Barry M - matt nail paint, cancun

After winning the competition with Barry M, which if you don't know about you can read about it here. I decided it would be a good idea to share with you some of the products. They are all their new summer releases so have recently hit the shops & online so are all available to buy. I'm going to start off with their nail paints. I just want to also throw it out there now that I am not being paid by Barry M to write to this post at all, I'm doing it by choice because I wanted to share the new products with you.

I don't feel fully comfortable calling it a review, a review seems so professional & serious but in the same breath I suppose it is a review. A review is just someone sharing their opinion on something, evaluating it? So I guess that is kind of what I'm going to do. Let's give it a try & get on with it, shall we?

Cancun is such a lovely turquoise colour, it reminds me very much of the kind of colour you would find in a peacocks feathers perhaps. It is without a doubt a perfect colour for summer, it will brighten up any outfit I'm sure.
I only applied one coat to all of my nails & I feel that is plenty. It gives a full coverage & a solid colour, no faint wishy washy bits showing underneath that you'd usually get from painting one coat.

Application of it all went smoothly, easy peasy to apply. Not too much came out on the brush but yet not a small amount either, just the right amount to cover each nail. For once I had very little nail varnish on my actual fingers, now that is a novelty for me! But the tiny bits that I did get on came off just fine with a cotton wool bud & a drop of nail varnish remover. Once I'd done I just finished the look by applying a matt top coat over the top (usually a good place for a top coat?).
The colour even looks beautiful by candle light too, but I mean really what doesn't look beautiful by candle light?
The whole idea of these posts is to just generally give you a little peak at the new colours in the world of Barry M & a little snippet of what the colours look like actually on nails. Usually Barry M's nail paints are pretty true to their colour in the bottle & this one does not disappoint at all! 
Lastly I'd like to just share with you & give a little shout out to Buddy, especially after I found this share a coke bottle...
Buddy is Barry M's cute little fluffy bunny who happens to be over on twitter...see what the cutie is up to over on his twitter page by clicking here. I mean come on, who doesn't love cute twitter accounts for animals?! :)
Shall I see you this time next week for another nail post? Next week it'll be another matt nail paint colour, Copacabana.
I hope you enjoyed this post, have you tried any of the Barry M matt nail paints? What did you think? Let me know & let's discuss? :)
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend & as always, thanks for reading...
Anna ♥

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