we went out for an easter meal...

Have I really not blogged for a bloomin' week?! What is going on?! I can certainly tell a difference in myself from when I started blogging...without a doubt, a change for the better! :) I mean the title in itself is an achievement for me.
I really do enjoy blogging but I certainly don't want to feel pressurised into blogging neither. But a whole week has gone by & I just felt the urge to sit & blog. To be precise, I'm going to sit & blog something I've never done before...
Brace yourself folks, you're in for an OOTD (outfit of the day) post! Or as I did just call it on twitter OTTD post...I smoothly deleted the tweet & carried on. Got to laugh at your mistakes right? :) Anyway I don't class myself as a fashion blogger, no sirey! But I just thought I'd give this kind of post a go & see how it turns out...
So last weekend was Easter weekend, is anybody still trying to escape the huge supply of chocolate? We had relatives come down for the weekend so on the Sunday we all went out for Sunday dinner, if you'd mentioned that last year I would of said no...infact I remember the last time they were down, I did say no. Time really can change things! I even found myself going with them to our local social club/pub kind of place in the evening too. :)

Right enough of the chit chat, actually nooooo...you've come here for chit chat, am I right? If your not after chit chat you have come to the wrong place my friend!

I thought I'd share my outfit choice of the day with you & see how it goes down...


- Blue Jumper -
New Look. Maybe 2-3 years ago...Used to be my mums, now my oversized jumper..happy days? I kinda like hand me downs, a new item without having to spend a penny.
- Black Leggings -
Marks & Spencers, would I recommend? No, this was my second time of wearing them. Ended in the bin at the end of the day with a few holes in. :/
- Sekonda Watch -
 Hate wearing watches with straps that dig in to you? Yeah me too...until I got this one, it is so soft & the strap is rubbery. I'd recommend.
- Flower earrings -
New Look, about two years ago. So cute, I absolutely love them!
- Kenneth Cole bag -
A gift for my 18th birthday (if I remember rightly) from my godmum.
- Khaki parka/mac -
Matalan, 2 years ago in the sale...love it!
- Black Chelsea boots -
Tesco, a few years ago...wish I'd got more than one pair.
I wore a grey vest top underneath my jumper for extra warmth & a pair of plain black socks with my leggings to blend in.
I have actually mentioned to my friend Nicola (who happens to enjoy photography & is very good at it!) how she would feel about maybe helping me with a few OOTD how I wear certain items...usually it is a case of throwing stuff on but people do seem to compliment me, so I must be doing something right! :) One post I definitely want to try is, how I wear/style my dungarees. So watch this little space! Oh & I certainly want to do a post to share my love for my new pac a parka!
If you'd like to leave me some feedback in the comments as to what you think about this kind of post, that would be great! :)
I hope you are all well on this fairly sunny Sunday (well it is sunny where I am)! As always, thank you very much for reading!
- Anna ♥
p.s. I thought it would be rude not to include a snap of my delicious dinner in the post...

Anybody else really hungry now? Just me? :/ :)


  1. I could just eat that roast & I've just finished eating bolognese!
    I think your outfit is very laid back & casual - I love oversized jumpers (& cardigans)!
    Sometimes I post outfit posts because I like sharing outfits - so if you want to share more posts feel free! It's your blog; do what you like! :D


    1. opppssiie! :) hehe..
      that was the look I was going for :) oohh yes! oversized but not too oversized if that makes sense? :/ don't like looking like I'm drowning haha..not a good look :)


  2. That jumper looks soo comfortable. Cute flower earrings! And…… That purse is love!

    1. it really is...like you wouldn't believe :) it looks so much better in the light because its obviously brings the colour out more :) why thank you! xxx

  3. Well done on getting out for lunch and for looking so stylish whilst you did it!!
    I loved this post and definitely want to see more of the famous dungarees :o)
    Your watch is a beaut too.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. thank you very much Michelle, you lovely lady! :) I will get on the case...my next post is about running...oh gosh! :P xxxx

  4. I think you should definitely do more ootd posts. I've just done one too but I'll do more if you do too? haha :P I love everything you wore btw :)
    So glad you were able to go to dinner - it looks delicious!

    1. woohoo...lets do it Sinead! :D do what we bladdy well like ay?! :D I don't know what to do with my face neither...brilliant :) it really was scrummmmmyyyyy!!!!