My Driving Journey - Lesson 11 & 12

Tuesday 30th July
Today our first stop was onto an estate a little closer to my house that was quieter & had a wide road with very little traffic. I got to practice doing 3 point turns again, I practiced it three times again. I think that's just the basic fact of it takes three times to be facing the way you want to go again. So this time I managed to do it alot better, still hitting the kerb once...this time when I was driving forward. Maybe next time I won't hit the kerb at all..fingers crossed!
After completing that manoeuvre we moved on to the next village, I really enjoy driving around now. So what's the next part? It was reversing into a side road. I only got to practice it once due to timing after going through it with diagrams & conversation. I still think it went pretty well. Learning techniques how to master it too.
Thursday 1st August
So today I'd like to start with it was super anxiety & heat don't mix very well together. My lesson was in the afternoon today so probably one of the hottest parts of the day, oh lovely! So today we wasn't focusing on any manoeuvres we just focused on driving around a little. We went to the next town & on the way there I thought I was going to throw up, usually that thought/feeling would make me be like "I need to go home now" instead though I just asked if I could pull up & have a ginger (I have ginger chews to help with sickness). Of course my very understanding instructor said that was absolutely fine so we stopped & luckily after that I was a little better but I managed to complete the lesson. I was very proud of myself, improvement there. So we continued & just drove around a little really, introducing myself to some of the streets where I might go for the test route.
What's next for my driving journey? I don't know..
I shall find out next week.
If your debating starting lessons, give it a go..
What have you got to loose?
You never know, you might really love it!
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. You're so lucky you're getting your lessons done so quickly. In Ireland we have to have at least 1 week between lessons. I was like 5 months doing my lessons :P x

    1. That's just crazyyyy :) haha..atleast you'll get there in the end :) xx

  2. I've experienced anxiety driving too. Unlike you I've been driving for 15 years! I've found regular practice helps.

    1. I feel for you..:O oh my god, 15 years?! Atleast you've found something that helps even if its just a little :) x

  3. I just can't wait to start learning to drive after this post!
    your blogs really cute, so I followed it, would love it if you follow me backx

    1. :) that's brilliant! thank you :) I shall check out your blog for sure xx