'If life's judged by milestones, I've failed' inspired by Jameela Jamil's article in Cosmo

I'm one of those girls who buys a monthly magazine to the read them straight away in a few months time. Glamour & Cosmos slowly stacking up on my floor, I'm looking at you!

I buy monthly magazines because they seem to have more appealing content, inspiring stories, interesting facts and aren't bursting with rumors and gossip.

When finally sitting down to read one of my many magazines I came across an article by Jameela Jamil, 'If life's judged by milestones, I've failed'...me too Jameela, me too!

In the article Jameela shares how she recently (many months ago now, I'm guessing) came across an article that listed major life milestones and the age at which we're expected to reach them by. This inspired me to share the list she shared in Cosmo and give my responses to the milestones on the list. I tried to find Jameela's article online but I couldn't find it and it was in the September issue so you can't even read it in the magazine itself, oops!

I'd safely say 2 or 3 days of the week I compare myself to others, doubt my ability, doubt my life but you know what. That's normal and there is no such thing as a perfect life or life plans or life rules. Go with the flow, we all live very different lives. We're all at different stages of our lives, we all have different challenges thrown at us but the important part is that we are still going strong and moving forward.

I still thought this would make a pretty interesting post for you and me.
Enough of the chit chat, on to the list hey?!

First kiss (expected age, 15) I was in my teens so we'll go 13, 14 or 15.

First full-time job (expected age, 20) ...nahhh, I'm still not in full time just yet...I'm swaying more towards the 24 mark...four years behind!

Pass driving test (expected age, 20) add 2 years and you've got it! I was 22 when I passed my driving test.

First holiday with friends (expected age, 20)...damn, we're expected to do a lot in our year of being 20! I've never been on holiday with friends so I'm failing at this one.

Buy first car (expected age, 22) no, that didn't happen. I got bought my first car at 22.

First holiday with a partner (expected age, 23)...rapidly approaching 24 and I have no partner, safe to say I'm failing on this one!

Be a bridesmaid (expected age, 23)...never been a bridesmaid and no chances of that in the future.

Rent on your own (expected age, 24)...that's in 3 months time...I highly doubt it! I need to seriously learn to manage my money first, plus I don't fancy living on my own anyhoo.

Get engaged (expected age, 25)...pretty sure I need a boyfriend for this to happen? That'll be a no then.

Rent with a partner (expected age, 25)...well these are making me feel kind of lonely...I don't have a bloomin partner!

Get married (expected age, 27)...that's in like 4 years time, let's not worry about that one.

Buy first flat (expected age, 27)...too far in the future for me to think right now!

Have first child (expected age, 28)...I'm pretty sure I can't fill the last lot of this list now.

Buy first house (expected age, 29)...I'll happily aim for this one!

Now it's your turn (really hoping someone will join in on this...someone...anyone pppllleeeaaaassseee), I wanna see your responses to the list. I wanna see how everyone else is doing. If you're failing that's absolutely fine, join the club or maybe you're totally passing the test of major milestones...I wanna hear if you're failing or passing, either way it doesn't really matter. I just thought this article was pretty interesting and totally worth sharing, minus the fact of I do actually think it's utter rubbish at the same time! I mean seriously though, who made up this milestone expected list? What these lists give is pressure, unnecessary pressure! What do you think?


  1. I hate milestone lists like these because I already know I've failed, and I'm only 15. It's such a comparison trap and sometimes your life situations don't allow you to complete things at the 'expected' time. I guess we all need to learn that what others do or have done shouldn't affect us.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I'm completely with you! Milestone lists are a load of rubbish but in the same breathe I find them interesting, kind of a funny interesting..does that make sense? :/ xxxx

  2. great blog post banana <3

    those milestones are silly and just ways for people to conform to society's ideals and values.WE WILL DO THINGS IN OUR OWN WAY AND TIME!

    you're doing great. love you xxx

    1. :) <3

      yes Ally, YES!!!!

      You're doing great too, love you too! <3 xxxx

  3. First kiss (expected age, 15) 13!
    First full-time job (expected age, 20) ... 21 (but 17/18 too sort of!)

    Pass driving test (expected age, 20) nahhh

    First holiday with friends (expected age, 20)... 16!

    Buy first car (expected age, 22) DONT DRIVE WONT DRIVEEE

    First holiday with a partner (expected age, 23)... sort of 21 and 24

    Be a bridesmaid (expected age, 23)...nope but due to be!

    Rent on your own (expected age, 24)...does uni count? 19-23

    Get engaged (expected age, 25)...haha nope

    Rent with a partner (expected age, 25)...bit late but next year!

    Get married (expected age, 27)... NO THANKS!

    Buy first flat (expected age, 27)...haha next year, nahhhh mate!

    Have first child (expected age, 28)... hmmm you know this is a sensitive one for me!

    Buy first house (expected age, 29)... maybe!

    1. Ally you little monkey you, 13 :P hehe!
      Don't drive, wont drive...I thought you wanted to :)
      sort of 21? hmmmm...
      due to be a bridesmaid, for who? :)
      I think uni does count yes :)

      who knows what the future holds for any of us? I don't know...do you know? xxx

    2. hehe. welll eventually i would like to drive i guess.i only started learning cos i though i "had" to! i walk most places if i can!!

      well if a festival with a bf at 21 counts!? and for two of my friends actually!

      who knows! i don't like to plan it too much because things change :)


    3. well you don't have to :)

      yeah, I'd say a festival counts :)

      yes, things change... quickly xxxx

  4. Ha, well I've met, failed and not even attempted a right mixture on this list!
    Met - first kiss (same as you, sometime in my teens), driving test (18), holiday with friends (18 but it was only Ireland), holiday with partner (22), engaged (23), married (24) and first house (23).
    Failed - full time job (I was 28), first child (well, hopefully it'll be January, I'll be 33)
    Not even attempted - first car (my first car was a hand-me-down from a great aunt and every car since has been the husbands!), bridesmaid (the first wedding I'd ever been to was my own), rent on own (nope, lived with my parents til we bought our own house), rent with partner (same as before) and first flat (nope, we bought a tiny flat first)

    So met - 6, failed - 2, but not even attempted - 5. Who even thinks up these lists anyway! :-) xx

    1. :) you've got a real mix Louisa, this lists are silly, but funnily interesting at the same time xxx