30 Day Snap Challenge - Day 26

Today is a very, very, very, very happy snap!
Basically an arena just under 45 minutes away from me have Michael Buble rehearsing there & since the rehearsals are going so well Michael has decided to perform a show for the arena. Before heading off to do 10 nights at London's 02, 5 nights at The 02 in Dublin & then an extended tour in North America.
All the profits are going to be split between two local charities, which I think is fantastic.
Can this man get anymore perfect?
 I don't usually go to concerts, due to anxiety. But the tickets went on sale this morning for Friday night & I thought you know what I'm just going to feel the anxiety/fear & do it anyway! How often do you get to go see Michael Buble live in concert?
So Friday I will probably be a wreck but I'm going to go, because I can!
I don't usually scream or get excited when it's music related but this morning I was screaming around the house when we got our tickets. I was so excited that I actually felt sick with excitement, which makes a lovely change from feeling sick with worry & anxiety. The concert is now sold out. So that sounds positive.
I think I have gone crazy or someone has switched my brain, who knows?!
Exciting times ahead & watch this space for some lovely jubbly Buble photos.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

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