My Driving Journey - Lesson 15 & 16

I'm pretty sure I've said this before but I will say it again..I can't believe that I'm actually managing to do driving lessons & I haven't cancelled any yet, wooohooo! For someone who struggles to leave the house some days. Driving lessons are something that I have mixed emotions towards, some days I can't wait for it & other days I'm dreading it & don't want to bother. But do I let that voice inside my head saying that I can't do this stop me? No, I don't!
So on to the run down of the lessons....
Tuesday 13th August
Today I was pretty looking forward to learning a new manoeuvre because we seem to kind of do one lesson introducing a new manoeuvre, then the next lesson having a drive about & the next one practising the manoeuvre a little bit more. So I was quite surprised when we just did another drive around lesson in the next town. Now I think about it I wonder whether she chose to go back there since on Thursday before I said I was dreading going back to the same town, who knows. But anyway I got to drive around a lot so that was all that was important. I've decided that once people see the L plate on the car they automatically panic then feel the need to overtake to get out of the way. I was going at the same speed other road users were & this one man decided to overtake me, not too sure why because he still ended up in front of me in the queue at the traffic lights so he didn't exactly get very far.
Thursday 15th August
So this lesson introduced a new manoeuvre....parallel parking. I drove onto an housing estate on the other side of my local town & on the way there we came across a lot more traffic with the traffic lights being against us..well so it seemed, so I had to do a lot more gear control. Once we got to the estate my instructor talked me through the manoeuvre using her folder full of diagrams. I love the little diagrams, the cars always look like they have little eyes ha makes me laugh! I am easily amused. Anyway I got to practice the manoeuvre three times before heading back home.
One little thing that I'm very proud of, well actually it's a pretty big thing for me..I managed both of these lessons without mints, chewing gum or gingers.
Those are kind of classed as my safety behaviour, my fellow mental health sufferers will be familiar with them.
Are you learning to drive? I'd love the hear your progress.
Have you passed your test? Do you remember how many lessons it took to pass? Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I took a year and a half to learn to drive as I was always so nervous.. but I passed first time! Good Luck for when you do your test, it sounds like you're making really good progress :)

    1. That's not too bad :) how many lessons were you having a week? Well done you! :) thank you :) xxxx

    2. I had one lesson a week but 2 nearer the time of my test! And your welcome :) xxx