I'm not a big fan of leaving my little blog baby for too long without posting, I keep repeatedly saying that I have posts planned but it really is just getting round to writing them. I'm thinking about scheduling time into my week, just like I would if I was going to a club. But in the meantime I'm just creating this post whilst I have some free peaceful chilling time. This post is such an exciting post for me to share!
Recently Barry M (you know the make up brand) threw a competition, 20 sets of their new summer releases were up for grabs. All that you had to do to enter was to send a photo with a pet to celebrate international kissing day & being cruelty free (against animal testing). I can remember what I was doing when I saw the competition, I was cleaning & I just stopped & thought me & Pudding need to enter it. Cut a long story short, we entered & we only flippin won! :D See, good things do come out of checking twitter when you should be being productive. :P
I actually found out that I'd won when I received a tweet from my friend Adele saying "just seen you on Facebook!!! Woooooo what ya won????"  (the tweet had a heart emoji on but it wouldn't go little on here) & attached was this picture...
I was soooo blooming excited when Adele sent me this tweet, so serious thanks to Adele. I was so giddy because me & Pud were the big main picture, thanks Barry M. So what was left to do but reply & then wait for the prize to arrive.
I genuinely thought I'd of won a couple of nail varnishes, a few lip products, maybe some eye shadow. I was not prepared for what would arrive in the post, I repeat I was not prepared in the slightest! When I was opening the parcel I was struggling to breathe with the excitement I was feeling. It was nothing like I was expecting. If you follow me on Instagram then you will have already seen what was in the package so sorry but this is just madness!

I don't think I can actually thank Barry M enough for ALL of these products, absolutely crazy! I'll be sharing all the nail varnishes on here (at some point) & maybe a few of the lip products that I've kept. I don't really usually use lip products, maybe the occasional balm but I've kept a few for myself cos I like the colours & I think they'll suit me. A few of the others I have given to friends & family, same with the eye shadow. But nobody will be taking my nail varnish, no sirey!
What else topped off the package was the lovely note inside. That reads "Congratulations on winning the competition Anna. I hope you love the goodies!" & a lovely little heart! I think it is safe to say that I more than love the goodies, if that is even possible?!
Once again I really do just want to say a massive thank you to Barry M! Barry M without a doubt is one of my favourite make up brands (& by make up I completely just mean for nail varnish) & I'm not just saying that. If you've seen previous nail posts then you will see my love for Barry M!
I'll be sharing on here my new products very soon, so keep your eyes pealed.
Have you ever won any competitions? I seriously love hearing stories.
As always, thanks for reading...
Anna ♥


  1. What an amazing prize! I love Barry M nail varnishes too. Very lucky lady. Enjoy them xx http://aimeebelleblog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know right! :) thank you, I sure will! thanks for the comment :) xx

  2. Congratulations to you lady!! How exciting!
    Can't wait to see what magnificent nail art you create with all those goodies.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. why thank you VERY much Michelle! :) exciting is not the word haha! :D eeeek...keep an eye out! :) xxx

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  3. congratulation Anna! Can't wait for your review on the lip balm/-stick <3

    I've never won any giveaway competitions but then again I never joined any. Haha

    by the way, that dog is cute <3


    1. thank you! :)

      get entering you never know, you might just win :)

      awww, thank you :) xxx

  4. Congrats Anna... well you do love your nail varnishes girl :) So you'll have a great time decorating your nails. I myself never win anything like this. You must have been soooo happy :)
    Kayla xxx

    1. thanks Kayla! :) I really really do! :D I'm sure I will! Happy would be an understatement :P hope youre well! :) xxxx