Barry M - matt nail paint, miami

hellloooooo there! :)
without trying to jinx it, I feel like I'm getting my blogging mojo back....OH YEAHHHH! :D
Over the past week or so I've felt like my sparkle had disappeared, I felt like I was pushing my own enjoyment such as my little blog to the back of life, I wasn't making time for it. But I don't want that to happen anymore. I'm in control of my own happiness, so I'm going to be sure to make time for what I love to do! Infact tomorrow I'm going to be going to the cinema, so expect a movie monthly (if you are new around here, just click movie monthly to find out more)! :)

This weeks nail varnish I'm going to share with you is called Miami. Every time I've painted my nails using one of the Barry M matt nail paints I fall in love with the colour, each time thinking it is my favourite so far...that is until I paint them the next week. Barry M, you've done a cracking job & are yet to disappoint me!

What is the first thing you think of when you hear Miami? For me I thought of the beach, unfortunately I'm not close to a beach so I had to improvise...

Any guesses as to where I actually took these photos? *whispers* I'll tell you at the end of the post, ssssshhhhh! no peeking!

Now it's time for the photos & of course some chitty chat...

As always the colour is an exact match to the product in the bottle. Don't you hate when you buy a nail varnish & it doesn't match the colour it is in the bottle when you paint it onto your nails...not too sure how that even works but I'm not a big fan of it happening.
Every time I've done my nails so far using the matt paint I have only applied one coat & felt it was enough but this time I decided to try two coats instead, for an even bolder colour.
As you can tell I'm a pretty big fan of taking my photos out & about, mainly when walking. I'm trying to mix the photo locations up a little. I know the main focus is the product but I don't just want to photograph each time on my same table. I feel like I've learnt to use my camera a lot more & know how to take the photos better so the main focus is the nails & nail paint.
One of the things I really love about the new colours in the collection is that I can always find something to match them too.
See, like my flowers on my wellies...
 Or the Nike logo on my running bottoms...
WOO HOO for matching!!!
Well, there we have it...this weeks nail varnish/nail paint, whatever you want to call it covered. I'm really enjoying myself creating these posts & hearing from you. I love hearing what you think about the nail varnish, if you bought it, how you find it.

If you want to get in touch & let me know if you've bought any of the new collections or if you are wanting to buy any of the new nail varnishes. I love hearing from you.

There is only TWO more matt nail paints to cover & then I'll be sharing with you the gelly collection. We'll no longer be in summer but does that matter? I wear my nail varnishes whenever I want, no matter what time of year. Bright summer colours always brighten up miserable wintery days.

Coming up next week is Rhossili!

As always, thanks for reading & getting in touch :)

p.s. I took the photos in a bunker on a golf course I live near to. I thought it was a creative idea, my dad just thought I was weird...what's new there? :)


  1. Really pretty colour - you can't beat a good pink and I really like the matte effect.

    Jenny xx

    1. thanks Jenny :) I couldn't agree with you more! xxx

  2. Love the matt look, I've not tried matt before, but am quite tempted now! The golf course bunker was a genius idea :)

    1. :O you NEED to try matt...if you're anything like me you won't want to go back to glossy :) & thank you :) haha...I thought so too :P :) xxx