10 things I want to change...

Blogging is just like an online diary, so tonight I'm creating a list of 10 things I want to change. It is actually my 'homework' from the lovely Kayla (my online friend from Philadelphia, crazzzy!). She has asked me to create a list of everything I want to change in my life, then narrow it down to 10 but instead I'm just going to start with 10 now (I'll put pen to paper later Kayla). Kayla is an extremely positive girl, such an inspiration too. We have a lot in common and can really connect, I'm finding the time difference a little tricky. Waking up in the morning and going to reply to her message and then thinking 'poo, it's like 4am...don't message her now, you might wake her'. Since Kayla is helping me, I in return offered to help her. She wants to start a blog, I'm super excited to help her start blogging again. She previously blogged and has a youtube channel too but as annoying as it is, sometimes life happens and things change. Fingers crossed Kayla will be back on the social scene soon. When she gets her blog up and running I'll be asking her to get involved and maybe do a guest post for me. In the meantime, let's get cracking on with these 10 things. I'll try and keep them short and sweet otherwise this will get looooonnnnggggg.

1. No drinking fizzy pop.
This has to be the first since we came up with the idea of the list when I was feeling absolutely rubbish on Saturday night, thanks Kayla for being there by the way. Fizzy pop makes me feel soooo poorly and anxious, yet I still drink it...makes no sense to me.

2. Leave the past in the past.
No social media stalking ex boyfriends and old friends (hey, I'm human...don't make out like you don't do it). Focus on the now, need to focus on my own life and moving forward.

3. Exercise more.
I walk alot, but that doesn't really get my heart pumping so I'll be using our exercise bike to get my heart pumping more. Exercise is good for anxiety?

4. Stability? What even is that?
It's great that my days are never the same but I need some flippin stability and routine. I'd say blogging can give me that but then I freak cos the pressure.

5. Focus more on myself.
Well, that could come across as really selfish and rude but sometimes you've got to put yourself first. I can feel myself slipping back downhill and I don't want that so I'm going to focus on myself and build myself back up. I'm the main person in my recovery.

6. Spend a little less time on social media.
Social media can be great but it can also be the devil. I find myself automatically checking instagram and twitter in the morning like it's a daily paper, last thing at night it's the same. Whenever I'm bored during the day I'm back to refreshing my instagram feed. Too much of that isn't good.

7. Step out of my comfort zone.
I would say more but I hardly step out of it at all so we'll just opt for stepping out of it.

8. Manage my finances.
I'm not the best at this, hence why I want to change it. I don't have any savings so that will certainly be something I can start doing too, save them pennies. Save them pennies and they'll make pounds.

9. Get into work.
Work that I know the hours, work that I know I'll have plenty to do, work that doesn't involve my parents. I absolutely love them to bits but living with them and working with them is driving me crazy!

10. Gain a voice.
I'm very much a nodding dog sometimes, I don't like confrontation. When I say gain a voice, I don't mean be nasty, I just mean to stand up for myself.

Ok, my homework list of 10 things is complete now Kayla. Now I'll be able to keep coming back and giving updates cos that's what blogs are for, right?! Speak to you soon and by soon I mean when you decide to reply! p.s. I know you're probably busy nannying, that made me sound rude...I didn't mean it rudely! X


  1. Ahh I completely agree with staying off social media, leaving the past in the past, exercising more and stepping out of my comfort zone. Hopefully we can both do it!!

    The Life of Little Me

    1. fingers crossed, heres hoping! :) good luck to you! <3 xxx

  2. Some great ideas there. It's good to give yourself little goals like this to aim for. Social media can be the worst but it's so addictive! I should really cut down on fizzy drinks, I try to only have it at the weekend but when the bottle is still in the fridge on Monday I end up drinking it anyway!




    1. Thanks :) yes sure is...I know exactly what you mean. I'm getting better at that one already! X