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When Pretty Little Liars came onto our screens in the UK a couple of years ago I was so excited, it was such a good programme. I would easily go to say I was hooked, then for some reason the UK stopped showing it after 2 series...thanks for that UK TV.

Fast forward to January this year, I discovered Netflix have all the series up to date. Well, you can imagine my excitement. Every spare half an hour I had would be spent glued to the TV, only when I was home alone and not too late at night. I can't watch it when anyone else is in unless they are really quiet. If my mum is pottering about in the other room there is no chance of me watching it, it requires my full attention.

Now I'm all caught up until they upload a new episode, I thought I'd fill the Pretty Little Liars hole inside me with a Pretty Little Liars post. A little note before I go onto the post itself, if you don't watch Pretty Little Liars what are you playing at? It is fantastic, I bloomin' love it and it has got sooooo much better as the series have gone on.

I've decided to create a post sharing the things I've realized after watching a little bit too much of Pretty Little Liars...

- You knew exactly what this post was going to be about just by looking at the title.

'A' has a whole new meaning! It isn't no longer just a letter, it doesn't just start the alphabet or the alphabet song, no, no, no. Far from it!

- You start to question literally every single character in the entire episode. I'm not kidding you, at all.

- Black gloves? Did you just think of something you wear to keep your hands warm? If you answered no then you too have watched too much pretty little liars! (Really glad I'm not alone in this addiction). Black gloves mean an absolute mystery, plus totally creepy and scary.

- When you wake up in the middle of the night, close your eyes to go back to sleep again and you see the black hooded figure. A faceless black hoody wearing figure, who happens to also rock a pair of matching gloves with their hoody.

- You find yourself casually,  randomly singing the theme tune. 'better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave...'

- A red coat no longer reminds you of Santa, not at all. Red coat and black hooded figure are best friends...but who the hell are they?!

- When you catch something in the corner of your eye, automatically think it's red coat. No, it's just the postman. 

My fellow Pretty Little Liars watchers out there, could you relate to any of these? Could you share your own? Let me know, I'd love to hear what you think!

p.s. if you don't watch Pretty Little Liars, give it a try...I don't think you'll regret it at all!


  1. Yes yes and yes! Lol. I was so excited - yet frustrated - when I read an article that it was approved for a 6th and 7th season! I'm glad it's not over yet, but I want to know how it all connects and who A really is and how they pull it off! Lol

    1. I'm not surprised, I'm glad they've got another two series but I mean are we gonna actually find out who A is next week? Will it be Bs turn? I want to know EVERYTHING! xxx

  2. I've not seen the programme (we don't have Netflix) but I totally recognise the theme tune - The Pierces are awesome! :-) xx

    1. :O you are missing out Louisa! :O & yesss, it is The Pierces (I did youtube search to check) :) hehe xx

  3. i am pretty little liars obsessed! Love it x