My Driving Journey - Lesson 13 & 14

14 lessons down the line & I'm still showing anxiety who is boss!
If any of you who are reading this & would love to learn to drive but don't know if you can.. Believe in yourself & feel the fear & do it anyway. I did a blog post about it called learning to drive..while experiencing mental health difficulties.
Tuesday 6th August
Today the lesson was an early one, I tend to vary the times a little so I experience different traffic situations. So today we stayed pretty local by just heading towards the town (my nearest one), we went onto an housing estate & I got to practice reversing around a corner. I got to practice twice on two of the corners which were both different. One was wide & the other one was very sharp. After completing those I did one more on the same estate & then drove off to the next little village. I drove through the town, pulling out at a crossroads onto a main road wasn't actually all too bad. I ended up practicing quite a few stops & starts at traffic lights through town. In the next village I basically just got to practice another corner & then I drove back home. During the lesson I got to do the major roundabout in our town twice & also had to experience pulling out onto a main road out of a junction that was set back a little bit. I feel that I'm doing pretty well & I'm really enjoying it.

Thursday 8th August
Today my lesson was in the afternoon. I wasn't actually dreading it too much today up until like twenty minutes before, which is usually the case. Today I drove to the next town (one with my highest level of anxiety) whilst I was driving there on the main road I was starting to dread it even more because the last time I went there driving (last Thursday) we had to stop the car in a lay by so I could have a ginger for my sickness feeling. Since when it happens sometimes its pretty strong & I can't concentrate. I said to my instructor that I was dreading it because of the last time, it's like your mind just remembers things & it triggers your thoughts once you approach it again. My instructor fully understood what I meant luckily, maybe she doesn't think I'm crazy..haha! She said well when we go past it today we can wave it goodbye, like see  you later..we're leaving you behind! This is the exact reason I'm so glad I have the instructor I do, she not only understands but she's funny too. So as we were going past the lay by she was waving at it going bye! The rest of the lesson was basically just a drive around one. We just drove around the town, it's amazing what roads you don't realise exist until you start driving. So all in all the lesson went well.

Wow...there is quite an essay going on in this post, nevermind!
If you kept reading thank you very much!
As you can tell I'm still loving it & always come back in such a good mood. It is such a confidence booster too.
Are you in a similar situation?
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Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

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