Becoming real life friends, meeting Jamie (,Dave and Pepper)...

Last weekend I got to spend the weekend with one of my best friends Jamie (is it weird to class her as my best friend? Even though I haven't known her long) :/. I don't know exactly when we started talking, or even how we started talking to be fair. I'm guessing it was probably on blog comments, then twitter, twitter then turns to text, text turns to phone calls, phone calls lead to Skype and well Skype leads to meeting up.

We talk literally every day now, some days it will be more than others but without a doubt, we will speak every day. I don't even want to think of life without Jamie in it. Yes she swears, yes shes feisty, yes she doesn't give a crap what people think but she is one of the nicest people I've ever met. We are so similar in some ways but then completely different in others which is great cos we've got a nice mix.

Meeting Jamie for the first time was so exciting but so nerve wracking at the same time. In some ways she was still a stranger because I'd never spent any time with her in real life, what if we didn't get along. What if I liked Jamie but she didn't like me? I had a fair few what ifs floating around my head during the run up to Jamie coming to visit. To the older generation us meeting up was slightly crackers and I'm pretty sure they thought we were crazy. It didn't help matters when my dad was making remarks along the lines of 'Annas got some friends coming to visit for the weekend who shes never met'. That makes it sound like just some randomers I've found online who I've not spoke to or skyped, this isn't an episode of Catfish. I bloomin' love that programme though!

My what ifs were made to look very small after the weekend, infact on our first day together they were made to look tiny. We got along like a house on fire, there was no awkward silences. Even Jamie's boyfriend (Dave) said it's like we've known each other for ages, it's like when you haven't seen someone for a while and things don't change. It's the same like you saw them yesterday or the day before.

Jamie, Dave and Pepper (their dog) easily fitted into our little world, in the countryside compared to their life in London. My parents had already spoke to Jamie and Dave in passing on Skype or Facetime so for them it wasn't strange neither because it was like they already knew them and what they were like.

I've got loads of photos to add on here and share so I'm going to try and give a little run down of how the weekend went. Jamie, Dave and Pepper traveled on Friday night around 8.15 and arrived at around 1am, a lonnng ass journey! I'm so grateful and feel so lucky and loved that they made so much effort to come spend the weekend with me. Thank you both soooo much!

Saturday morning, I felt so anxious. I felt so so so sick, I didn't tell anyone because I knew the ways to control it a little. That feeling eventually simmered down into the back of my mind so I could enjoy the day. Firstly we all jumped into my car and drove to town. I showed them round a little bit, it is a completely different pace of life compared to London so I'm hoping it made a nice change for them. Jamie absolutely loved how many dogs were about (yes, she is a crazy dog lady without a doubt), shrieking everytime we drove past a dog! Dave loved how many independent stores we have too.

Once we'd finished having a wander, we had a little pitt stop to have a drink before we decided what to do next. Go for a picnic or have some lunch in town. Picnic was the winner....WOOHOO! I love a good picnic, picnics for me usually are me sat on the living room floor on a blanket eating a sandwich with crisps and a drink (yes I've just admitted to being a real cool bean).

Jamie and Dave brought their own snazzy picnic basket, I mean check out this beauty...

Oh, and don't forget these two beauties ;)

I took Jamie, Dave and Pepper to a National Trust Park not far from me so we could enjoy peace, quiet and the outdoors...oh and each others company too of course. We sat and ate our picnic near the lake which obviously made for perfect photo opportunities of the wildlife.

All the ducks, geese and swans (babies & parents) were far too cute.

We unfortunately couldn't snap any photos of any squirrels because someone liked to show an interest in them...

'come on, let me at em'...
Pepper was so well behaved all weekend, she was such a pleasure. She even got in on the photo action...

Once we'd finished our picnic we went over to the other side of the lake to see more of what the park has to offer.

The reality behind Jamie and Daves selfies...
After we'd finished in the park all together we made our way out.

The park is such a beautiful place to spend time in. You get very little signal so it is like an escape from everything. 

On our way out we got out of the car to take some more photos and Pepper spent her time like this...

'don't worry mum, I'm watching you'...
Next thing to do? Get some more food in our bellies...Ok, first...more photos! To narrow it down I've just chose my favourite one of about ten.

'life's too short to take boring photos'
Next stop was foooood, we opted for KFC then we headed back home. To make the most of the day and our time together, we went for a walk then just chilled at mine for the rest of the night. We all ended up falling to sleep and I remember waking up to the sound of Pepper about to throw up. No mess, but she was poorly :(.

Sunday came around and Pep seemed better. We got ready and I took them to the next town for us to nip to New Look, Matalan and JD Sports. I'm going to have to share the little funny story behind our trip to Matalan. Jamie wanted a wee, she opened the toiler door, that was unlocked and sat on the loo was a man having a poo...reading the paper! Poor Jamie was so shocked and I bet the poor guy didn't hang around, in fear of bumping into her in the store.

Shopping done, on to dinner (or lunch as Jamie insists on calling it ;) ). We met my parents at the local golf course and had a delicious carvery. Dinner (sorry, Jamie lunch :P ) was delicious. Next stop was to town again and for a walk through the park.

Seriously, how photogenic can one dog be?!

Whilst walking through the park Jamie spotted this tree...I see a tree, what do you see?

Admittedly in the end I did see what she spotted. I can spot it even more looking at this photo too.

After we'd walked through the park we decided to go to the sweetie shop because we are real grown ups... Just when I thought these pair were behaving themselves, this happened...

Next stop, McDonalds for a nice drink. We'd thought about going to a pub but it was abit windy and cold so we opted for McDonalds car park (yeahhhh, we know how to partayyyy)! After that we went for a spin (spin sounds better than drive around). I showed them around a little and Dave was clearly so on edge with my driving and holding on for dear life this happened...

Once Dave had woke up from his snooze, we got home and packed their suitcase ready because they had to go back at some point. Not impressed :( 

Suitcase packed but it wasn't time to go home, nooooo! Looking at the size of Jamie's case she clearly wanted to stay longer. A weekend bag seriously wouldn't of done this girl any good.

Time for another walk...

Walkies done, it was time for lots of photos and chill time.

A little note to you, Jamie...
Thank you so much for coming in to my life. Thank you for being there for me. For making me realize the shit in life, seeing the true colours in characters. Thank you for coming to spend the weekend with me. I will come to visit you too I promise, I just can't say when...I'll work on it though, in the meantime if you every fancy a getaway into the countryside, you know where I am! :) Oh and I'm really missing talking to you through the window in the morning...AND having a conversation that isn't interrupted with poor connection or reconnecting.

p.s. thanks to Dave too for driving all that way here and back. Plus thanks for being a part of our weekend too :)

Well if anyone actually manages to read all of this they deserve a massive pat on the back.

If you've happened to get this far, let me know? Have you ever met anyone who came into your life online?

Oh and a little note to Tom from Skype too, heyyy and thank you for getting in touch too! :) (this is to check if you read this post haha!)


  1. Aw this is so lovely Anna!! Love the postman pat van pics xD! I've met some online friends and it's always been brilliant! One of them is hopefully coming up again in the summer :D i also have someone staying this weekend! I'm excited...also a bit nervous..i have only met people for a day before (though the lovely lady hoping to come up again and me often chat!) so I'm hoping i can provide enough entertainment for the weekend haha! I'm very grateful to her for coming up since she did invite me down to Oxford but you know how that went haha! Love this post! It'll be us one day :D

    1. Ooohhh, I hope they do come visit again :) OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, I HOPE THAT WENT WELL! :D

      I didn't know you tried to go to Oxford?!?!?!? I think a catch up is much needed Jess!!!! <3

  2. Probably should have's Jess LOL !! *facepalm*