Beat Cancer BBQ!

Looking out of my bedroom window right now, it is glorious sunshine. Nothing like Saturday afternoons weather, when we was having a BBQ...a BBQ to beat cancer. All that was involved was throw a BBQ, invite your friends, have a good time & raise some money in the mean time. We certainly did all of those things!
Cancer very much seems to be an extremely common thing I've found over the past couple of years. Either I know someone personally who has had cancer, someone who is currently battling cancer or someones friend or family member. Both of my parents have had cancer now, mum being most recent (last year). So when I saw that Cancer Research had decided to create the 'BBQ to beat cancer' event I thought what a fantastic idea & I also thought it would be a great way to also thank everyone who helped us whilst mum was going through it all.
Of course I had my camera at the ready for every photo opportunity, admittedly I did take the majority of the photos before many people arrived & didn't actually get many of people but that was because I was too busy being in the moment & enjoying myself (I'm certainly getting a lot better at doing this!). But I thought I'd share a few of the photos that I did take & of course I'll add a little bit of chatter in inbetween, I mean a blog post without a little chatter on here would be slightly extremely wrong!

I'd like to start with the fact of we don't have a very big garden (the next picture is pretty much all of our garden) & I'd invited 17 people so I was thinking 'oh gosh, are we all going to actually fit in here?' & well you can imagine my worry even more when the weather decided to take a turn & absolutely chuck it down, throw in abit of thunder in to the mix & become really windy too. But we wasn't going to let the weather ruin the day, no sirey! We had the conservatory filled with seats, 7 infact so that wasn't even enough for half of the guests. They soon started arriving & the rain began to pour, seats were taken in the conservatory. Here was the view...

The back garden/patio was beginning to look like a massive puddle turn pond. It was still really warm so there was only one thing to do...put on my wellies/wellibobs/wellingtons & head out on to the decking to sit under the gazebo.

Of course wellies top off every single outfit, am I right? Luckily my outfit still worked, well I think it did anyway. I wore my wellies, black cropped leggings, my lovely pale yellow floral top/tunic from Dorothy Perkins (pssssttt, if you click Dorothy Perkins you can see the exact top)...I'd almost class it as a tunic on me because it is a little longer than a top really. Oh & of course I had to wear something on top to keep me dry & protect me from the breeze so I grabbed my PAC A PARKA , I have a ridiculous amount of love for my pac a parka...I'm not even kidding! I pretty much looked like I belonged at a festival. One friend kept calling me festival girl actually which I thought was fab! I did look like I belonged at a festival with my outfit & then slightly wavy/crackers was verging on frizzy, expect one side was going straight. I have strange behaving hair.
So after sitting under the gazebo for about ten minutes on my own, more guests arrived. Much to Finns (5 year old who is like my little brother) disgust of having to get ready to go to a BBQ in THIS weather, admittedly everyone could agree with him because it was chucking it down, windy & thundering a little but the show must go on...rain or shine! Luckily within half an hour we had a new arrival...

Then it was time to get some food & drinks down us & enjoy the rest of the evening. I absolutely loved it & by the sounds of it so did everyone else which is of course fantastic! I still took a few snaps afterwards of course. Mainly selfies which if you follow me on instagram you'll have probably seen & then a few snaps of the lights in our garden.

As the night started getting darker & people started leaving I decided to go & get a little rather large someone to join the party...
Can you guess who it is?
Go on, try....
Ok, ok. I'll tell you...

It was Pudding, with his light up eyes (or the camera flash reflecting, take your pick how you see it)...I thought it was funky so I didn't want to edit it. If you don't know who Pudding is or maybe you just want to see some cute pictures of him as a puppy again then click right here! (I'm sure you wont regret it!
Another photo from the night time is this one...
Absolutely fantastic quality photo? ha ha,, it really isn't but it isn't meant to be. I just really wanted to share this one because yes it is poor quality but it also shows a very happy moment of my mum & one of her very good friends...laughing so much that they couldn't stay still for a photo & I managed to capture it!
You know you had a good time when this is your garden set up the next morning...
Since I've now shared with you the photos kind of from the start of the BBQ to the next morning, I'm going to share with you some of the photos from before anybody even arrived...
oooh, check me out being all girly in floral!

bunting, bunting, BUNTINGGGG!!!

I think I've shared everything I wanted to share about my BBQ now. Now I'm off to make some sweet potato wedges, yummmmyy!!!
Did you hold a BBQ to beat Cancer? Maybe you attended a BBQ?
Have you done something recently for charity & blogged about it too?
Let me know in the comments, I'd absolutely loveee to hear from you.
If you are a regular *waves manically* I'd just like to say thank you very much for always reading, maybe you don't always comment but thank you all the same!
If you are new & just seem to have appeared here on the off chance or a one off *waves*, please do still leave me a comment & I'll take this opportunity to thank you very much too...maybe you'd like to come back again some time? I'd really like that! :)
Anna ♥

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