the big 'A' reveal...

Pretty Little Liars has just shared with us all this seasons summer finale, finally after 131 episodes (fyi, I checked on Netflix whilst I was writing this) we finally know who 'A' is...

Image taken from the official Pretty Little Liars Instagram page

I've left it a good couple of days for this episode and reveal to sink in before I sat down to write about my thoughts and feelings towards the whole reveal, the whole episode (it made me cry a little, not the story behind A but the girls all parting and saying goodbye).

I'd had my own thoughts and theories running up to the big reveal and there was plenty flying around the internet too, but none prepared me for this episode and discovery.

After not knowing the identity of A for so long, I really wasn't ready to find out who was behind the character. I wasn't ready to put a face to the disturbed creature. In all honesty I wasn't sure I even wanted to know who A was. I was quite happy living in the unknown, being completely unaware of the person behind it. I had built so much of an expectation in my head that I didn't feel anyone could fill it.

Unfortunately I'm sad and disappointed to discover the identity of A. It wasn't who I'd expected it to be. I expected it to be someone who had played a big part in the whole six series, not just someone who had appeared a handful of times. Even though I had guessed Sara was a part of 'the A team', I'm still left questioning why? Why is she both red coat and the black widow? It doesn't make sense, is it even meant to make sense? What reason does Sara have to be a part of it?

I'm still convinced that CeCe isn't really A, maybe they just want us to think she is A...yeah, her story checks out but I'm still left questioning it. Surely there is more than just CeCe & Sara behind all this, I'm convinced there is!

Plus five years down the line who is 'he'? Who has come back for Ali? I'm not even going to try to guess, how about you?


  1. But the whole CeCe thing DOES make sense. I guess they've still left so many blank holes to fill about all the lost leads never explained - and the moms are still stuck in the basement. Also, the ending was a little confusing and fast, but I guess it was needed to peak interest for the next dragged on season, am I right?

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Yeah, it does make sense...just I'm not convinced that's the full story.

      You are absolutely right! It's dragged on but it's bloomin good too! Damn you Pretty Little Liars! Xxx