I saw Olly Murs live...

I'm going to start of by sounding really old here but where on earth do the weeks go? It is crazy to think I saw Olly, one whole week ago. That week has flown by crazily fast, weeks slow down will ya! Time moving so fast makes me just want to live in the moment even more every day, live for the day. You never know what is around the corner.

The days before the concert I'd had the idea of a blog post floating around in my head to share my tips on how I cope, the post ended up turning into how I coped really. I know concerts aren't exactly an every day event but they are super fun to go to and be a part of.  So I ended up sharing my tips after the concert but better late than never, it's up now and it can hopefully help someone. Want a quick link to it? Sure thing, click here

I'm an absolute sucker for a photo filled blog post so let's start like we mean to go on shall we? This my 'ARRGGGHHHH, I SAW OLLY MURS LIVE, GOT A TSHIRT AND KEPT THE STREAMER THAT I CAUGHT FROM THE SHOW FACE'.

I'll explain the story behind going to see Olly. Surely it is as simple as I like him, I like his music, I like him as an artist and the person he comes across as. Well yes it is I suppose in a way. I originally bought tickets for my mum for her 60th birthday (yeah, my mum is cool and loving Olly). Absolutely gutted that my mum had actually already seen him live and loved it. I remember blogging about it actually, she went with my dad and I spent the night at home pretty gutted about it. This time round my dad didn't want to go because in his words, 'there is too many screaming girls and kids'. Well when you are one of the screamers you can't really hear the rest of them so much.

So the plan was it would be the two of us going. My mum wouldn't let me drive, yes I'm 23 and still need my mums approval. So she wanted us to get the train, I'm not a fan of trains. Plus it wouldn't just be a train ride it would be a train then a tram. Ooh, too much for one day in my eyes. A few friends had offered to take us in their cars if not. I was all up for that but then I really wanted my friend to come with us, she obviously didn't have tickets but on our local radio station there was to be a competition. A competition called Olly-oke, the clue is in the name...yes it involved singing. Can I sing? along to the radio of course, in the shower yes. Live on the radio, it seems not so much. A song was played, I had to continue singing when the song stopped. Alot harder than it sounds, completely lost the words...I managed to forget an Olly Murs song, top fan points? haha! 5 people entered the competition too, we was entered into a draw to win 2 tickets to see Olly. Long story short, I bloomin won them and since I was the one who sang I got the better tickets of them all, woohoo!

I took my older camera, the quality wasn't very good at all. I ended up using my phone so the quality isn't as good but just to show how close we were to the stage. There was two stages, this was the main stage...

Another stage to our right, we was literally bang in the middle of the two almost. So far through the show a bridge came down and Olly changed stages...

When I've previously been to concerts I've taken alot of photos and videos, have I looked back at them? Only a few. So instead of viewing the concert through my screen I lived in the moment and experienced it with my own two eyes, I absolutely loved it! The photo below was taken over the weekend after the show on the Wednesday. I was still so happy about it! My face was like this for a long time, especially after I won the tickets to see Olly. Genuinely keep smiling like this now!

Ok, on to the concert? Oh my goodness, see what I did there? ;)

I'd go as far as to say that it was without a doubt the best concert I've ever been to so far. I was anxious on the day, you'd think I was performing...it wasn't have no fear about that. I tried my best to do everything I could to feel better so I took myself on an hour long walk during the day to get lots of fresh air to my head, I had a nice soak in the bath and painted my nails. I did everything I could to make sure I wasn't rushing around. Plus in my bag I took lots of ginger biscuits (I always have a packet in my bag for sickness feelings...yuck) and some mints too, both of them always tend to help. Safety behavior? Maybe so, but atleast I'm going out and doing things now.

Car journey went really well, we went in my friends car since now her and her daughter were coming with us (they had our original tickets). Ginger biscuits were slowly nibbled on, all was good! Arrived at the arena a little bit later than planned, we got into the arena and did the usual pre show stuff. You know have a wee, get a drink, buy some merchandise and then make your way to your seat. By the time we got to our seat, Ella Eyre (she was the support act) sung one more song then went. Fast forward maybe twenty, thirty minutes...

Olly Murs put on an absolutely incredible show. I'm extremely impressed. The next night I wanted to go again and relive it all, it was just so good. He is an absolute entertainer and an all round cheeky chappy. Half way through the show I was debating whether I'd still have a voice left in the morning, I was singing along to every single song so loud. The night was the best night I've had in a very long time. It was spent being entertained, singing, dancing, clapping, swaying and taking it all in.

One thing I don't like at the beginning of a concert is when you first get there and the sound affects your whole body as such. Do you know what I mean? When it vibrates your chest and just feels so strong.

I'm thinking maybe now I better put an end to this post because man, I'm waffling on!

One more thing before you go? Just for the LOLs, I decided to recreate the look on the tshirt. I still keep giggling at it, yes I'm really that weird but hey, who wants to be normal? NOT ME!

All in all it is safe to say my time at the Olly Murs concert is an experience I certainly won't be forgetting in a hurry. Another tour Olly? I'm there!

Have you been to any concerts recently?

I'd love to hear about it, let's be friends and tell me more!

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