Chalk drawing fun ♥

What a great way to entertain kids with a packet of chalk & a blank piece of concrete.
Me, Ned & Finlay (the boys who are like my two brothers
..aged 10 & 4) took to our street with the chalk.
At first we planned on drawing around our shadows but
the excitement of that soon past after two drawings & the sun disappearing.
 We instead just decided to draw whatever we fancied drawing in chalk.
Most of the drawings are actually mine & Lou's (the boys mum).
I took a few snaps to share..Most of the drawings are mine, but hey..
who said your too old at 21 to enjoy drawing with chalk?!
Mine & Finlay's hands
My Elephant
Ned's Elephant
Lou's Bird
Lou's Dog
My Rabbit
My Butterfly
My Bow
What activities did you like doing as a kid? That are so simple & fairly cheap.
I would love to hear some of your ideas & maybe try them out.
Thanks for reading.

- Anna 


  1. so adorable! x

    p.s blowing into paint with a straw, creating bubbles and using to make shapes on paper! MESSY BUT FUN!

    1. oooohh,good idea..does sound very messy! x