill my drink down me a little, was I wearing white...oooh of course! But there is no point in crying over spilled milk is there? or spilled tango ice blast ay :) Tango ice blast is my little cinema treat to me now.
I really did enjoy myself actually & thought you know what, I'm now going to make this into a monthly thing. Every month I'm going to go & watch atleast 1 film. Then the little clogs in my brain started ticking & I thought, ooh why don't I turn it in to a little blog feature too...the feature is now born & I shall name it...
Oohhh yeah! I'm excited about this new idea! I'm not much of a reviewer to be fair but I'll give it a go. I'll hopefully be able to share with you the good & bad of the whole cinema experience.
My film of choice this month is...
the ticket still has the side part cos there was nobody to rip it off :)
Right, I'm going to get straight to this part & say that I don't feel like this film or the book to be fair lives up to the hype that has been surrounding it...hope I haven't offended anyone but I just don't quite get the hype surrounding it, so certainly an unpopular opinion there I'm guessing or do any of you feel the same?
Now that part is out the way though I do want to add that it was a good film, I don't regret going to watch it at all. The story itself was beautifully created. It was a very touching story & by the sounds of snuffles in the cinema room I'm guessing it touched a lot of people. I admittedly didn't cry but I could feel my eyes filling up every now & then though, I'm not completely made of steel you know. :)
On my next trip I'm going to make sure I go during the day when there isn't young kids about (totally don't want to make myself sound old at all) but I'm pretty sure we are all in the same room for a reason. Not to be shouting our mates, using our phones, recording parts of the film, acting immature when a 'loving' scene comes on. I had planned & gone during school times today but it appears some schools decided it was an inset day.....ooh, thanks schools. But anyway, enough of the miserable waffle.
Next time I go I'm going to be going on a Tuesday because the cinema does an offer on a Tuesday which lets you watch any film in 2D for £5, bargain! I'm in!
The film I'm going to be watching next is hopefully going to be walking on sunshine, it has been released today. I'll add the trailer in for you to check it out for yourself too.
Well now I've introduced the new little edition over here I'm going to head off but first, a few questions...
Have you read the book or seen the fault in our stars? What did you think to it? Please let me know, I'd love to know what you thought of it. Plus, are you planning on going to watch walking on sunshine?
As always thank you very much for reading my waffle,
Anna ♥


  1. I love this post idea! I go through spurts of going to movies meaning I go quite a bit for a few months and then not at all for a few months! This definietly would help even it out! I have a theater that does deals on Tuesdays too! Must be a Tuesday thing lol! Can't wait to read more of these!

    1. thanks Nichole! :) usually the case isn't it haha :) it must be a Tuesday thing :) I went again to the cinema yesterday (Tuesday) so watch this space for another review :) xx

  2. Loving this new idea :) I havn't read The fault in our stars yet, but I'm hoping to this summer when I get the time. I'm also waiting because I feel I'm going to be sad afterwards .. I get overly involved whiles reading. As for the film, I'm usually disapointed by film adaptations of books, I'm quite the book purist. Walking on sunshine seems like a nice , light hearted-ish chick fick, will probably go to see it this summer. ^^


    1. thank you :) I hope you enjoy it & it doesn't upset you too much! I went & watched walking on sunshine yesterday so I'll definitely be reviewing that one! :) xxx

    2. Will definitely look forwards to reading your review then ! keep up the good work ,


    3. thank you :) published it now :) xx

  3. I ducked over to visit after Michelle's #FF shoutout and what a lovely little blog you have. I really appreciate the sentiment behind it. I have only mild anxiety but it is indeed a terrine thing and something that needs to be discussed more openly for it to be properly acknowledged.
    I haven't been to see "The Fault in Our Stars" and I don't think I will. I'm carcinophobic, this film is definitely not for me. "Walking on Sunshine" looks cute though. I don't think it has been released here yet (Australia).

    1. awww thank you :) I'll be sure to check yours out too at some point, I'm terrible at the minute! :/ thank you once again for stopping by & commenting :)
      anxiety sucks but it sure does need talking about more often! :)
      Ooh no, it really isn't a film for you but walking on sunshine is completely different! I'm going to be reviewing that soon since I watched it yesterday :) I'm not sure when it'll be released to you xxx