so, you're not the same as everyone else? here's a secret...I'm not either :)

We are humans, not robots. We aren't programmed to act a certain way, we have a mixture of emotions, feelings, life experiences.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who worries and thinks about life...A LOT!  I worry where my life is currently at, where it's heading. But it's ok, I'm not programmed a certain way, I don't have to be the same as others. Nobodies life is set out a certain way, we all live different lives. What is normal for one, isn't normal for another. I keep reminding myself that and I think you should too.

I'm 23 and have only just managed to keep a job that I really enjoy with routine, purpose, structure, meaning. Some people might have been in work since they were 17, I don't know but does that matter? No, what matters to me is my life. I'm not working full time but I'm working, that is improvement and an achievement in itself after what I've managed to come through.

I've never drunk alcohol, unless you class the time I tried wine and spat it straight back into the glass (yes, I'm very elegant). So I've never been drunk. I personally think it's a waste of time and money, life is too short. I'd much rather spend money enjoying something I'm going to remember or buying something that I can keep and reuse. What do you get from alcohol? A foggy memory? A wasted next day? A banging head ache? Sick in the toilet the next morning? A stranger in your bed? A regretted night? I don't know...I'm just guessing a few things you might get. I'm sure you could get worse too.

I'm single, should that really have such a judgement surrounding it? I don't think so. But for some reason it isn't ok to be single, you must always be on the hunt for love, hunting for the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Should this be the case? Personally I don't think so but that's just my opinion.

Remember, not everyone goes through the same stuff, the same phases, the same life experiences. We all live different lives, some of our lives might be similar but without a doubt a little element of your life will be different to someone elses.

If you're reading this, I want you to stop being so hard on yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. Live your life the best you can, you're doing a great job! X


  1. Thank you for this post! Today I was at work, and granted I'm 15 and they're 18, but they asked me if I drink, and I said no. Then one of them was like, "I drank at 15", because getting drunk is so 'normal' - and when you just don't drink, everyone judges. Lately I've been trying to accept my version of normal and stop comparing to everyone else. Thanks for the reminder x

    The Life of Little Me

    1. you're very welcome! :) this is exactly why I do it, in hopes that somebody else is feeling the same. :)

      You're normal can be whatever you want it to be :) remember that we are all different, just do what you want to do :) if you're happy then keep on going :) xx