Inspirational reads, Katie Piper's books!

I don't fully remember when I first discovered Katie, I don't remember where I first heard about her but I now follow her on Twitter & Instagram to see what she's up to day to day (ok, maybe not day to day..I'm not online that much)...but that's what social media is for right? Keeping in the loop, being able to interact with people.

Every now and then when I decide to approach people to share my blog, to raise more awareness for mental health. Katie has always been one who I approach and she always retweets, thanks Katie! (saying that like she'll be reading this, never know)!

I use my blog to help others, to share things I love and Katie's books fall under both them titles. They can help you and you will love them (I know I do)!

Katie is known to most people as the girl who cruelly got acid thrown in her face. But Katie has gone on to prove she is a whole lot more than that. Not only is Katie a fighter, she is a down to earth woman. The attack hasn't stopped Katie from going on to live a full life, I can't even begin to imagine how tough that must be but look at that lady go! She is now a mother, soon to be a wife, founder of her own charity. Katie inspires me. If the world was filled with more Katies the world would be a much better place.

I remember reading Katie's first book, 'Beautiful'. It actually took me a good few weeks to pick up the book and read it (past the first few pages). I couldn't actually bring myself to read her story, the horrific details, the terrifying events but I'm so glad I decided to eventually read Katie's first book, I'm also very glad she decided to share her story and write books to help others.

During Katie's books I feel you can connect with her, relate to her, understand her, sympathize with her. Her life, her attitude, her story is without a doubt inspiring. Throughout her books you can really begin to understand Katie, to see exactly what she has been through. You discover the behind the scenes almost of Katie's journey. You hear all about the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the victories and the setbacks. Katie's books are honest, heartbreaking and heartwarming. I seriously recommend them all.

I'll give you a tiny bit of info on each book...

'Beautiful' is Katie's first book, telling her story. In the book she shares tales and the odd photos thrown in too. Life before the attack and a little after if I remember rightly.

'Things Get Better' is more of a self help book, to make people feel less alone and make us know there is support out there for us all and it is possible for us all to recover from whatever life throws at us.

'Start Your Day With Katie', every day of the year you can open this book up to a new quote. I don't use this as often as I should but it is definitely a must if you're a lover of quotes and positive thinking.

'Beautiful Ever After' is Katie's most recent book that I finished a couple of weeks ago now. Beautiful Ever After shows Katie share her story of life after the attack. The story of rebuilding her life and everything happening up to recently.

If you can't tell already I highly recommend Katie' books and I think she is an ordinary lady doing extremely incredible things. Keep going Katie, you rock! 

p.s. have you read any of her books? which do you like best? if you haven't read any yet, you should totally should check out her books and send her some love! X


  1. Things get better is my favourite xx

  2. I would recommend her books to everyone! She's so inspiring, even now she continues to fight back after her ordeal! I have three books, don't have the things get better book. May actually re read beautiful this week x

    1. :) without a doubt Christina! You need to own things get better, it is such a great book that everyone can relate too! Xxx