attempting to overcome my fear of dentists...

Gosh, I'm seriously slacking with this blogging shizz... But I'm here with a life & health related post. I'm going to waffle & babble on about dental health...woohoo, aren't you in for a treat?! Unfortunately not the sweetie kind, that isn't allowed in this dental post...back away from the sweetie jar! ;)
I'm not the biggest fans of dentists really, especially after my experience with one about five years ago. When I had just started experiencing anxiety. I hadn't been to a dentist for about five years before that since our dentist had shut & we hadn't got into another one. The dentist was a little bit of an absolute arse. He was really nasty. This was my first time at this dentists & I actually ended up walking out in tears. Nobody should speak down to anyone if you ask me & especially not a health professional to a patient. Safe to say I didn't get my teeth fully checked & I didn't go back there again....ever!
Fast forward to the future, okay...more like the present! I have a brand new dentist, they are all super lovely & I've been completely honest with them about how I am. They are all very understanding & calm about the situation which makes things so much better. The first time I went, maybe two years ago now I had a check up & was slightly panicky but I managed it & then I actually had a filling & was absolutely fine...well minus the extremely numb feeling but I did it! :D
Then I kind of kept putting off booking again, don't know why really...maybe it could be because I haven't really always looked after my teeth, that's kind of the truth but I mean how many of us are bothered when were younger? I certainly wasn't. So it wasn't routinely for me but I want that to change now & I'm starting to look after my teeth a lot blog really seems to motivate me so I thought I'd share my attempt to get over my fear of dentists.

I went last week thinking everything was hunky of the bloomin was until Friday I started getting toothache :/ It was manageable but then Saturday night came around...I remember seeing in Sunday morning I was awake that long, I watched Hollyoaks omnibus. So I didn't get much sleep & I couldn't go to the dentists so I waited til Monday. Off we tootled to the dentists, my dentist was on holiday...I mean fancy that, dentists aren't allowed holidays surely? :P hehe! I'm kidding...of course they are. But I obviously couldn't see the dentist I'm used to so I saw an available dentist & got into a real state before hand. I ended up going outside in to the car park & waiting there & mum came & got me when it was my time to go through. The dentist was lovely, he examined my teeth...obviously, he didn't go checking my eye sight! :) The problem is my flippin wisdom tooth! I've never experienced trouble with em before but boy am I now... I mean like my mums friend said 'you get wise then they take your wisdom away from you'. I'm struggling to open my mouth wide enough to eat properly nevermind to be examined. He explained that my tooth is trying to come out but my gum is half covering it & food is getting stuck in there, yuck! So he tried to scale it, I think that's what he said & then tried to flush it... I mean I don't have a potty mouth :) hehe! Easily amused, yes? That cleared some of the food out that was getting stuck between my tooth over. Now I've been given a course of antibiotics, woohoo! To ease the pain & reduce the swelling I think... Then I'm to go back & discuss my three options of what to do with this delightful absolute bugger of a wisdom tooth! By the sounds of it, it is gonna be coming out...I may be awake, I may not. But I will certainly try my hardest to get over this fear of mine.

I've been warned by mum to stay at home & take it easy for a few days whilst the tablets start to work. I think I'm going to listen to her & have a onesie day tomorrow because I didn't listen today or yesterday. Yesterday I got told I looked really pale & today when I went out I felt sicky & slightly dizzy....oh the joys! So mum really does know best right?! So I will be catching up on blogging related things, watching tv & rocking out to the vamps cd (soooo glad they've finally released one!)...woohoo!!!! :D

I couldn't do a post without a picture so I decided to include my little tablet time table that my week is based on. I'm slightly forgetful so it was a good idea to create my table & keep track! So my week is based around tablet taking, salt water mouth rinsing & mouthwash rinsing....ohhh fun times! :)

Do you have a fear of dentists? Have any of you had your wisdom teeth taken out? Or experienced the lovely pain that is toothache? Let me know in the comments, lets talk about teeth?! :)

As always, thanks for reading my waffle...that's if you did of course (go on, admit it if you did! I reread the dribble) :P
- Anna ♥


  1. I am not the biggest fan of the dentist! A few of my brothers friends have become dentists and I hope that going to them when I do will make it better! I get my wisdom teeth out of may 9th!

    1. I'm not convinced anyone is a big fan..fingers crossed that will help :) all of them? :O xx

  2. Oh bless you, that all sounds a bit rough!
    I pretty much lived in the dentists when I was younger so I don't mind them too much, my aunt has a real phobia though. Not sure she'll ever be happy going in.
    Well done to you for overcoming it (or at least starting to!)
    M x

    1. I've still not been yet :/ uh oh! I'm doing ever so well, or not :/ :)
      I bet that helped, maybe I should move in for a few months :P hehe! xxxx