'online friends' become 'real life friends'...the build up!

I'm not one of those people who feels you can't become or build a friendship online. In my opinion, you totally can. Obviously you have to be really careful and if you have a gut feeling something or someone isn't quite right then listen to your gut.

A few years after leaving school was when I became more active in the cyber world. I used to have facebook through school and you know the likes of bebo...oh yes, who remembers bebo? can I have your love for the day? (if you didn't have bebo you clearly won't understand that).

I deactivated my facebook account because it was not worth the hassle that came along with it and I feel so much better for getting rid. Twitter in my opinion is so much better. Facebook is for the people who you know and wish you didn't, Twitter is filled with people who you don't know but wish you did. Anyone else heard that quote?

I originally joined twitter for something to do I guess, to follow the celebs (I was originally one of them annoying tweeters trying to get noticed by one direction...it didn't happen, have no fear I've moved wayyyy on from that stage. You live, you learn). But now for me twitter is so much more than just following the celebs, I use it to connect with other people all over the country. It is great!

I've wrote 3 paragraphs so far and I've not actually mentioned what I'm wanting to actually talk about today. I've never come close to meeting anyone from the internet. It is a pretty scary step to meet someone who you've met online. This weekend I'll be doing just that, I'm a mixture of emotions. I'm extremely excited but I'm scared too. Since Sunday I've been feeling really anxious and now the week of the weekend has arrived I'm guessing those levels might slightly rise even more but distraction is key...hence why I'm blogging about it.

This weekend will see Jamie, her boyfriend Dave and their dog Pep come to stay for a few nights. It is so crazy to think I only started blogging as an escape now I've actually got a very good friendship out of it. I know I shouldn't be scared because yes technically they are 'strangers' because I haven't met them in person but I mean I've skyped them enough to know they aren't crazy loons...well, actually they are crazy loons but in the greatest way possible. I just keep reminding myself that the feelings I'm feeling are completely normal and the best way to do this is, feel the fear and do it anyway!

It is crazy to think in three days, three whole days I will be able to see this lovely little lady in real life. I can feel a photo filled blog post coming up next week, unless Jamie can't stand me and they end up leaving after a few hours...I'm sure she wont...if it is anything like Skype/phone/text we will get on like a house on fire. I actually feel sorry for Dave, he is going to get ganged up on soooo much...pre warning for you there Dave! :) See you guys soon! X


  1. Awh loved this. I totally agree that you can make friends online. One of my best friends I met online almost 6 years ago and we still chat everyday. I just wish she didn't live in New Zealand haha x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

    1. :) eeeek! New Zealand?!?!? WOWZAS!!! Thats a lonnnggggg wayyyyy!!! Xxx

  2. What a lovely post! I look forward to seeing how it goes!

    Kay, https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/ohkay-dohkay-10675349