30 Day Snap Challenge - Day 16

Day 16 has arrived, the days are going by so fast & before we know it..
It will be day 30 & the challenge will be over
but we will be able to look back over our photos for the month
 & remember all the good times we have shared with our readers.
Let's get cracking with the photo for today..
Me & my mum have spent the afternoon in the garden, planting some new plants,
moving old ones & just generally cleaning it up a little bit. 
What have you all been up too today?
Let me know in the comments below..
I love discovering new blogs!
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I'm enjoying all your snaps :) At the moment I'm doing a childhood tag on my blog, I'd love if you could have a look and maybe if you wanted you could do it too! x Erin

    1. thank you Erin, I will be sure to check out your blog & the tag too!