LOVE inspired nails ♥

If you aren't a fan of Valentines Day I'm guessing you'll be glad when it is all over & has passed. But in the meantime it is here & I'm going to embrace it. I love, love. I don't just mean love, love. Relationship love. I mean love, in general. The love you might feel for your family, the love you might feel towards a friend. The feeling of love. Basically just love.

Did I make it clear enough? Tonight I'm bringing to you a post, 
a nail post...inspired by l o v e, love...

Over the past couple of weeks I've felt myself struggling, mentally which then seems to be effecting me physically. I've been feeling judged, misunderstood a little bit too. I'm not going to go into it all in this post, I've come here to talk about something that isn't mental health related. There is more to me than my illness, I'm quite the fan of doing my nails too. So here we are.

Tonight, I'm going to show you how to create this look...

Firstly I know for some people this might seem so simple but for others, not so much. We all have different abilities so I thought I'd just create a simple look. 

Secondly, I was going to apologize for the changing of quality, well lighting (lack of it as you get further in the post) but I can't quite help the light outside. I suppose I could of done them earlier, I shall learn from my mistakes. But I'm not apologizing for something so little, it isn't a big deal & I'm learning to not say sorry so much.

To create this look you will need:
    ♥ a base coat
    ♥ a red nail polish (I've used Ruby Gem by Seventeen, it's gorgeous!)
    ♥ a pink polish (I've used Pink Grapefruit by Seventeen, it's beautiful!)
    ♥ top coat (I used Barry M's Matte Top Coat)
    ♥ a dotting tool
    ♥ tin foil
    ♥ cotton wool sticks & nail varnish remover.

(You don't have to use exactly the same colours & brands, jazz it up abit & use what you've got)

Step one... Before you paint your nails you should always prep them (remove old nail varnish, file & all that jazz). Once your nails are fresh & prepped, you need to apply your base coat.

Step two... Once your base coat has dried you are now ready to paint your nails, for this look you'll need to paint all your nails pink.

Step three... For full coverage be sure to apply two coats, or maybe even three thin coats if two just isn't enough. Once your nails are fully dry, it's now time for the top coat.

Step four... It's now time to change your nail look, from glossy to matte. I absolutely love my matte top coats.

Step five... Wait for your top coat to dry. I've learnt now the best way to do my nails & make sure they have plenty of time to dry is catch up on your favourite tv show (hello, pretty little liars!) or maybe even read a magazine or two.

Step six... As soon as your nails are dry it's time to grab that red nail varnish, dotting tool & tin foil. All you need to do basically now is to tip a little bit of your red nail varnish onto a piece of tin foil (I've also found it's easier to just take the nail varnish brush out the bottle & blop it onto the tin foil, less messy), get your dotting tool & just dab it into the polish, then on to your nail.

Step seven... For this look you just need to dab your dotting tool into your polish, dab it on to your nail & just create the shape of a love heart. I didn't manage to take photos of me dabbing & the steps to create the shape, oooops! I decided to just create the shape before it dried up. 

A little tip for you, I found it easier to start with the middle of the heart & then work my way around. I did the top part of the heart first & then joined it together at the bottom.

Step eight... After I'd created the love heart I decided against adding a top coat over it because I was a little scared it might smudge & let's be honest, the background colour would chip before the design & that is already protected so all is good. All that is left to do is to get rid of any nasty little bits of polish that have dried around your nail & your nails are now completed.


Love inspired nails, complete!

Well putting my time & effort into this post has improved my mood a little. If you happen to decide to give these a go, please do share them with me.

I'll be back in a couple of hours, maybe days to create another post. All about how I'm feeling. Oooh, aren't you in for a treat.


  1. One heart isn't too cheesy after all, so I love it! :)

  2. SOO cute! I like the dotting tool a lot!

    1. thanks Nichole! :) so lovely to see you back on the blogging scene! <3

      I love the dotting tool too :) it can create some beautiful things :) xxx