Expectations and judgements.

Expectations and judgements are two things I really hate in life. Who sets out these expectations that we are meant to live by? Is there actually such a thing as a 'life rule book', no. I highly doubt it. I'm writing this post for those of you who feel alone and isolated because you aren't living life according to the 'milestones' or the people of your age group. I'm one of you, I'm not living life like most people my age, but does that actually matter? No, it doesn't. It doesn't bother me but other people make judgement, does it bother them? I don't actually know, it shouldn't.

My most recent post was sharing an article I read in Cosmopolitan, the article included a list of expected milestones which was kind of interesting but also stupid and upsetting to those of us who aren't living life as we are 'expected'.

There are a fair few remarks that people say to me that irritate the hell out of me. These people don't fully know me, or what I've been through in life so what right do they have to judge me? I shouldn't let these remarks effect me in the slightest but I'm only human so they do, I wish they didn't but I'm not a robot. I can't just block out peoples remarks. 

People pass judgement about relationships, 'oh, don't you have a boyfriend?'. My response to this is, no I don't have a boyfriend. For now I'm quite happy trying to build my life for me. If someone comes into my life then that might change but right now I'm not looking for someone to 'complete' me. Since when did we have to be in a relationship?

People pass judgement about where I live, 'oh, so you still live at home?'. 'Shouldn't you have moved out and got your own place?'. My response to those are, yes, I do still live at home. The clue is kind of in the name, it's my home too. A house that my parents have built as a home for us. When you turn a certain age your home doesn't stop being your home. Just like your family don't stop being family. Family are for life. Why is living at home such a bad thing? I absolutely love my parents (most of the time) and they aren't going to be around forever (morbid but true, but then again I could die before them). What would be the point in me moving out to live on my own, be miserable and struggle? No point what so ever. Yes, I live at home but I still live an independent life.

You know what, there are so many ridiculous expectations and judgements that people make towards each other. Why? What is the point really? Do these expectations and judgements help anyone?

Rant over.

I really hope that atleast one person has read this and thought I'm so glad I'm not the only one not living up to the 'expectations'. We all have very different stories to tell, we've all been through different stuff that has shaped us into the incredible people we are today and we should be proud of it! Be proud of yourself, be proud of the journey you've been on and continue to travel. Screw the expectations and other peoples judgements towards you. The only person who can be the judge of your life is the person living it, you. 


  1. great post banana <3 totally with you. especially with the living at home expectation. i only work 2 days a week and im 26. i "should" be living in my own place, in a full time job and driving by now!

    it's bullshittttt

    love you. you have achieved so much <3 im so proud of you. xoxox

    1. :) thank you so much Ally. You're right, it is bullshit! I love you too, you've achieved so much too & you are one tough cookie! <3 xxx