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'WOAAHHHHH, I'm walking on sunshine, WOOAHHHHHHH & don't it feel good! HEY, AAALLLRRRRIIIGGGHHTTTT NNNOOOWWWW!!!'

 It had to be done, didn't it? You are totally humming, singing out loud or in your head to walking on sunshine now aren't you? :P I caught you! Let's get on with the review...
Last week I did a blog post about adding a little edition to my blog called monthly movie (my last blog post actually), I pretty much just explained that I planned on going to the cinema once a month. If you want to you can read that post here. Going to the cinema is a great idea cos you just get to experience the whole movie with no distractions. Everyone is there to do the same thing, watch the movie. That's why it doesn't bother me in the slightest about going on my own, I enjoy it.
Only on the 2nd of July & I've already been to see my film for this month. I actually went to the cinema yesterday because on Tuesdays tickets are £5...can I get a WOOHOO?! If you hadn't guessed already by the title I went to see walking on sunshine, the film I'd mentioned in my last post. Here, have the movie trailer just for you...a gift from me to you, provided by youtube! :P I'm such a flippin goofball sometimes!

 I was slightly in two minds after hearing it had got bad reviews. There was a review in a  magazine/paper that my friend gave me & I didn't read it until I'd watched it (I saw it got 1 star out of 5 though) & the movie just got completely slatted. Receiving 1 star out of 5, I mean really? could it be that bad?! (it really wasn't that bad at all) & in someones opinion, 'IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME...I'd never have wasted 97 minutes of my life on this shrieky, brainless, irredeemably corny Mamma Mia! wannabe'. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but gosh, talk about rude & harsh?!

But I went, watched the movie & got my own opinion on it, you know cos I'm an independent woman with my own opinion & all that jazz... :P I actually really enjoyed it. It was filled with very catchy upbeat songs & I bloomin' loved singing singing I do mean really quietly & sometimes miming too. In my opinion the story was good too, really it was your typical chick flick but I mean who doesn't love a good chick flick? I think a lot of people are comparing it to Mamma Mia but the only thing similar to Mamma Mia is the fact of it is a musical film. There is absolutely no sign of an Abba song or reference in sight though.

One thing that did make a nice change was to actually go to see a movie that only had one person in I had seen before, that one person being Leona Lewis & obviously then she wasn't acting & singing...just singing, back on the x factor. It wasn't jam packed with well known or heard of actors/actresses but all of the actors & actresses did a fantastic job in my opinion & I don't think they deserve the slating they received in that one review I read.

To end my review I'll say...yes, I'd recommend this movie. If you've also heard bad reviews, then just go & gain an opinion for yourself. You will more than likely come out pretty chipper & be singing away to yourself for a good couple of hours afterwards. I'm hoping to get the soundtrack CD when it is on offer of course! Got to save those pennies.

I have zero idea as of what film I want to see next, who knows..maybe I'll end up missing a month or bending the rules a little bit & blogging about another film I might watch this month...but anyway, who said there even was rules? rules smules?! ;)

So have you been & seen any films recently? Maybe you could recommend a current one that is on at the cinemas to me, that would be great! Have you seen walking on sunshine & what was your opinion? Let me know in the comments. Walking on sunshine only came out on Friday (27th June) so maybe you should check it out over the upcoming weeks? Totally not telling you what to do there neither by the way, if you want to watch it then bloomin' well watch it, if you don't want to then don't...simples! :) Ok, ok, now I'm waffling...

As always, thanks for reading,
Anna ♥

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