Pretty Little Liars, my thoughts and theories...

I remember when Pretty Little Liars was first aired here in the UK, about 4 years ago on VIVA. It then got moved over onto MTV but soon it just disappeared. I was gutted, I love the excitement and edge that Pretty Little Liars has. The next few months/year was spent searching for episodes online.

Fast forward to my discovery of it now being on Netflix, YEESSSSSSSSSS!!!! I wasn't subscribed to Netflix before but once I knew about Pretty Little Liars being on there I just had to subscribe, no doubt about it.

MTV stopped showing Pretty Little Liars at the end of series 2 if I remember rightly so I had a lot of catching up to do. Luckily I've been caught up for a while now, after many marathons (I even created a post about watching it too much) and just have the weekly one to watch.

If you don't actually watch Pretty Little Liars maybe I should fill you in a little bit. Ally, I'm looking at you for not knowing about Pretty Little Liars...girl you are missing out! Pretty Little Liars is an American tv programme. Five high school friends, one goes missing, then found dead. But is she really dead? Is she really missing? The girls start to receive messages from an anonymous character A. I don't really know what else to say about it, that is pretty much it. More things happen over time but that is the basics of it and how the story started.

Everyone seems hooked on it, addicted. It is worth the hype surrounding it.

The summer finale is just around the corner, just over a week away! Finally after six whole series we are finally going to come fAcetoface with A! (click the link, I've linked the promo video). I mean, I'm not holding my breath on this one. Will we find out who A is? Will we not? Who knows.

In the meantime I've created a list...

The question on every viewers lips, Who is A? Does A stand for anonymous? Is it the first letter of the characters name? Or just the first letter of the alphabet?

Who is red coat? Up until red coat appearing on the scene, a red coat was just an outdoor item of it has a whole new creepy, spooky meaning.

Who is / who are the black hooded figure(s)?! There has got to be more than one person in this team. Oh my gosh, brain wave...what if it's all the parents?! Now, that would well and truly turn it around.

Who is Reece Matthews? Who is Clark? These two characters seem to have recently appeared but still seem to have a big part in 'A's game. They are certainly involved in some way, or so it seems.

Who is Sara? Was she actually in 'that place' for all them years? Is she part of the A team? I've got a funny feeling she hasn't been locked away in 'that place' for all them years, I've got a feeling she has some involvement with A. It's all a big game to A so I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case.

Is Maya (Emily's ex girlfriend) really dead? They think they found a body. They also thought they found Alison's body, look how that turned out.

Who on earth is Freddie in the home movie? He was in one of the recent home movies shown, the clip was meant to show us a look into 'Charle's' childhood years but instead I think it might have opened up more clues. Charles is Freddie? Freddie is Charles? Who knows?!

A is for Aria? I've seen this theory floating around the internet a little while, the only reason I can think people are even suggesting this is because her name begins with A? I don't know...what do you think?

Is Mrs DiLaurentis really dead? I'm not overly convinced on this one neither, especially since we thought Ali was dead for a few series too.

Where has Jenna, Paige, Melissa, Wren, Lucas, Noel, Ian...everyone who has ever appeared actually disappeared to? Even when characters get 'killed' off I'm not convinced, this is Pretty Little Liars...anything can happen!

What's happened to every single character ever? I'm convinced every character that was once part of the show is now in the A team...that way I must get it right? I mean it's got to be one of them, surely!

Maybe, the 'A team' is made up of all the girls ex boyfriends, ex flames, ex friends, their enemies...

Pretty Little Liars gets my head in a spin but I absolutely love it! 

What are your thoughts and theories? Share them with me please, I wanna know what you think! There is only one way for me to sign this post off...

- A

p.s. note to self, this is only a programme...don't get yourself too attached or involved...a little too late? ;)


  1. Haha! I started reading this and saw my name! :D

    Okay, okay, I'll give it a go! Is it on Netflix?

    -A xxx

    (p.s not sure if this comment posted twice, soz!!)

    1. :) haha! yes, yes it is! :)

      It only posted once, don't worry :) xx