my latest love, Seventeen Gel Colour.

Recently I've not really been feeling the blogging love, I haven't felt the feeling of wanting to blog. I've been kind of busy in 'the real world', you know cos blogging is just an illusion, it's a made up world. I'm totally kidding by the way. Blogging is a part of my life. Admittedly I do slack sometimes but the beauty with blogging is there are no rules, blog when you want, where you want, about what you want.

Ok, now that I've got that little bit out of my head I'll talk about what I came here to talk about and that is SEVENTEEN GEL COLOUR ...oh my, without a doubt my latest love.

Seventeen is a range exclusive to Boots and they currently have an offer on. 2 for £6 on Gel Colour, thanks for a fab offer Seventeen and Boots but I think you've got some explaining to do to my bank balance.

When I first spotted these polishes in Boots thankfully my local store only had a small selection. A small selection means less time spent oohing and awwing over which polish I want to add to my collection. I picked up 4 colours first time around, but now my Seventeen Gel Colour collection has doubled. My local boots now stock the whole collection, so I'm currently trying my best to avoid it (you know after already purchasing 4 more since I couldn't decide on just 2).

I've been wanting to share all the colours on here but reality is right now I can't. I don't want to paint my nails, take a photo straight away then paint another colour. Admittedly I tried that last week but the lighting was all wrong and it just ended terribly so I'm going to paint my nails as usual and just snap photos and throw them all in one post, eventually.

But I couldn't create a post without adding pictures though so the colour Razberrito is going to be the main feature for today. I'm seriously in love with the colour and the polish as a whole. Let me tell you why...

The formula, impressive. The only other gel look shine polish I've tried is Barry Ms and I don't rate them one bit. This formula is just right in my eyes. Each time I've painted my nails I've literally got just the right amount of polish on my brush, making painting my nails fun and enjoyable. If you've used any of Barry M's gelly shine polish you will know exactly what I mean by their formula, their formula is so thick and blobby (farrrrr too thick). If you hate that as much as I do, I think you will be seriously impressed with Seventeens new range too.

The coverage...I advice using either 2 or 3 coats. 2 coats are usually fine but depending if it's a glitter one maybe 3.

The wear, mind blowing? Maybe my mind is easily blown but how can Seventeen create a polish that lasts so long without signs of wear. On the bottle cap it states to have upto 8 days wear. I've tried 3 different polishes and each time I made a note in my diary so I could work out how many days they lasted. On average it was around 4 to 5 days which in my eyes is pretty impressive. But as I'm typing this and looking down at my nails they are only just starting to chip slightly and it has been 1 week. 1 whole week, I'm on to a winner here in my eyes! *pppsssssttt* I didn't even use a top coat to protect them either so it is all the polishes work alone.

The colour match... I don't know how some makes manage this but I've bought polishes before and they come out a wishy washy version of what is in the bottle...meaning they require alot of coats to match, therefore it's time consuming and a little boring. Seventeens Gel Colour on the other hand is on point with the match! What you see in the bottle is exactly how it'll be on your nails.

WOW, did I just write a review? Without actually calling it a 'review' and freaking out a little inside...yes, yes I bloomin well did. Woo hoo, I'm impressed with myself.

Have you tried any of Seventeens Gel Colour polishes? If your answer was no, what are you playing at? Girl, you are seriously missing out.


  1. I'm the same. I try to blog as much as possible but sometimes it's just time and waiting for the perfect topic. I've just re done my site so hopefully I do it more. Anyways. Great colour nail varnish. I've seen a few Seventeen products that people have been talking about so will need to try it out.

    1. Absolutely! :) I'm in the middle of messing around with mine at the minute :/

      Thank you :) I highly recommend it xxx