what's happening?!

I feel like I've been soooo far behind with blogging, by blogging I mean writing & reading. But I want that to change. I feel like recently I've been pushing my own enjoyment back, my own enjoyment being my little blog & crafting too. I've been pushing it back & not making time for them, not good!

I absolutely LOVE my blog. It is without a doubt one of my greatest achievements. I love the work & effort I have put into it & I really want it to continue to grow. So I'm here to quickly share a little update post of what to expect, post wise.

I've created a list of blog posts I'm wanting to create, as soon as the idea pops in my head I get jotting them down if I'm not on my laptop. Here are a few of them that you can hopefully *fingers crossed* expect to see over the next month...
Weekly Barry M nail posts
After winning a competition with Barry M I've decided I'm going to share all the nail varnishes with you because if you don't know already, I lurrrvvvveee me some nail varnish! So once a week, either Saturday or Sunday I'm going to share a nail varnish with you. I'm starting with the matt collection then heading over to the gelly collection. If you want to see what you can look forward to seeing click here...I WON A COMPETITION!!!
Quotes from the beginning of blogging
I thought it would be a pretty good idea to read through my old blog posts from the start & pick out a few quotes to prove to you that things do change, things do get better. Really hoping that will help a few of you.
A few guest blogging posts
I've got a few of my lovely blogging friends lined up to write a post for me. There really is some incredible people out there, who also happen to write blogs & I think you should all know about them.
The good things about blogging
I was thinking of creating a blog post about all the good things about blogging, how it has helped me & why I think it is a wonderful idea that anyone can have a go at.
A new edition in my 'life behind the wheel...' series
I've previously wrote about what I hate about driving, if you want to check that out you can by clicking here. So I thought it was only right that this time I did a post listing the things I love about driving. It's a love hate kind of relationship we've got going on.

August edition of monthly movie
Monthly movie if you're new is basically a movie 'review' (still struggle to class myself as a blogger & class reviews as reviews..I'm a slightly awkward bean) for the month, this month is going to be a DVD but hey...it's still a movie right? :) If you want to read last months why not click here?

& that's the list folks! I hope you stick around :)

I'm currently house sitting for the night/tomorrow so it is the perfect opportunity to get try & get all up to date with the blogging community! Hope you are all well & are having a lovely chilled Friday, whatever you may be doing! I can't do a post & not add a picture so here...

have a little screen shot of my recent Instagram, my first ever video...it is high on the adorable scale (that is totally a thing, surely?!) If you want to give me a follow whilst you're at it, then why not...my name is annaaaa12 :) let's be friends, if we aren't already?!

As always, thanks for reading...I'll speak to you soon, well to a certain extent I guess!

Anna ♥

p.s. I'm off to go & watch that awkward moment with Zac Efron in it, girls....who else has seen it?! Let me know! I have a feeling this might be the movie for August since there isn't anything in cinema at the minute that has caught my eye.

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