Anna 1 - 0 anxiety...

*flexes muscle* HHUURRRRRGGHHH!!! totally the noise you make when flexing a muscle right? If it isn't just humour me & go along with it, ok? Thank you!
Right, my post today is a triumphant celebrate me kicking anxietys big fat bottom! You did hear right, I kicked some bootayyy! While shaking my bootayyyy at the same time! I'll tell you the story, shall I? Ohh, I hope you said yes...if not, this is awkward. :/
On Thursday, I was reading a local paper & saw that there was still tickets available to see the lovely Boyzone boys (probably should be classed as men now, but doesn't quite sound the same really) & also coming along with them to be their support act was Kian Egan...(yes, king of the jungle & from Westlife). Since the advert was advertising for the concert that was being played that same night I thought, you know what...let's do this! I prefer doing things spontaneously than planning sometimes, spontaneous acts don't give me much time to be nervous or get anxious (the primark trip is a pretty good example of that). So you've got it, that very night I went to the concert. Just me & my mum, a bit of mother daughter time. I blooming had a really great time! Admittedly at times I kept getting mini panic attacks & feeling very shaky but I made it through to the end of the concert & I'm soooo glad I did! It was incredible!
You know what happens next don't you? I'm going to whack some photos in to show you...they might not be of overly great quality but I did my best. I actually enjoyed myself & didn't experience the concert through a camera lens but I did still manage to get around 350 photos/videos....OOOPPPSSSIEE!
Anyway, less of the chitty chat...more of the photo sharing?! Let's do this...
Ok, I'm gonna add in a little bit of chatter before every photo...
Here is the view we had of the stage (no zoom on this photo, WOOHOO!) A beautiful night & atmosphere, never been to the forest it was at but will be going again!
Now, this is pretty much typical is my matching picnic blanket & picnic bag, I've been waiting ageeesss to use this & finally the time came! There isn't even a full on picnic in there, just a few nibbles & drinks but I couldn't miss the opportunity (yes I am that sad!)
The last concert I went to was Westlife & here I am, watching Kian rocking the stage...SOLO! He did an incredible job & is a fantastic don't really get to hear what a singer is like in a band usually, do you?
The great thing about a standing concert is you can move about & change your view from time to time...
A little up closer view of the lovely Kian?
While I was waiting, very patiently (ok, patiently to a certain extent) I tried my best to take a photo of the whole crowd...pretty much did it!
Do you know what you do when the going gets tough? Well I'm told when the going gets tough, the tough get going... *flexes muscles* HUURRGGGHHH!
I love when they stop & just sit & have a little chat to the audience & have a giggle too.
I decided to have a little play with my camera, the exposure of light & what not & this happened...
Check out that full moon too, it really did top off the night! Perfect atmosphere! I mean what more could you ask for? Being sung to by Boyzone under a full moon :P
When the stage lights stay on & the band are still there, that must mean there is more to come right?...
Oooh, yes it did! Even though some people still left, well they missed out on a little more Boyzone...their lose, our gain :)

Two things that happened during the show that made it extra special has to be the two videos recorded from the stage. One from Kian, which I can't find on Youtube. But I did find this one & I'm going to share it with you, thanks to Baggsy (not 100% sure who Baggsy is, sorry about that but I know that's his nickname...his real name is Steve?) :) thanks again for uploading the video Baggsy! :) The video was to Merlin, a friend of the Boyzone boys in Ireland...that's all I'm saying, if you want to check it out for yourself. It really was something magical to be part of & a memory I won't be forgetting anytime soon...go on press that play button, what are you waiting for? :P  

It feels pretty weird to think only two nights ago I was at Boyzone's concert & now I'm sat at home in my dining room listening to their album...take me back?! PLEASEEEEE! They are INCREDIBLE live!
I hope you enjoyed this post, I thought I'd share it with you since it was another triumph against anxiety. I'm going to try & record all my triumphs against anxiety on here & any defeats too probably, but try & be positive about it too cos getting down about it for too long wont get me anywhere.
What is the best concert you would say you've been to? Spill the beans, who is good live & who is shocking? Feel free to let me know in the comments. Oooh & do you ever find that when you're at a concert there is usually like two people together who actually don't even seem like they want to be there? We was behind two of them.
I hope you're having a lovely weekend & enjoyed this post! As always, thanks for reading! :)
- Anna ♥


  1. aww the moon looks lush! so proud, you're right it's better when u don't have time to think about things, doing is better than thinking haha. it just goes to show that u can do anything u want, and the more you do, the quieter the anxiety will be. this has def inspired me. there's so much i want to do, i need to make a list and get DOING! x

    1. I know right, I was so impressed by the prettiness of it! (is prettiness a word? it totally is now right :) ) It really is so much better doing than thinking! :) anxiety is being so quiet right now..i'm starting to actually worry its ok haha :) awww, I'm so glad it's inspired you Christina :) I hope you decide to share the list! :D xxxx

  2. YES, KICK ANXIETIES BUT. I feel like I am too at the moment :)
    Love Jasmine

    1. YESSSS! *HIGH FIVE* :D you should be so proud, it's a pretty hard thing to do! <3 xxx

  3. How fun it was you and your momma that got to go!! :)) Sounds like a fun time. I loveee that matching picnic basket and blanket!

    1. it was sooo much fun Nichole! :) I LOVED it...despite feeling meeehhh! why thank you :) me too! we've bought folding chairs now ready for the next concert (we don't have one booked) :) xxx

  4. Oh this looks fabulous! And well done you on conquering the anxiety to get there - a great reward.
    Love the matching picnic kit too!!
    We went to see Robbie Williams last year - not my choice and I wasn't expecting to like him but he was INCREDIBLE!!!
    Yay for live music!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. it really was fabulous Michelle! :D creating memories are the best, even more so when it takes so much to get to the point of being able to! thank you :D ooohh, get you! YAY for live music indeed...listening to the albums just aren't the same now :/ :( xxx