do it yourself...framed birth year?

I feel like I'm not blogging as much anymore, I guess we can put that down to the glorious sunshine we have been having & just overall being just busy..okay, occasionally I do sit around doing nothing, that's good too right?! But I'm going to try & change that a little bit, this is my little internet baby (yes, I did just refer to it as my baby)...anyone else feel like their blog is there baby too?..swiftly moving on, I'm going to try & blog a little more often, I have so many blog ideas in my little book but I'm not actually getting round to typing them up & sharing them with you.

When I started blogging back in February 2013 (WOOWWWW! where does the time go?!) , my main focus on my blog was anxiety because to be honest, I felt like I knew very little of anything else. It would be safe to say that I was loosing myself in my anxiety but I've not gone down without a fight. Days would be spent inside the house, very rarely leaving for a reasonable amount of time. The amount of times I spent at home kind of scares me a little, but now I feel that right now I have my freedom back, I feel independent again. I'm able to go out on my own, I can actually manage to go some distance in my car on my own...since I can do it now I'm making the bloomin' most of it! Simple things for some but for me it was something I'd struggled with. But I'm still here stronger than ever & I'm now going to let my loves of my life shine through on here. I hope you are going to enjoy that...*fingers crossed*!

So, today I'm sharing with you a little do it yourself post...I've decided to refer to it as do it yourself instead of 'DIY', I'm not a fan of saying 'DIY' so do it yourself it is then...I'm glad we've got that sorted.

I'd really hoped that the title would sound so much more interesting, I'd hoped I'd think of something really quirky...well that clearly hasn't happened. But I guess the title does exactly what it is meant to do right? I'm going to share with you a recent creation of mine & exactly how I've made it...

I think these are super cute & can be mixed up with different stickers, different card & different frames. You can make it any way you like, that has got to be one of the best things about making something yourself surely. I decided to make this for myself to hang up in my room but I'm sure I will be making others as presents (ok, I totally have already but I can't say who for...they might be reading this!) I certainly would be ridiculously pleased to receive this as a present. Infact anything handmade I'm giddy!
Ok, to create this little project you will need:
wheelie bin stickers
(they usually contain 3 in a pack so be sure to get the right amount of packets).
a piece of card
(make sure you have the right size to fit the frame, I didn't get the right size first so it is easily done?. I got a big sheet from Ryman (you know, what used to be Partners?) for just under £2. I really wanted to be able to give you the sizing but I can't find my receipt, sorry about that :/ but like I said if you measure the frame you'll get the right one anyway.)
a frame
my mum picked me up this frame from Ikea.
a pencil
a pair of scissors
a rubber
I kind of forgot about this when I started, hence why it isn't in the photo...oopppsie!
a ruler
Oopsie, I did it again...left this out the photo too.
Total price...just under £9
Ok, now you've got all your things you're ready to begin. Make sure you do this project on a flat surface, a big table is probably best. Firstly remove the back/inside/insert (don't know what to call it! Can you tell?!) of the frame & put it down on the card, making sure all edges are lined up against the cards edges evenly.
Now grab your pencil & draw all the way around the back/inside/insert of the frame on the card. Once you move the back/inside/insert of the frame you should be left with a template like this...
If you have then great, now grab those scissors & cut along the lines to make your template. If you've done it right the template should slot into your frame nicely, like so...
If it does then WOOHOO, we are on to a winner! *high five*! Ok, so now we need to take the template/background out of the frame...I feel like I'm sounding so simple but I'm not meaning to...hhmmmm! :/
 Lay your wheelie bin stickers on to your new background for your frame & just try to figure out a layout for them. I ended up getting out the ruler & measure to make sure it would look even to a certain extent.
I measured 2.5cms from each side (so from the width as you are looking at the card).
I then decided to measure from the top & the bottom but I only drew a line along the bottom to use as a guide. I measured 2.9cms from the bottom.
Once I'd lined them all up along the bottom line & felt they had the right amount of space inbetween (I didn't get too technical with the ruler for this part). I took the plunge, pealed back the sticker backing & stuck the sticker down...that can be a very dramatic step you know, most of the time once you've stuck a sticker down you can't take it back off...without tearing off half the card too. It can be a stubborn little monkey!
Next thing to do is get that rubber & rub out all the pencil marks & lines...don't want no mess, that's why I chose a pencil. Now once you've rubbed away any unwanted markings, all that's left to do is put this into the frame & obviously put the back on, flip it over &....TAAAAAA DAAAAA!

The project is complete. I hope you've enjoyed this little do it yourself post & you maybe have a go at making one for yourself or a loved one. I'm soooo impressed with it & everyone I've shown has been impressed too...I showed my mums friend today & she didn't actually realise I'd made it myself. :)
I'm going to leave this post at that, let me know what you think, let me know if you give it a go & as always thanks for reading,
Anna ♥

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