one year, twelve goals...third month in.

At the beginning of the new year I decided to create myself a list of twelve goals, one goal for each month. Every 3 months I'm going to recap/catch up on them to see how I'm doing. We've just come into the 3rd month of the year already, crazily quick but what better time to recap than on a lazy Sunday? :)

Here goes then...

1. meet atleast 3 online friends.
Total of online friends I've met you ask? None, not a single bean. Hopefully that will begin to change over the upcoming months. Especially since there is talk of a meet up, yes Amy I'm looking at you! :)

2. attend one or more concerts.
Concerts attended? None.
Concerts planned? Three, three?!
Watch this space for more updates on that, I'll more than likely be blogging about them. Fingers crossed by the next catch up I'll have been to two of them. *crosses everything*. Number 3 on my list this year is The Vamps. It's an outdoor concert, my favourite kind so I'm going to love it, hopefully! The album is on repeat in my car at the minute, last summer it was my album for the summer and this year is going to be no different.

3. save more money than I spend.
With car insurance, road tax, mot, new tyres and wiper blades in one month I'm pretty sure that answers itself. No, so far I haven't managed to save more money than I've spent. Bank balance is looking extremely poorly. I need to learn money doesn't grow on trees, nor do I need to buy so much rubbish when I'm out and about.

4. take a weekend break.
No weekend break has been taken yet and none are planned for the near future neither.

5. read one book every month.
Third month already? Easy peasy, I'm on to my fourth book this year. I've read Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (Zoella), an extremely easy read book with a lovely story behind it. The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks, not his typical complete lovey dovey love story...watched the film afterwards, one word to sum that up, beautiful! Third book is Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healey, I'm not too sure how I feel about this book in all honesty. It left me feeling the same way that The Perks Of Being A Wallflower left me. Now I've started reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman.

6. tackle the stigma surrounding mental health more.
How can we tackle the stigma? Just talk, speak up. I've got a new blog post idea ready in my head, just need to get round to typing it up. This goal is pretty much just an ongoing, yearly goal.

7. drink more water.
It's a work in progress, I'm trying to drink more but sometimes other drinks just seem alot more appealing.

8. spread my blogging wings a little more.
I guess you could say I've spread them a little more, I've given another 'fashion' post ago (still struggling to refer myself to fashionable and fashion). I'll be trying to spread these little wings a little bit further.

9. keep my diary up to date.
What diary? Oh, that book that tends to just get switched from bag to bag and occasionally gets wrote in. Yeah, that's the one and no, it's not up to date.

10. cook more meals.
I'm trying to get better at this part. Over the past two months I have made a pretty good tuna pasta bake, without a jar or packet in sight...ooh check me out! I've also made lasagne from scratch, *high five*! All thanks to this book, I'm trying to work my way through it...hence the yellow sticky note strips.

11. enquire more about braces.
Check. Consultation is over £50, costing is around £3,000. I'm not exactly rolling in it at the minute so I'm opting to get my oral health routine to its best in the meantime. Why couldn't I have a bloomin' dentist in my teens, under 18 and it's free...what?!

12. move...more.
Last week I ran three times, this week I've run....none at all. I've been on a few hour long brisk walks though so I'm moving, moving a little bit is better than not moving at all.


  1. i haven't commented on your blog in so long!! i feel like i very bad friend indeed :( Anyway i love this idea for a post... i see how you mean that it's like your diary! i'd say you're doing amazingly at tackling the stigma around mental health (i think thats my favorite goal) and I need to download skype so we can work towards meeting then i can help you tick off number one :) also i'm just starting if i stay...we can have a book club via text hehe xxxx

    1. yayyy for your favourite goal! :) I wonder if you've downloaded Skype yet :) yessss! double yes, for the meeting and for book club via text! :) xxx

  2. I just found your blog and followed you on Bloglovin', your posts are fab! This year i'm also attending a concert The Vamps are doing in my city, I'm really excited!

    - Amy xo

    1. awww lovely :) I'm glad you enjoy them! :)

      yessss, I'm sure it'll be amazing! :D xxx