how I look 'stylish' on a dog walk.

Stop, we are not taking a walk down the catwalk. No, today my friends we are talking a walk, on the dog walk.

I'm don't class myself as the most fashionable of people, I'm working on it though. I'm actually often complimented on my outfit in real life and I'm actually amazed to be honest. I'm trying to create different outfits. Instead of throwing on my typical jeans + tshirt/jumper combo.

I'm thinking of creating different outfits, maybe based on occasion.

*light bulb inside my head pings*

I'm not a party girl, far from it. I often feel pretty awkward at parties so there will be no Saturday night going out outfits. But instead here is my contribution to the outfit post world.

I'm not always 'stylish', some of my outfits when dog walking are extremely worrying.

What do I wear on a typical dog walk?

What was my favourite parker coat is now my dog walking coat. Does anyone else have a dog walking coat? Surely fellow dog walkers, you must.

So this lovely, warm, cosy, lined hooded coat it is....

I've probably had this coat for about five years now I'd say, I bought it from New Look. I decided to wear it for dog walking occasionally but once I'd noticed the inside of the pocket was beginning to rip (the dog treat smell didn't help matters) I thought it would be a perfect dog walking coat. It is fading a little in colour, has a few marks on it but oh my, it is just too lovely to get rid of. This wont be leaving me anytime soon.

In this weather the perfect base layer for under a coat is without a doubt a chunky jumper. I picked this chunky jumper up this winter, in the mens section in Matalan. Mens clothing is the way to go if you don't want something fitted, oversized is a pretty good look to rock if you ask me.

Jeans are the perfect leg wear choice for dog walking, there thick enough to stop you getting chilly. Leggings aren't something I'd recommend for walking, unless you put some tights on underneath. I've admittedly got home and can't be bothered to change out of my tights so I've just thrown leggings on, surprisingly pretty warm & cosy but they can become very hairy depending on the dogs you are near.

I love wearing my ripped, distressed looking jeans because I'm not overly bothered if they get the occasional mucky paw print on them or occasional dog dribble. Oh, delightful!

If you're a regular walker you'll know that wellies are an absolute must for this time of year. In the first few weeks of the new year I did see a couple (late teens) walking, the girl was wearing heels and didn't seem too impressed with the situation. Either that or it was their first time of meeting up and she wasn't impressed that he'd taken her on a country walk.

you know you've watched too much pretty little liars when you create this...
A few final musts for dog walking has to be a lead, a treat bag and a poo bag holder (filled with lots of poo bags)! I'm always wearing this around my neck like a medal. Oh and of course you need one happy, furry friend.

Another thing that I do occasionally throw on, depending on the weather is a wooly hat, scarf and gloves. Very rare I put gloves on actually, they just end up being more hassle.

Ooh, this post was actually pretty fun to put together and I enjoyed it. That is what blogging is about, having fun and expressing yourself.

The clogs in my brain are now going around as to what 'fashion' post I'm going to create next. I've got a Pretty Little Liars post in my head already creating itself, who else watches Pretty Little Liars?


  1. That coat does certainly look cosy! And you do look stylish, stylish and practical which is an excellent combination to be :-) xx

  2. Aw he's SO cute!!
    I love your blue jumper looks so snuggly but such a lovely colour.
    and the poo bag I can relate haha - I attach pepper's to her lead in a little pink bag, I always get asked what she keeps in her purse and get weird looks when I say poo bags haha xox

    1. isn't he just :) I've been watching old videos of him on my phone today, oh my! He's grown so so soooo much!

      thanks Jamie :)

      well I mean what else do they think she'll keep in her purse? ;) hehe! if only she could pick up her own poop, that would make it easier haha xxx

  3. Replies
    1. it sure is, like you wouldn't believe Nichole! :) xxx

  4. Your dog is so cute!

    Sorry i should be commenting on your outfit haha xox

    1. not technically my dog hehe, but thanks! :), don't apologise, he is a real cutie! xxx