30 Day Snap Challenge - Day 5

When most people class a dog as their best friend, others will probably think they are crackers..
Yes, I admittedly used to think that.
I think though once you have bonded with a dog from a puppy age,
you automatically do completely understand.. I certainly do.
We have a dog but I feel a little connection with her,
we haven't had her since she was a puppy we have only had her a few years.
So who knows, maybe that is why.
But when the people on my street, which I would like to say literally are like my second family (we aren't actually related) got a puppy, my thoughts completely changed & I fell in love with their dog! He is so adorable!  Can I just say before that I didn't actually like dogs after being bit by one when I was little. So he has helped overcome my fear of dogs, win win! But once Pudding (the puppy) came into my life, everything changed..(yes, that sounds cheesy but nevermind!) We go on walks, we play fight with each other, we play together & I chat away to him like he's a real person, but obviously he isn't & doesn't talk back & probably doesn't understand a word I'm saying but that's the whole point..
It gets out whatever is going in my head & out in the open..I'm sounding really crazy now!
Anyway this morning when I was up & ready I decided to go take pudding for a walk to get some fresh air to start off the day, so he is my photo of the day.
Everyone I would like you all to meet Pudding...
 - Anna