Red Nose Day inspired nails.

Ok, ok, firstly I did plan to put this up before the day itself but sometimes life doesn't go to plan. But yesterday morning I finally got round to creating the look and photographing it step by step. I've gone for a simple yet impressive look. p.s. please ignore the little imperfections on some of the photos, I'm not a professional. :)

To create this look you will need...

  • A base coat.
  • A red nail polish.
  • A white nail polish.
  • A black nail polish.
  • A top coat.
  • A dotting tool with a large end and a smaller end.
  • Tin foil.
  • Something to watch, read or listen to (completely optional).

Let's get on with the tutorial then shall we?

Really hoping you said yes!

Firstly, you need to prep your nails. File them, shape them to the right length for you, even out bumps, remove all your old nail polish and protect them with a clear base coat.

Once the base coat has dried you're ready for the next step.

Let's get adding some colour to them nails.

For this look I used all Barry M, you don't have to use Barry M. Barry M is just the majority of my polishes and my favourite go to. I used Bloody Orange, Matt White and Nightshade (later on).

For a better coverage be sure to apply two coats. If you decide to ever use one of Barry M's gelly polishes I'd definitely try to use less polish, I've found it's better if you use a couple thinner coats otherwise chances are it'll be so thick, it'll just smudge very easily. Take my word for it, I'm still to learn from this mistake.

Once you've left your nails to dry for plenty of time, we can move on to the next stage. When painting my nails I always find it a lot easier to watch something whilst I'm doing them because atleast you can leave them a lot longer without getting bored of waiting. It is quite literally like watching paint dry.

Before I created the dots I decided to give each nail a layer of top coat thinking it would save time later, think again. You can still do the top coat now and then at the end too, it's up to you.

Let's get dotty, spotty...

I decided to start with the big red dots. When I have dots on my nails people are always amazed that I've done them but honestly they are so simple to create. All you need is a dotting tool, some tin foil and your nail polish you're going to use for the dots.

The dots are created in 3 easy peasy steps.

Step 1. Blob some of your nail polish on to the tin foil.
Step 2. Dab your dotting tool end into the nail varnish.
Step 3. Dab it on to your nail.

tip: once you've dabbed it into the polish I find you have enough on the dotting tool to create atleast 2 maybe 3 dots before you have to re dab. 

Repeat the 3 steps as many times as you'd like until you have enough dots. I decided to start with 2 dots at the bottom then go into 3 dots, then back to 2, then back to 3 to make a pretty pattern.

Your nail should look like this...

Now we're on to the red dots. If you want to you can wipe your dotting tool clean to get rid of the previous polish. Admittedly I don't do this every time because it dries pretty quick and I just tend to forget.

Repeat the same 3 steps as before with your polish, dotting tool and tin foil. You'll be left with your mix match nails.

Are you mastering the dotting tool yet?

I hope so, if not we've got more practice coming up.

Again with your white nail polish, take your dotting tool, dab it into the white (you might want to add more white to your tin foil, the other one might be all dry now). This time round you only need to do 2 dots, on your thumb.

This reminded me very much of Mickey Mouse's shorts.

Once you've created your two dots, these are going to be the eyes of your red nose. Leave them to dry for a little while, 5 minutes to be on the safe side. If you're watching something on telly or a youtube video that 5 minutes will fly by.

Five minutes has passed? On to the pupils of the eyes.

I blobbed some of the black nail polish on to the tin foil and then switched the dotting tool around to create smaller dots.

All you've got to do is blob them onto the white dots. They don't have to match, I always go for the googly eye look.

The look is almost complete!

I would say don't bother applying another top coat, cos I mean really? What are the chances of you smudging the dots?...

Cute googly eyes turn demon...not good! Just from putting on my boots to leave the house.

Learn from my mistake and apply a top coat, your look will last a lot longer. Trust me. :)

Finish off by removing the extra bits of polish around the edge, if there is any. I always manage to have polish around the edges, every single time.

Well there we have it, step by step guide to create my Red Nose Day look for yourself. I hope you enjoyed it, waffle and all. If you decide to give it a go or are inspired by the look and create something new, share that with me too. :)


  1. These are so cute. I'm pretty sure I've said this before but I totally need to get a dotting tool. lol.

    1. Thanks Nichole! :) I'm not sure if you have but I'd totally recommend them! Xxx

  2. They look awesome, I don't think I have anywhere near enough of a steady hand for this though, I'd end up with it all over me.
    M x

    1. Thanks Michelle! :) of course you could do it, I'll not show you my right hand...that wasn't as good :) hehe xx

  3. I love these! Especially the googly eye one, he's fab! You have far more patience than me when it comes to nail painting, I have the nail decoration tools at home but haven't got round to using them yet, I always think "I'll just paint them quickly" and then only ever do one plain boring coat. xx

    1. Thanks Louisa! :) I love him too, he is sooo cute! I was really gutted when I managed to smudge his eyes...he turned into the demon!

      Patience isn't the key, it's distracting. Watch tv, watch a film, listen to music. It all helps :)

      I know what you mean about that, I've not painted mine since red nose day....feels so long ago now. I've got some spray that helps them dry quicker, I'm a little scared to use it in all honesty :) xxx