Go Ape, Segwaying through Sherwood Pines...

Well, what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Whizzing around the forest on these beasts...

Can I please go back again tomorrow for another go? Imagine working as a segway instructor, I wonder if it ever gets boring.

Today was my very first time on a segway and I was a mixture of emotions...excited, scared and nervous. At first the segways were a little daunting but I guess it's just the same with anything new.

I bought a forest segway experience for my little brother (he isn't my blood brother, we've been family friends since he was little and when he was little he wanted a big sister, he asked me and I've been his 'big sister' ever since). He turned 13 this year and I thought it would be a pretty unique and awesome thing to do for a special age (I was totally right)! Segway experiences at Go Ape cost £35 per rider for an hour. Yes, it might be pricey but I highly doubt you'd be disappointed! A little tip, check for offers. I managed to get £15 off using my Nectar card points and 15% off too (result or what?!).

The session began with a few rules and health and safety (both on paper for us to read and also we got told them too before we began to make sure we were all clear). Once we were all aware of the rules and were prepared with our helmets (that Go Ape supply) it was time for a little lesson to make sure we were all aware of how the segways worked and made sure we could all control and ride them with ease.

Everyone in our group seemed to pick it up pretty well which was fab cos it meant more time whizzing around the forest (three people didn't manage to keep up but it was ok cos there was more than one instructor who stayed with them). We went around the forest in single file, segway conga anyone?

At first admittedly I was still slightly unsure and felt a little sick on the segway, I think that was because it was a new weird experience...could also have something to do with the motion of the segway but eventually the nausea passed (pretty much once we'd arrived back where we started). In single file the idea was to keep atleast a cars length between your segway and the persons infront, without a doubt at the start you could of fitted a couple of buses inbetween me and the lad infront. We spent just over an hour segwaying which was well worth the £35 per rider (I didn't pay that cos of offers but I certainly would pay that to do it again though)!

If you have the opportunity to go segwaying, jump at it! Seriously, I don't think you'll regret it. If you happen to go to Sherwood Pines hope that you have James as your leader, he was fantastic (I'm sure the others are just as good too). Thanks Go Ape, Sherwood Pines and James (the instructor). James kept stopping and giving us all a heads up before we went through certain parts of the forest. Even coming to my rescue when I managed to run in to a tree, you could say I was a pro...or not! I will definitely be going again!

The last time I was at Sherwood Pines I was watching The Vamps and this gave me the same amount of excitement as seeing them live did! If you love live music and understand the feeling it gives you you'll understand why I added that in.

Have you ever been segwaying? What did you think?

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