nobbly bobbly inspired nails...take one!

Happy Easter folks! :)
I took all my photos for this post about 2 weeks ago now, it's just finding the time to sit down & blog... I'm not going to force myself to blog neither. I blog when I want cos others the fun is just taken away from it I think...I hope you are all well! :) On with the post then...
I have had the idea to do this post for a good couple of months now but it was finding the time to actually be sat down for long enough. So the other week when I was home alone at night I thought then was the perfect time. I was in absolutely no rush when doing them at all, so I didn't majorly smudge any of my nails...Can I get a high five?!... *high five*
Without a doubt this is best done when you have nowhere to be & you are full on chilling or maybe if you have a nail dryer that would be a handy thing to have actually & it obviously would be done a lot quicker. So as you can tell from the title I'm going to show you how I created these nails inspired by the ice cream lolly nobbly bobbly.
Yes, I got into full chill mode..dressing gown & blanket all involved! Of course once I'd done I had to take snaps with the inspiration & enjoy the yumminess too! :)
My choice in blog name is very fitting isn't it, cos I've done nothing but chatter away & I haven't even got onto the step by step part...sorry! :/ slowly moving forward now....
step one...
First things first, get all year gear including your form of entertainment. I decided to catch up on programmes on our sky planner, I watched about 6 episodes of Mom.
To create this look I used....
- a dotting tool
- some tin foil
- nail varnish remover
- cotton wool pads
- clear strengthening basecoat
- clear topcoat
- Barry M nail polishes (Matt - Mocha, Nail Paint - pale yellow, matt white, mint green, strawberry ice cream & a limited edition hot pink)
step two...
 Prepare your nails...however you choose to do them. I added a little tip on preparing your nails before on my post 'trying my hand at something new...' . Once your nails are prepped you need to add your clear basecoat to protect your nails.
 My nails have a slight bluey tint to them because I had removed my blue nail varnish from before & I didn't use a bascoat then...maybe that could be why. I shall certainly learn from my mistakes.
step three...
Once your clear basecoat is dry it's time to add your coloured basecoat. For this look it will be the Barry M matt in mocha. I absolutely love this colour & finish, it looks lovely...very chocolatey actually & you can tell it isn't far off the colour in the bottle too (slightly darker because I added two coats).

step four...
Now it's time for the tin foil to play it's part. I never used this until my friend Ally got me a nail art book for Christmas (the same book that taught me how to prep my nails properly) so massive thanks to Ally, the book has taught me a good few tips & tricks.
Basically all you do is create a blob of nail polish on the tin foil & get your dotting tool ready to create dots on your nails before the blob dries. I started off with the limited edition pink nail polish & just created random dots on my nails.
Admittedly the pink didn't come out as bright as I had hoped but obviously it wasn't going to because I was putting it onto a dark colour...ooh, freshers mistake?! :) Excuse the random bits of nail polish on my fingers, I'm not a trained nail artist just a girl who enjoys doing her nails & sharing them with others.
 step five...
Next thing to do is take it in turn with each different colour & create your dots/blobs. Do them all the same way by using the tin foil & dotting tool. After every colour I used the nail varnish remover & cotton wool pad to remove the previous nail polish on the dotting tool, just a little heads up for you there. :)
step six...
The look is almost complete, next thing to do is to make sure that all the nail polishes are dry of course. If you aren't too sure I'd just leave them a good 10/15 minutes so you can be 100% sure, then slap on that topcoat
& TAH-DAH!!!


A lovely nice little selection of photos for you there, I couldn't decide on just one! :)
I really enjoyed creating this look & I couldn't help but smile every time I looked down at them afterwards, it really is the little things. I was so pleased with them & proud that I managed to do them all on my own. They actually managed to last for about a week until I picked it all off...ooooppsssieee! Admittedly the colours didn't turn out as well as I'd of liked because I had put them on a dark colour but I will learn from that...or maybe I wont. I'll more than likely go & do it again & then realise again. :)
I'm thinking of trying another take on these nails, without the brown background, if I do I will more than likely share them on here too.
Just like to randomly add in here aswell that obviously my right hand didn't turn out as well but it did still turn out a okay so all is good there too! :)
Anyways after all that waffle I hope you are still with me & as always thanks for reading & I really hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, if you happen to try it out please let me know.
- Anna ♥


  1. Those are really cute! I may have to try them after finals once I have some time to sit down and let them dry! Happy Easter!

    1. :) thanks Nichole! ooohhh do it, do it, do it & let me know how It turns out of course :) hope you had a lovely weekend! :) xx

  2. That is is such a lovely nail design, Anna. I absolutely love it!

    Debi x

    1. thank you Debi :) hope youre well xx