monthly movie - what if

Admittedly this month I was going to 'review' a recent dvd I bought instead but I ended up going to the cinema yesterday. So it is only right that I chat about the film I saw. If you haven't guessed already what film I went to see, it was WHAT IF.
Since on a regular basis I have 'what if' swimming around my head, the title certainly drew me in & made me want to find out more about the film. I checked out the trailer & thought "yes, this is the kind of film I'd watch". With nobody to join me I decided to go on my own, I'm actually not bothered about going to the cinema on my own. It's like my own little adventure, my own little getaway & it proves I have my independence back. HOOORAAAYYY for independence! *high five*
Luckily this time around this movie only came out last Wednesday I think it was, so you can probably still catch it at a cinema near to you. Wanna see the trailer? I thought you might...
I don't want to be sharing all the story with you, actually I don't want to be sharing any of the story with you to be honest. I want you to watch the trailer & make your own judgement of it.
But, I will share with you some of my opinions...if that's ok, of course. Of course it is, it's my blog right? :) Anyway, firstly I would definitely recommend this movie!
Do you ever find yourself at the cinema or just watching a movie in general & find yourself checking your phone several times for the time? Yeah, me too...but not during this film. I checked once in the beginning because curiosity got the better of me & I wanted to know how long the film had been on, since you have to wait through about twenty minutes of adverts before the film starts.
I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Chantry & Wallace form & grow stronger throughout the film. It really does show you that life can be difficult, relationships can be hard & feelings can be complicated.
One piece of advice I would give you if you do decide to go watch the film is wait until the credits end & the lights come on. I was the only one who waited for that moment & I was the only one during the showing who saw the film actually end differently.


Well that's all I've got to share with you today, if you decide to go & watch it please let me know what you think of it. I'd love to hear your opinion. Let me know if you plan to go & see it too, I just love to hear from you! :)

I've already planned the movie I'm going to see next month too, it comes out next week (I think). I'm going to be going with a friend to see it & I have a feeling it's going to be a hilarious night out. We're going to watch the film, sex tape. I'll add the trailer in for you to check it out too. It looks like it will be a bloomin' hilarious film to watch!

Well that's all for today guys (pretty sure I've already said that, ooppss! this time I'm going, honest!), I'd love to know if you've watched what if & your opinions on it or if you want to go & watch it now, just get in touch. Plus, let me know if you've seen any good films recently too. :)

As always, thanks for reading...
Anna ♥


  1. I really like the look of this film, thanks for letting me know to stay past the credits -I definitely would have been out of the place by then.


    1. You're welcome :) definitely worth staying x