My Invisalign Journey, the consultation...

One of my goals this year was to enquire more about braces. Three things put me dentist, the procedure (cos it's so unknown and alien to me) and the cost (admittedly this one has kind of been an added fib, it'll be money well spent). I've not been happy with my teeth for a long time, during my secondary school years I didn't have a dentist therefore I didn't have the braces option. When I look at old photos of me now I wish my mum would of taken me to one, kicking and screaming. But I think I'm now prepared for it, well you know as prepared as I can be.

I've spent a good couple of months now searching Invisalign stories and before/after pictures online, they are all amazing! I can't believe the difference it makes. So instead of just having the idea going round and round and round in my head of wanting to go for braces but not wanting to go for braces I finally took that first step and booked the initial appointment, my consultation (a free one too, always a bonus right?)!

Invisalign has always been my favourite choice when looking at my options. I'm not going to lie, I didn't do alot of research about the dentists that offered the service. I used the Invisalign website to check out clinics in my area, they have a cool little coding system to let you know the dentists rating too. Then I checked out the website of a dental clinic close to me, but not too close (I don't recommend my previous dentist). Sometimes the journey seems to calm my nerves down a little cos those pesky nerves come in waves. The clinic offered a free consultation. Normally when you think free, it'll be a quick chat? No, not at all. I was in there for just over an hour. The dentist went through everything with me and I can't fault him at all, I'm actually really looking forward to seeing him again (just hope next time he has a little bit of One Direction on the TV instead of Mariah Carey) hehe! The second I walked into the room I felt at ease, I absolutely love people who give off a good vibe. He  examined my teeth to make sure I would be suitable for the treatment (I was, hooorraaayyy)!, he explained to me every option there was to take, all the different kinds of Invisaligns that are available (I didn't realise there was different kinds), how the treatments work, he showed me some real life cases of patients he is currently treating and ones he has already treated, I've got to say I'm impressed with his work. I can't even express how well he explained everything, I'm seriously amazed and highly impressed! 

I'm quite an anxious person so I wasn't exactly looking forward to this appointment but I went for it and you know what. It turned out extremely well! I felt terrible the whole car journey there, thankfully we had about a 5/10 minute wait so I could calm down. I'm going back again on Thursday (26th) for my impressions. I've spent long enough thinking about it, it's now time to take some action. I feel like with the help of Dr Khaliq and his assistant this journey is going to be a breeze. Right now I won't even have to think twice about recommending Bawtry Dental Clinic to anyone!

I'll update you after I have my impressions which I'm dreading but hey, the fear can only control me if I let it. So I'll be heading into the clinic on Thursday calm or on edge and maybe nervous too. But I'll attack it head on!


  1. well done banana! <3 proud as a peach x

  2. I am jealous! Haha very happy for you, sounds like it's going to be an exciting journey! I've read a little about it and they really do sound excellent X

    1. don't be jealous Christina :) if you're interested in it, enquire about it :) see what options there are, I'm excited! Is that a little bit sad? :/ :) xx