let's get physical...

Has the song physical popped into anyones head? No, just mine? Swiftly moving on then...
I feel so old saying this but this year I will have been left high school for six years...SIX YEARS?! Quite frankily I'm struggling to believe & accept it really. But since leaving school I have done a huge amount very little physical exercise...absolutely nothing, zero, zilch...unless you class chasing a dog maybe or the occasional bike ride or the odd kick about of a football...maybe I should rephrase that...I've done zero planned exercise. But now I have a feeling that is all going to change...
I'm getting slightly fed up of feeling slightly pants & sluggish & just so meeeehhh! Meh is totally a word yes? I thought so too...is it in the dictionary yet? Let me know & get back to me? :) cheers!
So instead of sitting around & moaning about it, doing nothing to change it. I decided to take it upon myself to go for a new challenge. I'm going to take up....*drum roll*.....running! Wish me luck? I really did used to enjoy PE in school & that was part of my routine but now I have very little I've decided to bring running into it.
I've bought myself some new my first ever running shoes, who thought there was so much to research for running shoes...I mean I just thought yeah, I'll find a nice looking pair & let's go! Of course, looks have had to come into the purchasing part...I'm not going to wear really weird ones am I, wanna look cool whilst I'm out running, gracefully panting for breath like a dog!...but I have gone for looks first & then made sure they were comfortable & fit nicely, they do the job all round.

So far I have been on ONE...ONE!!!! twenty five minute run/walk..gotta ease yourself into these things. But I mean look above at the photo, I'm ever so glad I choose to get pretty trainers but atleast it shows I've worked hard right? I got down & dirty...no, I really didn't. I went running around country lanes.
I started running on my own on Tuesday, I might be being joined by a friend of mine but if not I shall be going it alone. So I downloaded an app on my ipod so I could keep track of it all & actually have a clue what to do. The app was called couch to 5k, there are a few different versions out there but I'm assuming they are all similar (if not the same).

screenshot of the app on my ipod
The app basically keeps track of what you have done & guides you on the right track. It guides you all the way through the whole work out & by guide, I do mean it speaks to you too. An electronic voice saying 'okay, speed it up a little into a run'...'okay, slow it down a little into a walk'. Ok, admittedly that might not be a word for word quotation of what it exactly says because another great thing is you can listen to music on your ipod or phone whilst you're working out...winner?! So I don't fully listen to what it is saying if I'm completely honest.
I'm gonna be honest the first time was pretty hard since I hadn't been running for a while & I didn't just run around a flat field...oooh no of course not, I decided to do the route I usually dog walk. Which includes two hills, so that was a great start. I did it though, that is the main thing & I'm going at it again. Luckily I didn't bump into anyone on Tuesday so fingers crossed that continues, atleast until I feel more comfortable about it, less red faced & out of breath.
I really hope that running will pick me up, give me focus & make me feel all around better in myself...here is hoping my friends.
Do you run? Or do you do any other form of physical exercise, let me know! Share your advice with me & whoever else happens to be reading or in the comments, we are all friends around here! :)
As always, thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. Great post! So happy you did get back to running! I know you wanted to:) those shoes are love! And that app is cool!

    1. :) thanks Nichole...I absolutely love em! :) xx